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Changing of the Guard at ILEETA

When ILEETA was formed in 2003, we wanted to have a plan in place for the continued success of ILEETA. We realized how important it was to have a succession of the executive director position. I promise all of you, I will not disappear. I will continue to write professionally. I can now set my own schedule without numerous deadlines plaguing me. I will also do whatever I can to assist Harvey in his new role. He is my best friend, and I choose my friends wisely.

We implemented that plan and from day one: Deputy Executive Director, Harvey Hedden was groomed as the second executive director of ILEETA. Harvey has the intellect, drive, and spirit to steer ILEETA in the right direction. The choice for me to step down is actually an easy one. The increased pain caused by my neurological condition means that I could no longer devote the time required to continue serving you as executive director. Trying to hold on to the position would be extremely selfish of me, and would not be in the best interest of the ILEETA membership.

I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity and pleasure of serving you. Serving as executive director of ILEETA is one of the highlights of my professional life, and I will always cherish the many friends I made during my tenure with ILEETA. Remember, ILEETA is more than any one individual—much more! My dear friends, this is not goodbye for I intend to be a part of each annual ILEETA conference. Thank you all! Take care and stay safe!

Published in Law and Order, Sep 2009

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