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What’s New at Surefire?

In 2010, Surefire celebrates 30 years of making tactical lighting products. The new releases from Surefire are smaller and brighter, but just as rugged as the lights that have made them legendary in law enforcement. Dramatic increases in both runtime and lumen capabilities are being achieved using smaller overall packages.

The UB3T is one of the brightest and most advanced handheld LED lights ever produced. This ultra-high output has a graphic battery level indicator and eight different output settings ranging from 400 lumens down to just 2 lumens, which is just enough light to read in a darkened environment. The UB3T Invictus features the ability to strobe—a first for any Surefire product.

In the Vampire series, Surefire introduced the first handheld light which will allow for both IR and visible illumination. The V2 Vampire features two white light settings with a high of 100 lumens and a low of 10 lumens. In its highest settings, the unit has an IR run time of 8 hours and 1.8 hours of white light. Also available is a weapon-mounted version, the M952V, with 150 lumens of white light and 120mW of IR illumination. In addition to the new light models, lights in the Aviator, Combat Light and Z2 series also received LED upgrades and updates.

For 2010, Surefire has also introduced a treasure trove of new and improved weapons lights. Lights in the RAID series run the gamut from the M720 (200 lumens) to the M720L (350 lumens). These lights are built to maximize space on the Picatinny rails of a long gun via the use of a “side-by-side” battery compartment arrangement similar to the X200/X300 series lights. In the Scout series of weapons lights, the M300A Mini Scout Light is a one cell, 3-volt light measuring just 4 inches in length with an output of 110 lumens.

Designed to keep military and law enforcement professionals alive in the most dire of circumstances, the illumination tools from Surefire are some of the most sought after products in the tactical arsenal.

Scott Oldham is a supervisory sergeant with the City of Bloomington Police Department where he serves as the tactical team leader for that agency. He can be reached at

Published in Law and Order, Apr 2010

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