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The Latest in Mobile Technology at Police Fleet Expo - West

Today’s mobile technology for public safety is advancing at a rapid pace. Officers have a virtual office in their vehicles now, which has meant increased officer productivity as well as cost savings for agencies worldwide.

Mobile computing is changing the way officers are performing their jobs. Duties that once took hours or days to complete now take mere minutes. Officers can spend more time in the field, which means more time spent fighting crime.

Technologies such as In-car Digital Video, Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) as well as Rugged Laptops are great advancements for first responders. But it’s critical officers know how to use the latest technology in their fleet for their own safety as well as the citizens they protect. Learn about Pivot3’s in-car video solution at work in California on p. 1. Read up on the newest ALPR systems from CitySync, ELSAG, Genetec, Hub-Data911 and PIPS/Federal Signal/Motorola on p. 1. Find out how the latest mobile VPN solutions from Columbitech and Radio IP can improve your agency on pp. 33 and 36.


After just completing the sixth successful Police Fleet Expo in Milwaukee WI, Hendon Publishing’s (publisher of Public Safety IT) Police Fleet Expo is heading to the West Coast. Join vehicle manufacturers, equipment manufacturers and suppliers, as well as police fleet managers at Police Fleet Expo® - West, May 12–14, 2010 in Long Beach, CA

. Now you can be informed about the latest mobile technology from industry experts to help you and your agency grow and prosper.

Police fleet professionals as well as patrol officers are hungry for information and eager to learn the latest technologies. Since budgets are tight, current police vehicles are nearing the end of their production, environmental standards are getting more restrictive, and technology is constantly changing, now is the time for Police Fleet Expo - West!

By attending Police Fleet Expo - West you will:

• Learn the latest new vehicle information from the auto manufacturers plus the latest products from aftermarket manufacturers, suppliers and service providers. Get a hands-on feel for the latest products and services from companies like Motorola, Panasonic and more.

• Learn at cutting-edge seminars the latest in mobile technology that pertains to your agency whether it is Large, Medium or Small.

• Gather specific educational information to match your agency’s current needs.

The exhibit hall will include the most up-to-date equipment, technology and services you need to perform to the best of your ability. Educational sessions will include topics you recommend and are interested in, such as mobile digital video, ALPR, rugged laptops and more.

Check the Police Fleet Expo website at

for regular updates. Contact Dennis Tucker at

with class suggestions and/or questions.

Don’t be left behind on the mobile technology curve for your agency. Police Fleet Expo is one of the most valuable conferences committed to public safety professionals!

Published in Public Safety IT, Sep/Oct 2009

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