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PlantCML® participates in NENA industry collaboration event

As a leading provider of NG9-1-1 solutions, PlantCML® was one of 16 vendors that participated in an industry-first event demonstrating next-generation emergency communication capabilities by testing for interoperability with various applications, products and systems. The three-day Industry Collaboration Event (ICE) was hosted by the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) at Texas A&M University’s Internet2 Technology Evaluation Center in College Station, TX.

The event provided the opportunity for vendors to work together to address different features of NG9-1-1 readiness and progress in achieving standards-based interoperable systems for PSAPs in the United States. The current E9-1-1 system supports traditional voice 9-1-1 calls. NG9-1-1 networks will replace the existing narrowband, circuit switched 9-1-1 networks, which carry only voice and limited data, and will begin to include such features as text messages, images and video.

According to the NENA Web site, the association is dedicated to ensuring that all of the goals of NG9-1-1, both technical and non-technical, are met. NENA views a Certification and Accreditation program as a critical component to accomplishing standards-based NG9-1-1.

IPMobileNet Business to be acquired by RF Technology Pty Ltd and DX Radio

RF Technology Pty Ltd, DX Radio Systems Inc. and IPMobileNet LLC announced that the companies have signed a definitive agreement under which RF Technology and DX Radio have acquired the business of IPMobileNet—a leading designer, manufacturer and integrator of mobile data solutions for the Public Safety, Utility and Intelligent Transportation markets.

IPMobileNet, based in Irvine, CA, is a strategic addition to RF Technology’s and DX Radio’s businesses. The acquisition will extend capabilities and core competencies of both companies and increase the companies’ available markets and product lines. The group will build upon IPMobileNet’s customer relationships by maintaining its commitment to customer service and by extending the reach of IPMobileNet’s industry leading system design and integration capabilities into voice, messaging and data products.

RF Technology’s business was established in 1979 with a charter to design, manufacture and market radio communication equipment worldwide. The two founding directors, with 30 years of operational experience in the Two-Way Radio industry, had a desire to fill a niche market overlooked by the major competitors.

RFT is a supplier to the Australian secure communications market focusing on a complete range of products for secure wireless voice and data communications. This includes secure public safety wireless network solutions in APCO P25, and analogue and high-speed packet data network technology.

California State University, Fullerton Police choose QuickLink from 911-Inc.

The new University Police emergency dispatch center at California State University, Fullerton, is now receiving local area 9-1-1 calls using the QuickLink call processing solution from 911-Inc. The installation of the communications platform allows University Police to provide superior call taking and dispatch services to the students of CSU Fullerton and surrounding areas.

University Police moved into their new 10,470-square-foot, state-of-the-art building last year. The new facility has twice the space of the old building which was a trailer placed on campus in 1960. The City of

Grand Junction, CO selects new public safety software and technology

The City of Grand Junction Police Department, CO is partnering with the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office to bring new crime fighting tools to police, fire and EMS countywide. The City has signed a contract to license New World Systems’ Aegis/MSP® Public Safety Solution on the Microsoft® platform to replace multiple aging systems. New World’s completely integrated solution will bring the City and County agencies together to improve communication, simplify the sharing of criminal records and other data, and enhance safety and service to more than 148,000 residents.

New World Systems is providing the agencies with Aegis/MSP Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), Records Management, Mobile Computing, Field-Based Reporting and Corrections software fully developed in-house using proven Microsoft® technology, industry-standard Windows® Server and SQL® Server.

New World’s Mobile Computing will improve access to information for police officers and fire fighters in the field. Advanced workflow in the new Field-Based Reporting will save time and improve accuracy for officers completing reports from their vehicles. And for the first time, the agencies will have fast map-based access to view first responder location using Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL).

VisionAIR announces general availability of VisionDASHBOARD™

VisionAIR®, provider of the integrated Public Safety Suite® of software, announced the release for general availability of its latest product offering called VisionDASHBOARD. This new application is designed to provide a visual overview of the information public safety command staff needs to make decisions. It provides role-based, “right-time” situational awareness through its focus on levels of performance and forecasts against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and operational metrics. VisionDASHBOARD enables an agency’s executive management to analyze dispatch, law enforcement, and correctional historical data for trend or comparative analysis.

Key benefits of the VisionDASHBOARD include: the ability to monitor KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) at the right time; the ability to view current activity level (CAL) snapshots; the ability to access VisionAIR’s Public Safety Suite® data in an intuitive, visual manner; the ability to identify and isolate current operational anomalies and problem areas; the ability to analyze historical data; the ability to use interactive data selection to identify trends and key relationships; the ability to perform operational trending and historical analysis; the ability to measure performance against work plan or work productivity levels; and the ability for a rapid learning curve due to intuitive browser-based design.

South Metro Fire Rescue Authority uses Exalt microwave radio systems

By replacing legacy, license-exempt radio systems with Exalt radio systems in the 4.9 GHz licensed public safety frequency band, the South Metro Fire Rescue Authority near Denver has increased available bandwidth and provided the nonstop communications availability to ensure timely arrival of fire and rescue personnel.

When the Parker Fire Rescue District did a major network upgrade in 2004, the goal was to increase network capacity and eliminate monthly recurring charges for the leased T1 and ISDN lines that linked its fire stations and operations center. The department and its consultant, KNS Communications of Denver, chose point-to-point Wi-Fi-based radios that used the 5.3 and 5.8 GHz frequency bands to connect facilities located roughly 4 miles apart.

KNS Communications recommended Exalt EX-4.9i microwave radio systems for the network upgrade because of Exalt’s strong reputation for performance and reliability. KNS and Macaulay deployed the Exalt systems in nine locations beginning in 2006. The microwave network carries 55 megabits per second of Ethernet data traffic among five fire stations, two headquarters buildings and two communications towers. This backbone supports not only South Metro’s computer-aided emergency dispatch system, but also its IP telephone system, e-mail, file sharing and other applications.

ARRA grants will enable broadband mapping and planning

Recently, Iowa received a match grant of approximately $2.2 million from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) to support a comprehensive broadband mapping and planning initiative through the Connect Iowa program.

Connect Iowa ( is a partnership among the Iowa Broadband Deployment Governance Board, the Iowa Utilities Board and Connected Nation to increase broadband Internet access throughout rural Iowa. The grant is comprised of $1.7 million for broadband data collection and mapping activities over a two-year period and almost $500,000 for broadband planning activities over a five-year period in Iowa, bringing the total grant award to approximately $2.2 million. The award provided through NTIA’s State Broadband Data and Development Grant Program is a matching grant and part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

As part of the Connect Iowa initiative, Connected Nation will be implementing a brand-new interactive mapping tool for viewing, analyzing and validating broadband data. Called BroadbandStat, the new interactive mapping platform is a multi-functional, user-friendly way for local leaders, policymakers, consumers and technology providers to devise a plan for the expansion and adoption of broadband.

BroadbandStat was developed by Connected Nation in conjunction with ESRI, a market leader in geographic information system (GIS) software. BroadbandStat is unique because it allows a user to build and evaluate broadband expansion scenarios using a wealth of data, including education and population demographics, current broadband speeds and availability, and research about the barriers to adoption. The tool also provides an instant feedback mechanism for consumers to validate broadband data electronically or via phone.

Google launches Nexus One phone

Google launched the Nexus One, an HTC-built phone using Google’s own mobile software platform, the Android. The high-end handset, described by Google as a “Super Phone,” will compete directly with other high-end Android phones. The key aspect of this launch was Google’s entry as an online retailer of phones. The Nexus One reinforces Google’s ambition to become the first managed device platform (MDP) vendor.

The importance of the Nexus One is not in the hardware or pricing, but in Google’s control of the complete end-to-end user experience of the handset, from procurement, to the delivery of Web services, to the device.

This new category of managed devices will be delivered by a handful of vendors that have the resources to manage end-to-end delivery of Web services to consumer devices. Google will be one of these vendors.

The Nexus One has modestly differentiating hardware. Aside from the AMOLED display it does not set itself apart from, for example, the Motorola Droid or the HTC HD2. Its other differentiator, aside from the display, will be its use of the latest build of Android (Version 2.1, previously codenamed “Flan”), of which the most significant feature is the use of voice input for every text field, so users can speak entire e-mails, tweets or requests for navigation routes.

Seminole Tribe of Florida and Okeechobee County join Harris Corporation’s radio system

To improve their public safety radio communications capabilities, the
Seminole Tribe of Florida and Okeechobee County joined the Florida Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System (SLERS), operated by Harris Corp. The Statewide Law Enforcement Radio System operated by Harris Corp. is a single, unified, all-digital radio network that covers 60,000 square miles, including 25 miles offshore. The system delivers a full set of capabilities to meet the radio voice communications needs of more than 6,500 users—with 14,000 radios in patrol cars, boats, motorcycles and aircraft throughout Florida. SLERS operates at 700/800 MHz—with more than 200 microwave sites, RF multi-sites and RF simulcast sites.

As part of this system, Okeechobee County will use a new seven-channel site to add more than 700 subscribers to SLERS for law enforcement, firefighting, utilities agencies, education and administrative departments in the City and County of Okeechobee. The Seminole Tribe and Okeechobee County are now among more than 25 state, county and tribal public safety agencies in Florida using this radio system for first-responder communications. The Tribe and the County received Public Safety Interoperable Communications grants to support their transitions to SLERS.

More than 530 new subscribers will join the system from tribal police and firefighting agencies via a new four-channel site at its Brighton Reservation location. The tribe also plans to add more than 100 additional subscribers in the near future.

Zetron DCS-5020 supports Motorola’s MTM800E TETRA Radio

Zetron announced that the new release of its DCS-5020 Digital Console System offers several significant improvements, including support for Motorola’s MTM800 Enhanced (MTM800E) TETRA radio. The MTM800E is an important addition to the radios and protocols that the DCS-5020 supports because it further enhances the system’s flexibility and interoperability. Other radios and protocols the DCS-5020 supports include Sepura SRM3500 and EADS/Nokia TMR880/880i TETRA radios; and HF, UHF Conventional, Tone Remote Control, and 5/6 Tone Selcal radio protocols.

Zetron’s TETRA PEI Intelligent Radio Interface Module (iRIM) provides the connection between the DCS-5020 and the TETRA radios it supports, including the MTM800E. It also offers numerous functional and operational benefits. For example, because the interface is wireless, it not only makes it easier to add radios to the system, but simplifies the deployment of the system itself. It also makes it possible to deploy TETRA and analogue radio and telephony systems in mobile control rooms. In addition, because the interface allows end users to control multiple radios through a single console, it ensures that the console look, feel and functionality remain consistent even as end users control a variety of different radios.

Panasonic releases new Spec Assist DVD line

Panasonic has released a new expanded version of its Spec Assist DVD to the security industry. A valuable resource and information tool, Spec Assist v5.8 includes the latest updates to Panasonic’s comprehensive line of video surveillance solutions. The DVD also provides new calculators including H.264, bid specifications for Panasonic video surveillance systems products, CAD illustrations, operating instructions, spec sheets and other tools to optimize system configurations and proposals.

The Spec Assist v5.8 DVD is designed to help systems integrators, dealers, architects and consulting engineers with formulation of bids and proposals—all on a convenient, on-the-go format when Internet access is not available. The handy search function makes finding information quick and easy. This resource tool is available free to professional system designers, installers and physical security professionals by visiting or calling 866.726.2288.

Published in Public Safety IT, Jan/Feb 2010

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