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EADS Defence & Security to supply CORP25 radio network to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

EADS Defence & Security has announced it has been selected by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Ontario to roll out its CORP25 digital radio communications network, the first P25 radio network in Canada that can support up to seven terminals.

The new network will service the RCMP “O” Division. Following the summit, the system will be rolled out across the province. This is a major leap forward in innovation and will open the door for interoperability in the nation as well as across the continent. The network will expand as part of a major Crown project for the RCMP as a P25 Mission Critical Region Operation Communication System.

The contract includes the rollout of a state-of-the-art, open-standard P25 IP-based digital public-safety radio communication network and command and control centers that will expand across Ontario as the new Central Region Operation Communication System. The P25 digital communication network will also be used as the primary means to provide secure wireless communication during the upcoming G8 being held in Canada in June 2010. According to Tami Timperio, Vice President, Marketing for PlantCML, an EADS company, this was “an extremely fast implementation.” It normally takes 10-18 months, and the RCMP project will be done in six to eight months.

The rollout is a multi-step approach with a number of phases. Phase 1 of the project will be implemented in time for exclusive use to secure the G8 Summit and be spread out across a 360km corridor in Ontario. The second and larger phase will extend the network to cover the entire province and replace the existing Central Region Operation Communication System.

“We are pleased to have been awarded this contract for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police,” said Steve Shanck, General Manager for P25 radio network solutions. “Unlike other applications, the RCMP will not operate both trunking and conventional networks, but will fast track the new P25 system across the province. As the market adoption of P25 radio increases, our CORP25 solution will continue to demonstrate market leadership as have our hundreds of mission-critical radio networks around the world.”

As an IP-based, open-standard (Project P25) digital trunked solution, CORP25 allows P25 and non-P25 radios to operate together on one core architecture, providing operators full autonomy and control over the radio network.

Interoperability and a lower cost of ownership are the keys as to why the RCMP chose the EADS solution. “This contract is a concrete illustration of EADS’s commitment to expanding our operations in Canada,” Pierre Delestrade, CEO, EADS Canada said. “We have consistently demonstrated our willingness to increase the P25 market throughout Canada as evidenced by our investment in the Gatineau, Quebec centre of excellence.”

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police provides federal policing services, contributing to efforts to ensure safe homes and safe communities in the Province of Ontario. The Division’s 1,537 members and employees are committed to the enforcement of federal statutes and to providing investigational assistance and protective security to other departments of the Federal Government and law enforcement agencies.

This project will provide high security across Ontario, Quebec and the National Capital Region of Canada. It is essentially taking the proprietary nature of mission-critical networks and opening it up. “That’s the beauty of P25 centers,” Timperio said.

Published in Public Safety IT, Jan/Feb 2010

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