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Firearms and Less-Than-Lethal (cont'd.)

Sturm, Ruger & Company

The new SR-556 is Ruger’s entry into the AR-15 style rifle market. This four position adjustable gas piston system semi-automatic boasts Troy Industries battle sights, a Troy quad rail handguard, Troy rail covers, Hogue Monogrip and includes three MagPul 30 round magazines. It features an M4 style collapsible stock; a flash hider; a cold hammer forged, chrome-lined barrel; and a chrome-lined bolt, carrier and extractor.

TASER International, Inc.

X3, the newest handheld Electronic Control Device (ECD), was on display and used in live presentations in TASER’s booth at the IACP Exhibition Hall. The new model has three cartridges and provides the ability to deploy a second or third cartridge immediately in case of a missed subject.

The X3 can also incapacitate up to three separate subjects with a single X3 unit or it can further apply a second charge to a specific individual if needed. The X3 allows a Warning Arc that safely displays the TASER’s ability without expending a live cartridge. The Arc has been statistically shown to bring 80 percent compliance to an incident, through effective deterrence, without deploying a cartridge.

XREP (eXtended Range Electronic Projectile) Cartridge is a wireless, extended range, self contained ECD that deploys from a 12-gauge pump-action Mossberg shotgun. The Mossberg X12 is not capable of firing a lethal shotgun round and is identified by its bright yellow stock and forearm. This shoulder fired delivery system launches the same ECD as the TASER X26, but at an effective range up to 100 feet.

The ECD shell is transparent to ensure officers properly identify the XREP cartridge prior to loading. Four prongs in the cartridge’s nose assembly attach to the body of the target. A conductive hand trap wire further transfers the electronic energy to the subject if an attempt is made to remove the device.

Steve Tracy is a 22-year police veteran with 20 years of experience as a firearms instructor. He is also an instructor for tactical rifles, use of force, less-than-lethal force and scenario-based training. He can be reached at

Published in Law and Order, Feb 2010

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