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Police Fleet Expo 2009: Dinner with a Stranger

This group dining event returned from last year because it turned out to be a great networking opportunity. The dinner allowed attendees to meet new colleagues to discuss fleet opportunities and issues while enjoying dinner at some of Milwaukee’s best restaurants. This year 40 attendees (10 in four different restaurants) participated in a discussion targeted to one topic for each group, each led by a moderator. The topics were Fleet Management Software Aftermarket Equipment and Upfitting; Alternative Police Vehicles; Alternative Fuels and Fuel Cost Saving Ideas; and Fleet Management as a profession.

This gathering was very well received with a lot of positive feedback, and the informal setting allowed the conversation to flow. The fleet software dinner was moderated by Ed Hanlon of the Kansas City Turnpike Highway Patrol. Most of the attendees were not using any type of fleet management software so this dinner was of great benefit. A couple of the attendees that were using CCG Faster Fleet Management software explained the benefits of such a program and its ability to interface with fuel and asset management software.

CCG Faster, a PFE sponsor and exhibitor, became the focus of the discussion. Having them at the show was a great help for those who were looking to follow up with some more in depth information. CCG Faster is also the application used by a PFE perennial favorite Bill DeRousse from City of Everett, WA Fleet Services. DeRousse gave an excellent presentation on the realities of a big city fleet and the policy and procedures that go along with managing a large diverse fleet. The “Dinner with a Stranger” program is something that all future attendees should try to attend. It is an excellent networking event that everyone will learn from.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Sep/Oct 2009

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