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Police Fleet Expo-West

The Police Fleet Expo is coming to the West Coast! Educational sessions. Vehicle exhibits. Networking. State-of-the-art. Latest technology. Why should SWAT operators attend a conference geared toward police fleet managers? Simple—we deploy in tactical callouts and raids in vehicles selected for us by fleet managers. We store gear in vehicles provided by them. We set up incident command in vehicles provided by them.

And for 90% of us, in between callouts and raids, we conduct routine patrol and calls-for-service in vehicles provided by them. It is in our best interest to have the best-informed fleet managers! Attend the PFE-West and take the fleet manager with you.

At the PFE-W, you will have the opportunity to talk to the company reps who provide the latest tactical vehicles, command vehicles, gun racks, trunk packs, sliding trays, covert emergency lights, in-car cameras and on-board computer and surveillance systems.

You and the fleet manager will also find out about the latest in special service vehicles we all use for both tactical operations and patrol, like the Chevy Tahoe, Ford Explorer and Ford Expedition, not to mention other SUVs, prisoner transport/team deployment vans and investigator-oriented sedans.

For all the departments west of the Rockies, the new Police Fleet Expo-West will be held in Long Beach, CA, on May 10th-12th. This will be a combination of educational sessions and company exhibits. For all the departments east of the Rockies, the original Police Fleet Expo will be in St. Louis, MO, on August 25th-28th. That’s right—we are keeping the original PFE in the Midwest and adding a PFE for the West Coast. All the info is on the Web site.

The PFE-W will have the same number and quality of educational sessions as the original Police Fleet Expo, and they will be taught by the same subject matter experts. The sessions will include individual presentations from Dodge, Ford and General Motors on both new models and service issues. The exhibits will include top officials from all of the police and special service package automakers, and from all of the top police-oriented, aftermarket vehicle accessory manufacturers.

To see detailed and comprehensive coverage of the 2009 Police Fleet Expo in Milwaukee, go to, click Resources, click Article Archives and then pull up the September-October issue of Police Fleet Manager


You want the right vehicles purchased for tactical operations, surveillance and patrol. You want the right maintenance for those tactical response vehicles. And you want to be sure those vehicles are replaced, are taken out of service, before they compromise your tactical operations.

So, add a new member to your SWAT team—the fleet manager. Instead of sending him to the Basic SWAT School, take him to the Police Fleet Expo. Frankly, fleet managers don’t get a lot of training, and the PFE and PFE-W are the places for it. (These are the only conferences specifically geared toward police fleet managers.) We want our department’s fleet manager to know as much about selecting and maintaining the vehicles we use in SWAT as we know about selecting and maintaining weapons.

Published in Tactical Response, Jan/Feb 2010

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