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Product Spotlight: Raytheon DVU-1000

Raytheon ( brings more than 80 years of experience working hand in hand with first responders to implement seamless communications solutions. Raytheon’s digital in-car video system (DVU-1000), developed by Votan Research Corp., makes it easier for law enforcement agencies to capture evidence-admissible video and audio recordings without human intervention.

The DVU-1000 allows high-quality MPEG-4 ASP video to be recorded at D1 resolution with triggering by emergency lights, gun locks, vehicle speed, and many other agency-configurable activities. The system is GPS interface capable, as well. The front-line officers never touch the video storage media. Upon returning to the station, the wireless downloading begins, which reduces information technology support and training.

The Raytheon Evidentiary Media Server (EMS) software allows for online storage, and it facilitates viewing, organizing and augmenting the evidentiary record. Only authorized users can view the video segments on the server in preparation for court appearances, with a complete audit trail and logs compliant with the chain of custody regulations. Video can be searched in many ways via date, time, shift, officer, race code, offense code, record trigger and vehicle. The DVU-1000 system is a very clean and simple solution for agencies looking for a cost-effective digital video application.

Published in Law and Order, Jun 2009

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