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VisionTEK’s mobile reporting software

Since 1993, VisionTEK has provided public safety software solutions to law enforcement and public safety agencies across the nation. VisionTEK specializes in mobile data software; field based reporting, messaging, and mobile CAD solutions for law enforcement.

Their solutions run on both handheld and mobile data computer (MDC) platforms and are designed to cost-effectively enable real-time information sharing within or across jurisdictional boundaries via wireless and wired networks. VisionTEK solutions are deployed in over 800 public safety agencies.

VisionTEK recently demonstrated their advanced FrontLine Handheld Mobile Reporting and FrontLine Mobile Applications software at the 2009 APCO (Association of Public-Safety Communication Officials) Conference in Las Vegas. “Handheld devices have been in use for a number of years, mainly for electronic citations (e-citation) and field reporting,” commented Frank Traylor, CEO and President of VisionTEK. “Not all law enforcement and public safety agencies can justify the purchase of handhelds for only a single mobile application. Our FrontLine Handheld Mobile Reporting System provides law enforcement agencies with a tool to create their own custom reports and query forms, for both handheld devices and mobile data computers. It gives them the power to develop their own mobile field reporting applications; mobile data queries to local, state and national databases; and to make changes on demand, without vendor assistance. Our software makes mobile field reporting technology a solid agency investment and a valuable tool for law enforcement personnel.”

Hinsdale County, CO Sheriff’s Office

The Hinsdale County Sheriff’s Office is located in the southwest section of Colorado at an elevation of 8,671 feet. The Sheriff’s Office serves an area size of 1,124 square miles and a population of approximately 838. Hinsdale County is headquartered in Lake City, CO. Most of Hinsdale County is beautiful National Forest land, with Lake City as the county seat.

The Hinsdale County, CO Sheriff’s Office selected VisionTEK for their Accident field reporting pilot project. After seeing the VisionTEK FrontLine Accident field reporting application in use by the Colorado State Patrol, the Hinsdale County Sheriff’s Office decided to investigate further and try it out. “Our goal is to improve efficiencies with our Accident reporting process,” said Deputy Justin Casey of the Hinsdale County Sheriff’s Office. “Currently, we travel back to headquarters to type our Accident reports and store them in hardcopy format. Implementing the VisionTEK FrontLine Accident field reporting application will considerably reduce the time it takes to prepare Accident reports. The reports can be created in the field, and stored electronically, if needed.” Elena Castor, VisionTEK vice president, Sales, added: “We are delighted to work with the Hinsdale County Sheriff’s Office to automate their mobile accident field reporting procedure. Increasing efficiencies for law enforcement agencies is our mission; we are confident that the VisionTEK FrontLine Accident field reporting application will exceed expectations.”

Published in Public Safety IT, Sep/Oct 2009

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