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Hays, KS deploys NetMotion Wireless

NetMotion Wireless announced that Hays, KS has deployed NetMotion’s mobile Virtual Private Network (VPN) on laptops used by police officers. NetMotion’s software, Mobility XE™, improves mobile productivity by maintaining and optimizing secure connections to applications as officers move in and out of wireless coverage areas and across various networks.

The Hays Police’s IT department used funds from the Edward Byrne Memorial State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance Grant, part of the U.S. Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, to purchase mobile VPN licenses. With secure and seamless wireless connection ensured by Mobility XE, the officers can e-mail, write reports, access records management and other sensitive information from the department’s network drive, entirely from their police cruisers, no matter where they are in the city.

DRS Tactical Systems offers fully rugged mobile computers

DRS Tactical Systems Inc., a unit of DRS Technologies Inc., offers two fully rugged mobile computers—the ARMOR™ C12 Rugged Convertible Notebook and the ARMOR™ X10 Rugged Tablet PC. This line of rugged mobile computers offers data protection technology, “anywhere” connectivity and sunlight readable display options for ensuring situational awareness, protecting valuable data, and/or increasing worker efficiency.

ARMOR mobile computers combine advanced computing and communications technology with MIL-STD-810F durability and service that includes a three-year warranty and a direct line to customer support. These computers use Intel® processing technology and offer a full array of communications options, including integrated Wi-Fi, Ethernet and a PCMCIA slot. Weighing 5.2 pounds, including batteries, ARMOR tablets and convertible notebooks are for any operation requiring mobility.

DHS looks to broadcast emergency alerts to mobile devices

In an effort to enhance the nation’s emergency broadcast system, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Command, Control and Interoperability Division (CID) of the Science and Technology (S&T) Directorate, convened stakeholders from all dimensions of the alerts and warnings community to determine the next steps to implementing the Commercial Mobile Alert Service (CMAS). Since they were first developed, public alert and warning systems have primarily consisted of messages that interrupt regular broadcasts over television and radio to provide emergency information. With well over 80% of the American population subscribing to commercial mobile services, CID is working under a memorandum of agreement with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to enable and enhance a national capability to deliver geographically targeted, timely and effective alert messages to mobile devices.

ICOP awarded contract in Saudi Arabia

ICOP Digital has been awarded a contract to outfit security force vehicles in Saudi Arabia with the ICOP Model 20/20®-W digital in-car video systems. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia operates one of the single largest security force agencies in the world with tens of thousands of vehicles.

ICOP has shipped the first order for 100 units, as a pilot project. DDIT, ICOP’s Middle East partner, provides delivery, installation and support. The contract is with the Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the first transaction between DDIT and ICOP.

PlantCML® releases integrated dispatch solution

PlantCML’s (an EADS North America company) latest map-centric Integrated Dispatch Solution (IDS) provides the most relevant information available directly into the hands of the first responders at the scene. This off-the-shelf, pre-packaged solution for dispatching first responders and performing related activities in the field incorporates ORION™ ARIES™ (Computer-Aided Dispatch [CAD]) and NightHawk™ (Mobile Data Solution [MDS]/Automatic Vehicle Location [AVL]).

Through an intuitive user interface, ORION ARIES delivers incident data directly to the workstation. This incident-based dispatch solution allows call takers to track every resource, view premise history, access supplemental information.

The NightHawk Mobile Data Solution is a fully integrated component of IDS featuring mobile data workstations designed to be a complete solution for AVL and mobile data access with seamless data integration and interoperability with ORION ARIES. It allows mobile responders to run their own queries in the field, including unit status, vehicle location, dispatch acknowledgement and state queries, etc.

VidSys opens multi-vendor convergence center of excellence

VidSys announced the formal opening of its Virginia-based multi-vendor Convergence Center of Excellence. Built to showcase the state-of-the-art in physical and logical security convergence and the industry expertise, experience and technology in some of the largest command centers in North America, the facility will promote multi-vendor cooperation, industry standards, and best practices from over 30 companies and organizations.

The Convergence Center of Excellence also includes systems from numerous other notable industry leaders and vendors including: Barco, Cisco, Integral Security Solutions, Lenel, Nice Systems, OnSSI, ShotSpotter, Tyco/Software House and Verint. VidSys further extends its reach across the industry by participating in some of the leading integration labs in the industry including Coleman Technologies, Cisco COE, Raytheon and ViaLogy.

ATSC Voyager SaaS adds West Virginia for real-time data access

ATS Corp. announced the addition of the state of West Virginia to its ATSC Voyager Software as a Service (“SaaS”). ATSC has implemented a Voyager Multi-Agency Server for statewide access of criminal justice data by law enforcement agencies meeting all West Virginia State Police and FBI CJIS security requirements for both wired and wireless access. The ATSC Voyager SaaS allows all West Virginia Class One law enforcement agencies to access criminal justice data from a wide variety of sources including NCIC, NLETS and West Virginia WEAPON state system. The ATSC Voyager SaaS provides access to real-time data to over 400 Federal, State and Local agencies in 20 states across the nation.

ATSC Voyager allows police and sheriff organizations, and other Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies the ability to access criminal justice data instantly from multiple device types including in-vehicle laptops, smart-phones and BlackBerry devices for wireless devices as well as desktop access.

Tiburon advances interoperability for public safety agencies

Built on a Web services architecture, TiburonCONNECT from Tiburon Inc. is an interoperability platform based on event-driven, service-oriented architecture that connects disparate information systems. TiburonCONNECT uses the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) and meets Global Justice Information Sharing Initiative Justice Reference Architecture (JRA) standards.

TiburonCONNECT lowers the risk of product obsolescence with an interoperability platform built on a service oriented architecture (SOA) that supports new and existing Tiburon systems and maximizes third-party and legacy system investments. Replicable adapter model facilitates seamless integration without requiring additional budget for lengthy, customized integrations. TiburonCONNECT enables all systems to automatically capture and preserve critical system interactions in the event of official audits or other inquiries. It also provides in-house IT support access to an intuitive, Web-based maintenance and management administrative dashboard. TiburonCONNECT will be available during the first quarter of 2010.

Ventura, CA Police go live with Motorola PremierOne™

Motorola Inc. announced the first production use of the next generation of PremierOne™ Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) and PremierOne Mobile application solutions by the City of Ventura, CA for their public safety applications. Ventura Police Department replaced its stand-alone public safety applications and now has the ability to access and share real-time, critical information both in the field and at the command center. The department has upgraded to this integrated system for improvements in several areas including enhanced situational awareness and safety, efficient resource allocation, dispatch flexibility, and accurate data application and trend analyses.

PremierOne was developed from an alliance between Motorola and Microsoft® and designed on Microsoft.NET technology. The common platform also utilizes Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), standardizing the way information is shared, accessed and delivered to public safety personnel regardless of jurisdictional boundaries or agencies.

U.S. Air Force selects Getac rugged notebooks

Getac Inc., a leading innovator and manufacturer of rugged computers, and NCS Technologies, Inc., a manufacturer of its own line of mission-specific computers as well as some of Getac’s products under license, announced that the U.S. Air Force (USAF) has selected Getac rugged notebook computers as part of its Quarterly Enterprise Buy (QEB) program.

As part of the QEB, NCS will manufacture and provide Getac’s B300 rugged notebook and V100 rugged convertible computers to the USAF at a significant discount. Quality, performance and endurance, along with overall cost savings, were factors in the decision to select Getac products for the program. The Getac B300 and V100 rugged computers will be included in the QEB program through the end of 2009.

General Dynamics - Itronix approves software for vehicle-rugged GD6000

General Dynamics - Itronix approved COPsync™ software to run on vehicle-rugged GD6000 notebook computers. The new hardware/software combination enables law enforcement and first responders to transfer and share dispatch-critical information including 9-1-1 emergency data. Officers can also retrieve driving records, license and criminal history data, as well as other information typically used during an incident or emergency call. Next steps include the availability of the COPsync software for the General Dynamics - Itronix GD8000 line of fully rugged computers.

General Dynamics - Itronix used the company’s ISV Testing and Optimization Program to ensure third-party software, like the COPsync, works with the operating systems and other software applications available on General Dynamics - Itronix computers and notebooks. The COPsync software is currently used by 25 law enforcement and first responder agencies and organizations throughout Texas.

Baltimore patrol officers to get BlackBerrys

Baltimore’s police department will become one of the first agencies in the nation to issue every patrol officer a BlackBerry that allows for instant warrant checks, according to city officials. The city’s Board of Estimates approved using $5.3 million in federal stimulus money for the police department, including $3.5 million to buy 2,000 of the BlackBerrys, known as “Pocket Cops.” The devices allow officers to run warrants, check vehicle registrations, and pull up criminal histories and suspect photos.

The department has been using more than 100 of the devices in a pilot program in the city’s western district and in specialized units. The 2,000 additional devices should be enough to equip every regular patrol officer with one, police said.

Early reviews for the devices have been positive. Officers using Pocket Cops made twice as many arrests over a three-month period than those equipped with radios or laptops, according to statistics provided by the department. They also hauled in more offenders on outstanding warrants.

Raytheon partners with ICOP Digital

Raytheon Company has partnered with ICOP Digital Inc. to market mobile video solutions to its public safety, transportation and military customers. Available immediately, the solutions provide high-quality video and audio to mitigate risks, reduce losses and improve safety and security.

Under the agreement, Raytheon will sell mobile video solutions including a ruggedized, in-dash recording system ideal for public safety and a larger solution designed with the flexibility and extended coverage required for mass and public transit. A live streaming video option will allow the viewing and sharing of live video for real-time situational awareness and support.

Sierra Wireless adds ALEOS to rugged mobile gateways and routers

Sierra Wireless announced the ALEOS™ embedded intelligence platform will be available on the MP line of rugged in-vehicle mobile routers for the first time. With the addition of ALEOS, which enhances the intelligence and feature set of the MP product line, all AirLink™ gateways and routers from Sierra Wireless will share a common firmware platform, simplifying device management and support. The new release of ALEOS, version 4.0, also includes enhancements such as improved security and routing functionality, as well as embedded ACEmanager, the new browser based configuration and management utility in the ACEware™ remote management suite.

Electronic ticketing solution increases productivity and safety

MacroSolve Inc., parent company of Anyware Mobile Solutions, launched digiTICKET™, an electronic ticketing mobile solution that has been implemented by the City of Sand Springs, OK Police Department and is being considered by several other municipalities and sheriff’s departments. digiTICKET dramatically reduces the time required to issue and manage citations, while significantly improving officer safety and decreasing waste throughout the entire ticket writing process.

Anyware’s proprietary digiTICKET software allows officers to scan a driver’s license barcode using a rugged mobile computer and automatically capture the defendant’s data in the electronic ticket. The officer can enter multiple violations and capture the defendant’s signature on the mobile computer, all in a fraction of the time required to write violations on five-part paper tickets. Using a wireless connection, the information can be sent in near real time to the city’s records management systems. This eliminates manual data entry and allows quick access to ticket information by court clerks and other officials. Tickets are printed at the site of the violation using a rugged, thermal printer with a Bluetooth connection to the mobile computer.

Published in Public Safety IT, Sep/Oct 2009

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