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Law and Order Tests Police Tires, Part 2 of 10

Tire Rack Inc.

The police tire tests were conducted at the Tire Rack headquarters in South Bend, IN. Tire Rack is the largest Internet supplier of the widest variety of tires and custom wheels in the U.S. Tire Rack has been in business since 1979. Its main brick-and-mortar facility is a massive warehouse on sprawling acreage that includes a 10-acre on-site test course. Tire Rack has five warehouses across the U.S. and an inventory of 1 million tires. The company has warehouse distribution centers in Indiana, Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana and Nevada. Four of the five tires evaluated for this test are in stock at Tire Rack. The company will keep the Firehawk GT Pursuit in inventory (CVPI and Charger only) as it gets fleet demands for it.

Tire Rack is a household name among high-performance car enthusiasts. Most of the company’s business is Internet or phone based. It ships the tires UPS, and the customer has them mounted locally. Tire Rack specializes in medium-performance (police) and high-performance (Corvette, Porsche, BMW, Jaguar) types of tires. However, even in low-performance retail tires, the price including shipping is competitive with the discount chains and the big box super stores.

Its price for performance (police) tires is so low, based on personal experience of the editor, that even after shipping charges, the tires are still at least 25% less expensive than exactly the same tire at a local dealer. Tire Rack is not on anyone’s state contract, but it does have prices in the state bid range. Keep that in mind for tires NOT on your state bid. State bid prices are hard to beat, but if the state did not bid the tires you need for whatever vehicle, Tire Rack prices are hard to beat.

Published in Law and Order, Aug 2009

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