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2009 Police Vehicel Design Contest, Part 3

Best Dodge Charger

Medaryville Police Department
Medaryville, IN

This design was chosen to raise the level of professionalism for the department. When Medaryville officials were approved to purchase a new vehicle, they wanted a vehicle that was unmistakably a police car. In order to open some communication with the school children, they added the school mascot to the front fenders of the police car. The kids don’t seem as scared to approach the officers and ask them about the car.

Judge’s Comments

This is a very clean, good-looking car. The roof line and the doors match. All signage is visible. It is a sharp, professional and immediately recognizable design.”

Best Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)

Elmhurst Police Department
Elmhurst, IL

This design was the result of an Elmhurst, IL Police vote to change to black-and-white squad cars. The design is unique because of the black and gold door graphic that allows the design to flow from black to white with more style. The Elmhurst Police badge is prominently displayed on both doors, and the Elmhurst shoulder patch is integrated into the rear of the vehicle. All of the lettering is highly reflective for officer safety, and the door edges also have reflective chevrons visible to traffic as the doors are opened.

Judge’s Comments

The design has a nice flow behind front wheels toward rockers and running boards. The star also looks good and stands out.

Best Off-Road Vehicle

Auburndale Police Department
Auburndale, FL

This particular design was chosen to represent the Auburndale, FL Police in an effort to revamp the presentation of the department. The word “POLICE” is showcased by a raised, shadow effect creating a bold appearance making it easier to read. All markings on the vehicle are reflective. The badge located on the front quarter panel behind the tire represents the Auburndale Police Department specifically, and the City of Auburndale is represented by the city seal.

Judge’s Comments

This is neat looking because it’s different and modern. In addition to the graphics, we like the LEDs above the badge.

People’s Choice Award

Lindon City Police Department
Lindon, UT

Department vehicles are 4WD Ford F-150 pickups or Ford Explorer SUVs due to the mountainous service area and winter snow. The design chosen incorporates the Ford base color stone green to bring to mind the Wasatch Mountains upon whose foothills the city sits. The department seal is upon each door and the rear of the vehicles. The seal resembles a rising sun, signifying a new beginning, such as the formation of the new department.

Judge’s Comments

This design uses a novel approach to a two-tone police paint scheme. Anyone seeing these vehicles will immediately recognize them as special. The continuation of the two-tone scheme around the tailgate, and the bold markings of POLICE and the shield make this design a winner.

Ugly Vehicle

Pinehurst Police Department
Pinehurst, NC

Reflective lettering is used for the “Dial 9-1-1” and “POLICE” insignias on the vehicles to maximize visibility at night. Pinehurst, NC Police is the only agency in the county that paints its vehicles; all other agencies utilize striping kits. Another unique feature is the prominent display of the department badge on both doors of all vehicles. All vehicles follow the blue and white color scheme, making them easily identifiable both to the public and other agencies.

Judge’s Comments

This truck is old and just plain ugly.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Nov/Dec 2009

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