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2009 Police Vehicle Design Contest, Part 2

Sheriff Over 25 Officers, West

Eagle County Sheriff
Eagle, CO

Eagle County Sheriff installed black reflective vinyl onto this dark gray vehicle. The color was chosen specifically to have a subdued appearance during the daytime, and the reflective material was chosen for officer safety at night. The graphics also had to have the same look as the existing fleet for consistency in public recognition.

Judge’s Comments

We like the two different graphics; they are subdued and stealthy. The brown color combined with the white makes it extremely bold and unique.

Federal and State Agencies

United States Mint Police, U.S. Bullion Depository
Fort Knox, KY

The USBD chose reflective gold and silver graphics to represent the coinage the United States Mint produces and the gold and silver they protect. The graphics were designed by Officer James Shattuck and approved by OIC H. L. Bert Barnes. The design was eventually adopted by the United States Mint Associate Director of Protection and is now used at all United States Mint facilities. The rears of the vehicles display the United States Mint URL (

Judge’s Comments

This design has a nice contrast; the graphics are bright and stand out. It doesn’t overpower the vehicle, but it’s clearly legible. Any bad guy could see it.

Colleges and Universities

Georgia College & State University Police Department
Milledgeville, GA

The aggressive stance of the Dodge Charger says, “We mean business,” and that is the message the Georgia College and State University Police wants to present to the bad guys. The stripe, flowing from the front wheel and streaming over the car, shows forward motion. They used the school colors, blue and green, to display commitment and loyalty to the campus community. The department motto, “Protect-Serve-Educate,” as well as the school mascot, the bobcat, are proudly displayed on the cars.

Judge’s Comments

The yellow badge on the front sets off the front fender. We also like the color choices of blue and silver.

Best SWAT Vehicle

Bradenton Police Department
Bradenton, FL

The most important aspect of the Bradenton, FL Police’s vehicle design is the red, white and blue graphics, along with the American flag, which show the department’s patriotism. The reflective material assists with visibility on low-light and night driving to identify the vehicle as an emergency vehicle. The design clearly ties to the Bradenton community with the markings listed.

Judge’s Comments

This vehicle is clean, and it stands out with the contrast of the blue and red graphics on the white. A lot of “pizzazz” but not overdone.

Best Support Vehicle, Command Post, CSI Vehicle

Eau Claire Police Department
Eau Claire, WI

Officers of the Eau Claire Police created the outside design to be consistent with the squad car fleet so they used their eagle and police lettering. To make the vehicle unique, they added CSU related markings and white reflective striping to the entire vehicle. It has 18 LED-X red/blue sidelights with LED wands on the side mirrors. It has six strobe tubes placed throughout the brake and turn signal housings. It is finished off with headlamp flashers.

Judge’s Comments

The graphics cover almost the entire vehicle but it’s in proportion to the size of the vehicle. It’s easily identifiable with the lettering on the sides and back window.

Best Community Relations (DARE, GREAT)

Aurora Police Department
Aurora, CO

The Aurora, CO Police’s Department Recruiting Car is a great community relations endeavor. The car was a seizure by the Narcotics Unit in 2007 from a drug dealer. Its graphics show the department honor guard, A K9 officer and department anniversary badge. The colors red, white and blue honor this country’s flag prominently featured in the wraparound design. The car draws a crowd with its flip-up doors, 22-inch brilliant chrome wheels, custom two-tone leather interior, and ground-shaking sound system.

Judge’s Comments

We couldn’t tell if this was a Dodge Charger or Magnum at first. It is very detailed; the time and effort put into it shows pride. It’s a bit “over the top” but we like it!

Best Motorcycle

Lake Villa Police Department
Lake Villa, IL

The Can Am Spyder made by Bombardier is the only one in use in the nation in a law enforcement capacity. The graphic design was originally supposed to be the logos for all of Lake Villa, IL Police’s new patrol vehicles. However, it was turned down and is now on the Spyder, along with the marshal-style badge that is on all of their patrol vehicles. The badge was implemented in 2001 from the town’s 100th birthday.

Judge’s Comments

This motorcycle is unique, different, modern—just sharp!

Best Ford Crown Victoria

Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office
Annapolis, MD

The design on this 2008 Ford Crown Vic was the result of a conversation with Sheriff Ron Bateman, Richard Speake (Training) and Lieutenant Corporal Edward A. Bates (fleet manager). They came up with an all-black patrol vehicle with large reflective lettering on both sides and the same on the rear deck and bumper. The roof has helicopter visible numbers, and the star is the same as the one officers wear on their uniforms.

Judge’s Comments

This is one sharp-looking Crown Vic! The black with yellow lettering jumps out at you and is easy to read. It’s clean and simple, yet bold.

Best Chevy Impala

Sullivan Police Department
Sullivan, IL

The selection of this vehicle design was done by the police, the mayor and city commissioners. The Sullivan Police selected the traditional black-and-white as they wanted to go “back in time” when everyone identified a police car by its black-and-white color scheme. The department also used reflective material because at night they wanted high visibility in their patrol zones and they like the way the reflective material highlights the car, especially in a small town.

Judge’s Comments

The red outline on the lettering is a nice touch at night. The graphics are bold and stand out as POLICE.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Nov/Dec 2009

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