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Singapore Civil Defence Force to implement TriTech’s VisiNet software

TriTech Software Systems has been awarded a contract by ST Electronics, a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Technologies Electronics Limited, to provide its VisiNet computer-aided dispatch and VisiNet Mobile in-car mobile data solutions for integration into ST Electronics’ solution for the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

The new TriTech solution will form part of a comprehensive solution for the SCDF’s country-wide command and control project. The SCDF is a uniformed organization under the purview of the Ministry of Home Affairs providing ambulance, fire fighting and emergency response services to the Republic of Singapore. With a population of approximately 4.8 million people across the 274-square-mile island, Singapore is the second most densely populated independent country in the world. Work on the $24.3 million (US) ST Electronics contract will begin immediately and is expected to be completed by the end of 2012.

In an SCDF release, Commissioner Peter Lim said, “SCDF is always exploring new ways to improve our services to the public. By harnessing new technologies, it allows us to increase our efficiency and effectiveness in responding to emergency 995 calls. The next-generation command and control system is a new milestone toward enhancing our 995 hotline call management and resource deployment system.”

ST Electronics is replacing SCDF’s older legacy system with a next-generation command and control system called Advanced C3* Emergency System (ACES). Through a competitive selection process, SCDF chose ST Electronics’ solution to transform the agency’s emergency call-taking and dispatch system. ACES comprises a new multimedia communications system, digital voice recording and video management system integrated with TriTech’s VisiNet Command CAD and VisiNet Mobile in-car data solution.

According to Chang Yew Kong, president of STEE-InfoSoft, “ST Electronics’ proven track record of implementing command and control solutions and TriTech’s extensive experience in providing CAD and Mobile software to some of the largest fire-rescue agencies in the world make this an ideal partnership. We are confident that this relationship with TriTech will be fruitful, and we look forward to delivering other similar systems within the region.”

“TriTech’s products are used in the largest and most progressive public safety agencies in the world. We are honored to partner with ST Electronics on this next-generation command and control solution for the Singapore Civil Defence Force,” said Chris Maloney, president and CEO of TriTech Software Systems. Our CAD and Mobile systems have the flexibility and scalability to serve the citizens of Singapore. We are also excited to engage with ST Electronics (Info-Software Systems) to serve other agencies within Asia.”

The ACES system will focus beyond core functions of call-taking and dispatching with seamless integration to existing systems and new capabilities to benefit SCDF’s first responders. Some of the key benefits of ACES for SCDF include: Integrated Video Hub Leveraging on Wireless and Multimedia Technologies:

The new system will allow “real-time” video transmission to be relayed back by ground responders to the SCDF Operations Centre. This will give officers at the Operations Centre a better situational picture and allow them to make real-time operational decisions. This function will also be extended to members of the public who will be able to transmit live video footage via any 3G mobile devices when they call the 995 hotline. Live streaming of CCTV footages from various agencies can also be integrated into the system in the future to allow video updates from incident sites.

Enhanced Efficiency and Effectiveness of the Emergency Ambulance Service:

ACES will allow the SCDF Operations Centre to actively track the location of all private emergency ambulances via a GPS tracking system. This will give the Operations Centre precise locations of each of the private emergency ambulances to allow optimal dispatch and planning of resources. The system will also integrate seamlessly with the Medical Protocol System launched on April 15, 2009. The Medical Protocol System serves to further improve the present call-taking framework with computer-aided technology to help process emergency medical calls.

Geographic and Mapping Capabilities:

An integrated Geographic Information System (GIS) allows location tracking and reporting of all SCDF resources. The system will also be able to seamlessly interface with other crisis management systems. Capabilities such as plotting of plume models can be integrated to allow live monitoring of ongoing incidents involving Hazardous Materials (HazMat). The system will also be able to automatically generate risk zonings for the buildings in the vicinity of the incident.

Reception and Transmission of MMS and SMS:

The new system is equipped with the capability to receive and transmit SMS and MMS. This mode of communication will provide people with speech and hearing disabilities an alternate means of requesting assistance during emergencies.

Text to Voice Capability:

The system is able to automatically generate voice messages based on text inputs. This allows automated voice messages to be generated for specific incidents, which can then be disseminated to 995 hotline callers during a call surge, i.e., when there are a large number of callers for the same incident. This prevents jamming and overloading of the hotlines during large-scale incidents and results in better management of hotline resources.

Additionally, ACES is based on a modular system which offers the flexibility and scalability to add in new features as the technology becomes available over the years. It is also equipped with numerous other features that enhance back-end operations in the SCDF Operations Centre, such as digital multi-channel recording, enhanced call handling capability, etc.

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