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Four Challenges

Hendon Publishing currently has four challenges going on. One way or the other, these are intended to either help you, or inform you, or both.

StreetFit Challenge. We have thrown down the gauntlet to officers of all ranks to lose a bit of weight. Policing, and all of life, favors the fit. The easiest and clearest way to hold a fitness contest is simply weight loss. In this case, the percentage of weight lost, and kept off, over a 6-month period. The starting block gun sounded on March 2nd, but you can still get in the race. Check our website at

Police Vehicle Graphics Design Contest. Who has the police vehicle with the best markings? The most professional? The most recognizable? The contest has dozens (literally) of categories, ranging from small departments to large departments; east coast and west coast; city, county, state, federal, college, SWAT, etc. The overall winner gets an expenses paid trip to the Police Fleet Expo in Milwaukee. Details are on the website. Back by popular demand, the contest includes the Ugliest Car. See Dan Steger’s article in this issue.

Tactical Fitness Challenge. This one is geared to tactical teams. Who has the best fitness standards for their tactical operators? Not the brutal Basic SWAT school. Not the special aerobic workout the sniper element may do. Not the special anaerobic workout the breachers may do. Instead, the physical standards that all tactical members must pass on a recurring basis. Send a copy of that physical fitness standard to us by email or postal mail. We will have a panel of police fitness experts pick the best one. The winning team gets profiled in the magazine. The address is 130 North Waukegan Road, Deerfield, IL 60015 or

Upfitter’s Challenge. This year, the Upfitter’s Challenge is all about alternative vehicles. If your department or your upfitter has installed emergency and communication gear in a non-traditional vehicle, this contest is for you. The vehicle has to be something other than a Ford CVPI, Impala, Charger or Tahoe. It can be fully marked or admin-undercover. It can be for patrol or support operations. One catch…the vehicle has to be taken to Milwaukee in August for the judging. That will work out okay, since someone from your department will want to attend the Police Fleet Expo anyhow. Email me your intentions.

Finally, remember to look online for extra Focus or Special Report articles that just would not fit in the printed magazine. The only place to read them is to go to the website. Check at the end of each section. It is our way of giving you the most info possible to help you improve your operations.

Published in Law and Order, Apr 2009

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