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What’s New in Police Vehicle Accessories

The 116th annual International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference in Denver showcased some of the latest in police vehicle technology. From in-car video systems to LED push bumpers, a lot of these solutions are now automated for the officer’s safety. Following is a look at what some of the major manufacturers are offering for today’s police fleet manager.

54ward™ Integrated Solutions

54ward, in cooperation with several corporate partners, previewed an advanced integration “Urban Patrol” Concept Vehicle at the 2009 Police Fleet Expo in Milwaukee. Based on a 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid, this concept highlights 54ward’s ability to create a fully functional “non-traditional” law enforcement patrol vehicle on a more fuel efficient chassis than previously offered to the police market.

54ward integrates all of the vehicle devices and software into its advanced CoreCommand™ Voice and Touch screen control system. As an added feature, the concept also offers steering wheel-mounted “HotKeys” that allow officers instant operation of mission critical functions without removing their hands from the wheel or their eyes from the road.

Other features include a custom-molded dashboard and center console with built-in Motorola computer display; built-in Kustom Signals radar display; built-in Motorola two-way radio; built-in Whelen Engineering emergency lighting controls; and built-in L3 Mobile Vision digital video.

The custom interior package includes a heavy-duty rubber flooring; custom law enforcement specific front seats with heavy-duty cloth upholstery; reconfigured seating and seatback contours; and a full Pro-gard prisoner containment system and shotgun rack. Upgraded performance and durability features include heavy duty/high-performance brakes; heavy-duty/high-performance suspension; heavy-duty steel wheels and high-performance police rated tires.

Digital Ally®

Digital Ally’s DVM-750 is a digital in-car video system integrated into a rear view mirror. It simultaneously records by connecting up to four cameras and recording off of two cameras plus three separate audio channels. D1 high-resolution video utilizes the latest h.264 codec and D1 (720x480) resolution to provide the best quality and ensure every detail is recorded. Three quality settings accommodate even smaller file sizes. Another feature is the ultra-bright sunlight visible monitor which is a 1000 NIT 3.5-inch color TFT monitor for visibility in all conditions.

The VoiceVault™ Advanced Wireless Mic provides up to a one-mile range. Also, it saves audio to on-board memory when out of range. Another feature is that it includes an integrated GPS that saves coordinates and a date/time stamp. It also has voice-optimized audio and noise filtering; it includes bi-directional communication (listen to the suspect or communicate with another officer in the vehicle); and you can record and save audible notes.

The VoiceVault also has up to two hours of audio recording; an integrated solid state memory; an officer down/emergency call button that sends a help message and GPS location back to the car; a USB port for downloading stored audio and data or updating software; vibrating covert signals and confirmations; and it can be charged in a cradle or via a USB port. Also, it has fully digital audio transmission.

Gamber® Johnson

The Mongoose 9-inch Locking Slide Arm from Gamber Johnson features a motion attachment that can rotate 360 degrees for maximum flexibility in computer placement. The entire arm can rotate 360 degrees with locking points at every 15 degrees. To rotate the arm, simply pull the front lever out, rotate to desired position and then release the lever.

The locking slide arm can telescope 9 to 13 inches from the center of the pole and utilizes the industry-first Slam and Lock technology, which allows the user to simply push the computer back to the retracted position and it automatically locks into place.

The heavy-duty, spring-loaded steel side pin was tested to 50,000+ cycles.

It can be mounted directly to a flat surface or on any Upper Tube, Complete Pole, Center Pole or Low Profile Bracket. Other features include heavy-gauge steel construction for long-term durability and a black powdercoat finish for maximum corrosion resistance.

The new Havis® DS-PAN-401 is a fully rugged docking station for Panasonic’s CF-52 Toughbook. It is designed with extensive port replication and built to survive the rigors of mobile computing. It is tested to the industry’s toughest standards, including the MIL-STD-810F Non-Operational Vibration, SAEJ1455 Crash Testing, EMI/EMC validation in mobile environments and more.

The spring-loaded front latching lever and push button lock make docking and undocking easy. The steel front hooks and keyed barrel lock ensure safety. The floating docking head protects against accidental disconnects. In addition, the DS-PAN-401 is constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum uni-body with glass-reinforced PC-ABS impact-resistant plastic front and rear covers. Panasonic’s latest docking station measures 2.75 inches x 14.25 inches wide x 13 inches deep. It weighs 5.9 pounds.

ICOP® Digital Inc.

The ICOP 20/20 Vision™ provides full DVR functionality through the MDT/MDC, via keyboard or touchscreen interface. It operates without the MDT/MDC in the event of a power loss or failure. The latest offering from ICOP initiates recording via quick keys, touchscreen or using the auxiliary control unit to record/mark/stop trigger (optional). It also provides full video to the MDT/MDC and audio to the vehicle’s speakers (or to the MDT, with optional accessory).

Other features of the 20/20 Vision include variable video window resizing and the ability to display high-quality video with no noticeable image delay. It also installs easily and provides great flexibility in mounting options; it is compatible with 32-Bit Windows XP and Vista; and it utilizes MDT built-in wireless to upload video.

Jotto Desk

Jotto Desk’s AK-12 Equipment Console features the third-generation “Smooth Glide” Computer Mount. The AK-12 Equipment Console offers equipment organization with customized faceplates ordered for equipment and secure access to the fuse panel mounting location. The computer mount, which slides out and rotates for best positioning, features a thumb-activated release with CTTB Technology and a Slam Lock hardened steel pin system to ensure secure laptop positioning.

Kustom Signals, Inc.

The new Digital Eyewitness® G3 Vision from Kustom Signals allows simultaneous recording from up to four cameras. Cameras may be positioned to simultaneously record activity both outside (front, back and side) and inside the patrol vehicle. Also new on the G3 Vision is a 24/7 recording mode that maximizes the hours recorded on a hard drive or compact flash drive. This feature records at a low frame rate (5 or 10 frames per second) during normal patrolling, but shifts into real time (30 frames per second) when the lightbar or other automatic record trigger is activated.

The G3 Vision allows control of the in-car video system from an enhanced Mirror Monitor with easy-to-operate controls or through a Mobile Data Computer (MDC). One high-resolution, color zoom camera comes standard with each G3 Vision. Up to three additional cameras, zoom and/or wide angle, can be added to increase video coverage. The wide angle camera is a compact color/black & white model that automatically switches from color to black & white when there is not enough light for quality color images.

Audio recording is handled through the ClearComm wearable transmitter. A hard-wired in-car microphone is also included to record inside the vehicle. Dual audio tracks allow these recordings to be played back separately. The G3 Vision offers wireless, wired or manual file transfer; hard drive or compact flash media options; and up to three minutes of pre-event recording on two channels.

L-3 Mobile-Vision Inc.

The MV-1 fixed mount computer from L-3 Mobile-Vision features an Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor. L-3’s latest solution provides multiple storage and memory options to fit any mobile computing needs. The three-piece design of the MV-1 has the flexibility to be mounted in the trunk of a vehicle or other space-constrained areas, providing a rugged, cost-effective deployment solution. The MV-1 computer has been independently tested and certified to withstand extreme automotive application by adhering to MIL-STD-810F environmental standards.

Lund Industries Inc.

The Police Audio-Visual Safety System (PASS®) is a new concept in officer safety. The PASS® Push Bumper System is new from Lund Industries. Lund’s specially designed and patent-pending system mounts the siren speaker(s) in the upright of its Push Bumper, which greatly improves sound on the ground plane in front of the vehicle. PASS® solves speaker mounting issues on new vehicles because it is no longer mounted behind the bumper or fascia. It is available for the Ford Crown Victoria, the Chevy Impala and the Dodge Charger, with SUVs to follow.

MNSTAR Enforcer Systems

MNSTAR’s DR38 Integrated Timer is a two-hour timer built into the footprint of a standard auto relay module. The solid-state module plugs directly into compatible fuse panels with no additional wiring required. LED indicators identify when the unit is receiving power or is in the timing mode. Currently the DR38 is compatible with the Integrator IH2000 Harness and allows either the IT circuits or the entire electrical system to be timed out, protecting the vehicle’s battery from drain.

The EDH35 is another new offering from MNSTAR to help simplify the complexities of vehicle upfits. Designed for IT and communication installations at the vehicle’s center console, the EDH35 features a battery-direct power and ground and four fused outputs. The four circuits at the center console provide 15 Amps Ignition, two 15 Amps Battery Hot, and one 30-Amp Battery Hot feeds, each with a battery-direct ground. An optional MNSTAR PDC-B6 Fuse Panel can be used to provide additional fused outputs in the center console.

Pannin Technologies, LLC

The Enforcer from Pannin is a stand-alone digital video system. It is an easily managed backend solution with MPEG-5 Technology for video compression. Other features include removable HDD; pre-record/post-record; multi-trigger activation; special anti-vibration system; and four-channel video and audio recording simultaneously. In addition, the external EDGE/GPRS/CDMA/Wi-Fi module provides wireless transmission. The built-in GPS allows for vehicle tracking and location recording in video in the field.

Pro-gard™ Products LLC

Pro-gard announced the availability of its new LED Push Bumper. The LED Push Bumper will provide exceptional visibility and durability while on patrol. The top rail is replaced and reinforced with a housing that will include six LEDs with multiple flash patterns and various color options. The sleek low profile design will also allow for speakers to be mounted to the auxiliary shelf.

Signal Vehicle Products

Signal Vehicle Product’s new Hide-A-Star™ In-Line Undercover Flashing LED Kits come with LED heads that easily replace standard hide-away remote strobe tubes (1-inch mounting hole). S-LINK SYSTEM™ synchronizes capability with other STAR LED units.

Other features include customer changeable colored lenses, advanced thermal heat management, nickel-plated aluminum housing and 25 customer-selectable flash patterns. LED heads are designed with optics that boost and concentrate light for maximum LED output. The kit is available in two cable lengths: 10 feet or 30 feet. Amp draw is 0.5 amps (max), and voltage is 12V-24V DC. Lens colors include amber, blue, green, red or clear.

SoundOff Signal

The Pinnacle™ Series EPL 9000 Lightbar from SoundOff Signal features an innovative optics design, Fusion Technology— the first-ever optics designed much like a lighthouse to boost the light farther and wider for a bright, safe warning signal. Super powerful Gen3 LED Takedown and Alley lights are standard.

It is also available with Low Profile Fixed Mount Brackets or Adjustable Mount Brackets in 42-, 48-, 54- and 60-inch lengths. The Pinnacle Lightbar is ideal for law enforcement, security and fire, tow/municipal vehicle fleets, or volunteer vehicles. The lightbar has a five-year, no-hassle warranty.

Stalker™ Radar

The Stalker DSR 2X speed enforcement radar is like two fully functional direction sensing radars in one compact unit. The new Stalker DSR 2X can monitor two moving target zones or all four stationary target zones. It also uses automation to reduce officer distraction caused by remote control use. The DSR 2X uses its Rear Traffic Alert feature to enhance rear-approaching traffic awareness and improve safety during pursuit.

Another exclusive feature is that it tracks all faster targets hiding within other traffic.

The Stalker DSR 2X also includes direction arrows for all speed windows and locks any displayed target. Whenever a target is locked, it audibly tells the operator which antenna is in use (front or rear), what mode the radar is operating in (moving or stationary), and the direction (opposite or same) in which the vehicle is traveling.
Stalker’s latest radar uses three colors (amber, red, green) to differentiate among the strongest, faster and patrol speeds. The display/counting unit is compact enough to be mounted almost anywhere in the vehicle.


The WatchGuard DV-1 in-car video system records onto rewriteable DVD-Video discs that play on regular DVD players. It is the only law enforcement product in the world that can create playable DVDs in a moving vehicle in real time. The evidence recorded in the car is the exact evidence taken into court.

The optional Evidence Library software combines the format of Direct-to-DVD-Video with the dynamic access, data management and searchability of a server system. The WatchGuard DV-1 uses an integrated automotive-grade hard drive to buffer and back up video data. If a DVD fills to capacity, overflow video is stored on the hard drive and is added to the next DVD automatically.

In addition, the last six DVDs are automatically backed up on the hard drive in case a DVD is lost or stolen. Other features include up to 10 minutes of pre- and post-event video and the ability to playback previously recorded video while still recording new video.

Jennifer Gavigan is the editor of Public Safety IT and has been a contributing writer for Police Fleet Manager for six years. She may be reached at

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Jan/Feb 2010

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