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Words from the New Executive Director

Ed Nowicki will be stepping down as executive director of ILEETA, but he will still be active in the future of the organization. As your new executive director, I am counting on his continued guidance as our executive director emeritus. We can all be proud of the success of this association, and I have confidence that we will continue to provide ever-improving service to our members.

To provide you a little background, when I was a young patrol sergeant for the sheriff’s department, I met a police chief named Ed Nowicki who brought me into law enforcement training. Preparing future generations of law enforcement officers is the most rewarding mission I have ever undertaken. I have 32 years of law enforcement experience and 28 years as a trainer.

I have always been impressed by the wealth of knowledge in our community of trainers and overwhelmed by their desire to share that knowledge with others. Last year, I retired as a lieutenant from the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department and am now a very part-time police chief. This has allowed me to gradually become a more active part of ILEETA’s operations. I must admit that I now feel empathy for “Tonight Show” host Conan O’Brien regarding filling “big shoes.”

For the most part, you will see very little change in the association. Our goals are still to provide great member benefits, a great conference and communication with our members. In the coming months we will be looking for other ways to improve member networking to help share information. ILEETA is now on both FaceBook and Twitter. We will look for opportunities to provide distance learning to trainers around the world and to grow our membership because as it increases, so does the bank of knowledge from which we can draw.

The ILEETA office will be relocating in the coming weeks, and we will keep you up to date on those changes. I look forward to your input and suggestions for the continued success of ILEETA. You can reach me at Thanks again for your support and stay safe!

Published in Law and Order, Sep 2009

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