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Oshkosh Defense is a leading manufacturer of military trucks and armored wheeled vehicles. Oshkosh provides a global service and supply network, including remanufacturing. A division of Oshkosh Corp., Oshkosh Defense offers a full line of conventional and hybrid vehicles proven worldwide in the areas of performance, protection and reliability.

In October 2009, Oshkosh introduced the Tactical Protector Vehicle (TPV), a high- mobility tactical vehicle specifically designed for law enforcement. The maneuverability and speed of the TPV makes it appropriate for both urban and rural environments. The TPV also provides maximum protection for the crew. The TPV offers optimal speed, mobility and safety in situations from first-response, to barricaded gunman, to officer-citizen rescue.

The TPV uses a redesigned chassis and armor system taken from the Oshkosh Sandcat, which is used for military, border patrol and national security applications. This Ford F-550 chassis uses a 6.4L, 325 hp diesel V8 and selectable 4-wheel drive, and it has a top speed of 75 mph. The transport variant has a payload capacity of 3,650 pounds, and the utility variant has a payload capacity of 4,650 pounds. The compact vehicle is 88 inches tall and 198 inches long with a 116-inch wheelbase. Its car-like size allows it to go where larger armored tactical vehicles cannot, such as alleyways, driveways and parking garages.

The TPV has a 42-foot turning diameter, 18-inch vertical climb capacity, 38-degree approach angle, 30-degree departure angle, 39-degree static side slope and 60 percent gradient climb capability. This gives the TPV the maneuverability to effectively handle high-risk missions in both tight city streets and rugged rural areas.

The TPV’s engineered armor system combines high-hardness ballistic steel, ballistic glass, advanced lightweight ceramics and interior spall liners to provide maximum protection for officers and passengers. Vehicle protection ratings range from Threat Level I to Threat Level IV and can stop bullets like 7.62 NATO AP and .50 BMG AP rounds. Available options include additional underbody armor, suspended blast-protected seats and deployable skip shields.

The base price of the TPV is just under $200K. Many options are available for customization. Interior options include seating configurability, additional bucket seating and side-facing rear bench seats. Blast-resistant suspended seats can be substituted in place of bucket seats, and console, storage and rear HVAC are also options. Other protection options include rotating roof-top turret, radiator protection, blast-resistant V-shaped belly plate and Remote Weapon Station.

Numerous exterior options are offered, such as front- or rear-mounted winches, second-story entrance ramps, and emergency flashers and sirens. Also available are exterior flood lights, spotlights, rear step and grab handles, non-slip roof coating, push bars and light bars and power inverters. For maximum situational awareness, optional features include external infrared and optical cameras, GPS, night vision, FLIR cameras and thermal sensors, and a two-way speaker system.

The order-to-delivery time for the TPV is between four and six months, depending on vehicle configuration and options. Upon delivery, agencies are provided with a full overview of the vehicle, with additional operator and maintainer training for the installed options, if needed. Because the standard F-550 dashboard controls were incorporated into the design of the TPV, drivers experience a natural “Ford Truck” feel.

According to Jack Reiff, program director for the Tactical Protector Vehicle, the TPV is a viable option for smaller agencies that often acquire tactical vehicles through joint purchase and operational agreements with neighboring municipalities. Reiff states that “The versatility and re-configurability of the TPV makes it an especially good choice for smaller cities because the TPV can be used for multiple missions: SWAT transport, crowd control and daily patrolling.”

Susan Geoghegan is a freelance writer living in Naples, FL. She can be reached at

Published in Tactical Response, Mar/Apr 2010

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