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The NAUMD 2010 Best Dressed Public Safety Awards

The North American Association of Uniform Manufacturers & Distributors (NAUMD) announced the winners of its Public Safety Awards competition in Las Vegas this March. As uniforms are an integral component of any public safety program, the awards emphasize the importance of professional, neat, well fitted and immediately identifiable uniforms in police, fire and other first-responder public safety programs.

“There are many contributing factors to excellence in a public safety uniform program,” said Richard Lerman, president and CEO of the NAUMD. “Its design, composition, durability and overall comfort all affect how well the individuals who protect us are able to remain safe while executing their sometimes dangerous responsibilities.”

For more than 31 years, NAUMD awards have recognized high achievement in the design, creation and manufacturing of “image wear” apparel. Winners have mastered the concept of merging fashion and function in their image and market planning. At the same time, the program allows for the acknowledgement and recognition of the associations’ members who, with their clients, create imagewear that truly promotes and projects the goals and objectives in building an image that enhances their corporate brand.


Red the Uniform Tailor for Old Saybrook, CT Police Department

This department’s Uniform Enhancement Committee set out to create a new uniform that was safer and more professional than the previous ones. They also wanted something that would look more contemporary and unique. They wanted a uniform that would allow the officers to have even more pride in their appearance.

The committee had significant challenges in funding and general design. The department set out to purchase the new uniforms without using tax dollars. Therefore, they used the police union and contractual concessions and donations to fund the project.

Once implemented, the new uniform dramatically improved morale and assisted the new chief in establishing a new and enthusiastic culture for the agency.

Fechheimer for California Highway Patrol

The goal for the new uniform program in this department was to establish a uniform that would be easily identifiable and perfectly suited to the officer’s duties, while conveying a positive and professional image to the public. The uniforms are designed to be cohesive in style, yet they work well for all climates.


NYE Uniforms for Roscommon County, MI Sheriff Department

The goal for the Roscommon Sheriff Department was to uniform all law enforcement officers with dress coats forpublic appearances. The biggest obstacle was funding, which they were glad they were able to accomplish this year. The officers pride themselves on their appearance and are regularly complimented on their appearance.

Guidy’s Uniforms for Vermilion Parish, La. Sheriff’s Office

This department’s goal was recognition from the public regarding the change of its uniforms.The department used all forms of media to inform the public of its focus on professionalism.

Galls Aramark for U.S. Mint Police

While the Mint Police had not implemented a new uniform program in some time, they have attempted to streamline the uniform process by having uniform quartermasters at each Mint facility to meet the needs of officers as well as a central uniform coordinator at headquarters. The chief has also established a Uniform Committee consisting of one member from each Mint facility and a member of upper management to review uniform suggestions, make recommendations and evaluate issue items. Also, uniforms are reviewed constantly by supervision, and the Mint Police strives to set the standard in appearance among federal law enforcement agencies.

Perfection Uniforms for West Virginia Sheriff’s Association

The final selection of their new uniforms was reached through committee development and the consensus of the sheriff and governor’s office.

The diverse terrain and climate of West Virginia presented challenges for the selection of the uniform and duty gear, because besides being functional, the Sheriff’s Association wanted comfortable fabric, a nice design and quality. Also, this is the beginning of the development of uniform consistency in the state of West Virginia. Regular inspections are performed to maintain professionalism.


Red the Uniform Tailor for University of Delaware Police Department

The University of Delaware Police Department wanted increased recognition for its department and invested in uniforms and equipment that will set the standard going forward in its organization. Uniform standards are specified in the department’s general order: All uniforms are required to be properly fit, neat, clean and pressed. Each officer is periodically inspected to ensure he is following the dress code.

R. Nicholls Distributing for Canada’s Royal Newfoundland Constabulary

Perfection Uniforms worked closely with R. Nicholls to develop an upgrade for RNC’s uniform program using the MatrixEcoSeries. The X-Factor fabric technologies allowed the fabric to be tough and to withstand the inclement weather the department faces on a regular basis, but the uniforms remain comfortable, flexible and durable. In addition, the H2Flex used allows for engineered stretch for enhanced flexibility. The NRC has enthusiastically embraced the new uniform program and created new excitement for the officers wearing them. The MatrixEcoSeries has proven to be cost effective. It has also met and exceeded expectations of comfort and wearability, in addition to now being eco-friendly.

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