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2008 IACP New Product Round-Up

The 115th Annual International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference was held Nov. 8 to 12 in San Diego. Public safety professionals from across the country perused the latest law enforcement products from top manufacturers. The following is a look at some of the new products and services unveiled at the show.
54ward™ Integrated Solutions

54ward’s mission is to increase emergency vehicle operator safety by simplifying the operation of onboard devices and providing a foundation for reliable operation of those devices. By working with the device manufacturers and drawing upon proven technologies, 54ward COREcontrol offers the user a cost-effective, reliable integration solution.

Customized to agencies’ specific needs, COREcommand interfaces with popular devices and third party software while retaining a redundant system of mission-critical devices. Devices and software supported include Emergency Lights and Sirens; Radio and Communications; Radar; Video Systems; GPS / AVL; Printers; Bar Code Scanners; Gun Locks; Record Management (RMS); Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD); NCIC and Motor Vehicle Query; License Plate Recognition (LPR); Fleet Maintenance; and AM/FM or Satellite Radio.

54ward’s new SimpleCommand is a voice control solution for emergency vehicles. SimpleCommand allows the vehicle operator to keep his eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. Voice control of emergency lights, radios, radar, cameras, CAD / RMS and other components combined with 54ward’s support and service ensures operator safety.

Carson Manufacturing Co. Inc.

Carson Sirens develops and engineers functionality and durability into each siren model to reliably alert the public and clear traffic. Each of its emergency vehicle products is backed by a manufacturer’s no-hassle five-year limited warranty. The company has a variety of mechanical tone sirens for law enforcement.

Carson Sirens’ M-Series Mechanical siren line combines a classic Mechanical Tone, new Carson Air Horn, and a sleek, silver look with a selection of siren tones and rugged dependability.

The M-Series line includes both console and remote mount units and is available in four premium models: the SA-400M Classic Mechanical, SA-430M Patriot Mechanical, SA-441M MagForce Mechanical, and SA-500M Cruiser Mechanical.

Code 3 Inc.®

The new Defender™ Lightbar from Code 3 features patent-pending TriCore™ Technology, and will be available late in the first quarter of 2009. TriCore Technology is a proprietary lighthead that delivers more light output per watt than any other current halogen, strobe or LED lighthead.

As used in the Defender lightbar, TriCore maintains visibility a full 360 degrees, with bright, clear signals from every angle. The Defender also features a Dimming Mode to eliminate situations where too much light could be hazardous to officer safety. The universal lighthead design reduces inventory and makes lighthead replacement easier.

At 2.25 inches tall, the Defender is available in lengths of 23, 35, 44, 47, 52, 58, 70, 82 and 94 inches. It has an easy-install mounting platform, with optional LIT3 lighted mounting feet. The Defender can also be equipped with a NarrowStik® directional signal. It meets or exceeds all applicable SAE, NFPA and California Title 13 emergency lighting standards when properly configured.

Digital Ally® Inc.

The DVM-500 Plus and the DVM-750 with VoiceVault™ Advanced Wireless Microphone are new from Digital Ally. The DVM-500 Plus is an upgrade to the DVM-500 In-Car Video System. The entire system is integrated into a rear-view mirror, records to solid state memory, and utilizes all of the pre-event recording, covert rear seat camera, video management software, and integrated GPS with “mark” features.

The DVM-750 has the ability to connect up to three cameras and record from two cameras plus three separate audio channels simultaneously. Video evidence is also recorded at full D1 (720 X 480) resolution utilizing the latest h.264 codec to provide the best quality and ensure every detail is recorded.

Digital Ally’s FirstVu™ is a one-piece digital audio / video system that attaches to an officer’s uniform and has no external wires or additional components. The FirstVu™ records to solid state memory. The system comes standard with a 2GB SD memory card but can be upgraded if more record time is needed. It also features covert vibrating notifications; infrared illumination and LED or covert operating modes; a lithium polymer battery for up to five hours of recording; and full D1 (720x480) high-resolution video at 30 fps.

ELSAG North America 

ELSAG North America’s Mobile Plate Hunter (MPH-900®) is an easy-to-use, mobile or fixed ALPR system that improves officer safety and productivity while allowing law enforcement to achieve better community safety. The system targets motor vehicle-related crime and operators who are not properly licensed or who may be wanted for a stolen, unregistered or uninsured vehicle.

ELSAG unveiled a 43% smaller camera and a new operations center for its MPH-900. The upgrades for its operations center will more efficiently process the data obtained by the numerous MPH-900® systems in the field. The more slender camera can be placed alongside or concealed inside virtually any lightbar on top of police cruisers.

Managed by ELSAG’s Operations Center Software suite, ELSAG is currently reading and recording nearly 13.5 million transactions a day. With each of the 4,500 units in use around the world reading about 3,000 plates a day, about 4 billion plates a year are being processed by ELSAG’s Operations Center. In addition, the new Operations Center features more flexible search capabilities, better imaging and mapping, and more robust and adaptive data structure.

Federal Signal Corp.

Federal Signal’s VelocityCAM in-car video and data system offers Virtual DVR, which eliminates the need for extra hardware to store video data. VelocityCAM also features the ability to integrate with Mobile Data Systems (MDS) and interface to Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Records Management Systems (RMS). VelocityCAM enables fleet tracking and fleet audio and video viewing.
The standard VelocityCAM hardware package includes a 36X optical and 432X digital zoom front camera, which allows images to be captured at a minimum illumination as low as 0.1 lx; an infrared rear camera with a 120 degrees field of view to see in total darkness; a 2.4GHz Digital Police Wireless Microphone system including a compact transmitter with 49-inch lapel mic, and a receiver with a 16-foot internal mic to capture audio from the back seat.

VelocityCAM has the ability to view street-level mapping the user can configure by zoom and direction. Users can select “Way Point” that plots its GPS location on the map and takes a photo snapshot from the front camera to later identify key points of interest. Users can interface to NCIC and state databases for running license plates and use the E-Ticket feature to create citations.


Gamber-Johnson’s magnesium alloy docking station is designed specifically for the Panasonic Toughbook 30 computer. Gamber-Johnson utilized the magnesium alloy AZ91-D, which contains aluminum and zinc as the primary alloys. Magnesium AZ91-D has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all structural metals except for titanium, and it is extremely rugged, as well as dent- and stress-resistant. It can also be die-cast into thin-gage, complex geometric structures at very exacting tolerances.

AZ91-D presents a smooth, user-friendly surface that blocks electromagnetic interference (EMI), especially at higher frequency EMI used for commercial applications and readily dissipates heat and absorbs energy that dampens vibration and reduces noise. Plus, it is readily recyclable, abundant in nearly inexhaustible quantities, and extracted without non-toxic and nonpolluting byproducts.

The most critical benefit of magnesium is that it is very light, yet exceptionally strong. The patent-pending magnesium CF30 docking station weighs about 6 pounds, so it is less top-heavy, less likely to vibrate, and compounds the strength of the mounting solution as a whole. That means less wear and tear on the computer and its connections.

ICOP® Digital Inc.

ICOP Digital’s new ICOP 20/20 VISION™ gives agencies the ability to integrate the functionality of the ICOP Model 20/20©-W into their existing Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs). With flexible installation options, the ICOP 20/20 VISION delivers full, high-performance, digital video recording capabilities controlled through an officer’s MDT via keyboard or touchscreen interface.

Scheduled to begin shipping in the first quarter of 2009, the ICOP 20/20 VISION provides the ability to initiate recording via quick keys, touchscreen or button trigger in addition to automatic recording through configurable triggers. Full audio and video is provided to the laptop or other external audio input, as desired. VISION is fully compatible with Windows XP and Vista operating systems.

ICOP LIVE™ delivers live video wirelessly to first responders over any wireless network and to multiple Internet-enabled Windows® devices simultaneously. The ICOP Model 4000™, ICOP’s newest advanced surveillance solution, is the next-generation school bus / transit / rail / fixed-base DVR system. The ICOP Model 4000 provides recording of up to eight video / audio inputs at full resolution at 30 fps.

Ibis Tek LLC

Made of Kevlar®, the new Ibis Tek Ballistic Door Panel (BDP) offers 16% more protective coverage and is 50% lighter than the factory option offered for the Ford Crown Victoria. With its custom-fit bolt-in design, the Ibis Tek Ballistic Door Panel requires no vehicle modifications and can be self-installed. Once installed, the panels are undetectable. Ibis Tek provides door jamb advisory labels.

Ibis Tek’s BDPs offer an extra-wide area of protection. The custom-fit package is rugged yet lightweight. Designed and tested for multiple hits, the BDPs provide a tactical shield to help protect officers under fire. Ibis Tek’s BDP is currently tested to NIJ Level IIIA, which covers nearly all handgun bullets, but not rifle bullets.

The BDP is currently available for the Ford Crown Victoria, Chevrolet Impala and Tahoe, and the Dodge Charger, and can be custom fit for other vehicles upon request. Ibis Tek offers free replacement if damaged in the line of duty.

Lund Industries Inc.

Lund Industries’ consoles are designed to place equipment closer to the vehicle’s dash and slope down within easy reach of the operator compared to traditional consoles that fit horizontally between the front seats. Constructed of 11-gauge powder-coated aluminum for easy cleaning, lightweight, structural rigidity and years of trouble free service, the VC series can be mounted on any vehicle specific base plate to eliminate or reduce drilling during installation.

Lund’s VH-CHGR Dodge Charger 5-inch Vertical Console features a 7-inch front height and 60-degree slope and 3.75 inches H x 16 inches L horizontal section. It mounts to OEM vehicle brackets and has a computer attachment point. The console also includes equipment mounting brackets and fill plates. VH Consoles are also available for Crown Vic, Impala and many other vehicles.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Jan/Feb 2009

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