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Safariland purchased a new company this year with the acquisition of Pride-Fowler Inc. (PFI). Anyone in the shooting sports has heard of John Pride and Mickey Fowler—two master class I.P.S.C. champion international shooters (and in John Pride’s case, retired LEO). The PFI, now Safariland line, of optics includes a few red-dot sights worth mentioning.

The SOPS-33mm red-dot sight has a 5-MOA dot with 11 settings with two night vision capable settings. This tubular sight is 5-5/8 inches long and is powered by one 3volt battery which will deliver 10 days of continuous use at full power. The SOPS-33mm is a very rugged sight and quick to install with the PFI-Quick Release Mount. The SOPS-33mm comes complete with flip-up dust covers.

Also by Safariland is the Spec Ops Compact Red Dot (Model SOPSC-2). This micro red-dot is only 1-7/8 inches long by 1 inch wide, yet it provides a 5-MOA red-dot with three different switch settings (On / Auto / Off). The SOPSC-2 is powered by a single battery and has a built-in sensor in the Auto mode to adjust the brightness from daylight to subdued lighting. Safariland has an excellent mount for the SOPSC-2 the PFI-PQR (Weaver-Picatinny Quick Release Mount with Wing Protectors). Also, this mount has a large thumbscrew for easy installation.


Trijicon supplied several new sights for testing. Tactical Response magazine previously tested the ACOG in both 4X and 1X magnification. My impression of the four power scope was that it would be good for assignments where shots beyond 100 yards were expected, but that the sight was not appropriate for CQB. Just prior to working on that evaluation, I saw a photo of a SpecOps operator with small red-dot sight mounted on top of his 4X ACOG. I inquired but at the time such a set-up was not commercially available. Well, that’s no longer the case.

ACOG Model TA31F-RMR sports a Ruggedized Miniature Reflex (RMR) sight on a mount above the ACOG tube. The RMR portion is only 1.8 inches in length by 1.1 inches wide, but it provides a red 4-MOA dot. A standard cheek weld aligns your eye with the ACOG sight, which has an illuminated (Tritium and fiber optic) red chevron reticle. A black line with the number 4, and below that the number 6, provides aiming points for 400 and 600 meters respectively.

If making entry in a building or dealing with closer threats (25 meters for instance) just raise your head slightly so you have a stock weld with the side of your chin and you’ll now able to pick up the battery powered 4-MOA red-dot. A police officer from my agency deployed with the Army reserves in Afghanistan reports that he has seen this sight in use with several SpecOps personnel.

Trijicon just introduced its new Ruggedized Miniature Reflex Model RM03-RMR, which is powered by the radioactive isotope Tritium and fiber optic. The RM03 (like the TA31F-RMR) has a lifetime warranty, is rugged (and according to Trijicon is built to the same toughness standards as the ACOG) and yet is very lightweight (1.2 ounces). The 1.8-inch long by 1.1-inch wide sight was securely mounted on top of my flattop Doublestar® Star-15 carbine, and with the RM-34 Tall Picatinny Rail Mount it allowed a co-witnessing with my iron sights.

Published in Law and Order, Jan 2010

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