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Police Fleet Expo 2009: Raybestos Proving Ground

This year’s Track Tech was filled with on-site educational sessions and many track-related “hands on” demonstrations. One of the main sponsors was Raybestos, who put on several excellent track side brake demonstrations with a Mustang race car stopping drill, CVPI stopping drill and “Hot Laps” around the famous Nascar track Milwaukee Mile with a professional race car driver.

Raybestos equipped Ford Mustangs from their Raybestos Rookie School with the exact brake pad formulation used in their Police Pursuit/Patrol brakes. The special police brake compound is not commercially available for the Mustang, so Raybestos bonded the police compound to a backplate that fits the Mustang. Police Fleet Expo attendees had a chance to push the race-prepared Mustangs to the limit to see how well the Raybestos pads performed.

Raybestos focuses on a consistent pedal effort. They want the police brake pad to have the same pedal feel during both routine patrol and pursuit driving. The Police Patrol/Pursuit pad is not a repackaged, relabeled retail pad. Instead it uses a unique pad compound specifically developed for police use. See the March-April 2009 issue of Police Fleet Manager

where the history and development of this police pad is discussed in detail.

Raybestos also hosted several sessions indoors, including an overview of braking systems and how Raybestos has been able to provide law enforcement with a product it says has solved the issue of “pursuit-rated brakes.” It was interesting to learn that not all OEM brakes are the same, and when you order OEM products you have to remember to check exactly what’s coming out of the box.

The example provided was the Ford OEM CVPI brake pads and the Motorcraft brake pads. When they showed what came out of the box they were two completely different products, even though they were listed as the same part. A special thanks to Raybestos for putting on a great track demonstration day.

After Raybestos’ indoor session, Hendon Publishing’s Ed Sanow presented the finding of the 2009 Police Fleet Manager's 

Police Tire Test. This was a very interesting review of the standard police tires that agencies are using. The performance-based results were a surprise to some and a confirmation to others. The August-September 2009 issue of Police Fleet Manager

has the full report.

Rounding out the day at the track, Harley Davidson had some of their police motorcycles available to test for those who held a motorcycle license. The Milwaukee Police Department (MPD) brought out its specialty vehicles for viewing and demonstration. The MPD Explosives Unit demonstrated its robot and its equipment. All in all, the Track Tech day was a big hit with attendees.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Sep/Oct 2009

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