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Red-Dot Sight Review (2)


Aimpoint, manufacturer of the COMPM3, as well as other sights, went small with the Micro T-1 and Micro H-1. These miniature (2.4-inch x 1.6-inch) sights weigh only 3.0 oz. yet deliver a four minute of angle (MOA) red dot with (in the case of the T-1) 12 different settings—four night vision settings and eight daylight settings. And all of these features are provided from a single battery that can last five years! The T-1 is the sturdier of the two with an anodized non-reflective finish and it is submersible to 80 feet.

The H-1 is less expensive but does not offer night vision capabilities. Although it is only submersible to 15 feet, it still delivers excellent sighting. Both the T-1 and H-1 were simple to install on the Larue mounts provided and they offer the sturdiness and options we’ve come to expect from Aimpoint.

Sig Sauer®

Sig Sauer introduced its STS-081 Mini Red Dot sight last year. The STS-081 offers 11 daylight settings with a 4-M.O.A. and comes complete with a permanent M1913 Picatinny rail mount affixed. Powered by one 3volt CR2032 lithium battery, Sig Sauer claims a run life of as much as 8,000 hours of operation. With a big rotary dial actuating switch and a durable finish the STS-081 costs less than some of its competitors but is still a rugged and reliable design from the Swiss gun manufacturer.

Published in Law and Order, Jan 2010

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