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Thermal Imaging/Night Vision Showcase

Law enforcement officers have an array of tools and weapons at their disposal to do their job well. While a lot of equipment is required as part of the official work uniform, there are items that are not standard that can asisst in an officer’s daily duties. Thermal imaging cameras and night vision equipment are two items that let law enforcement officers see clearly in total darkness, which provides an undeniable tactical advantage. With such an advantage, officers can catch more illegal activity, which will make for safer streets.

FLIR H-Series

Portland, Ore.-based FLIR Systems has rolled out its new H-Series line of hand-held law enforcement thermal imaging cameras. Purpose built for law enforcement it features several powerful new tactical features.

Using a 320 × 240 thermal imaging core, the H-Series provides four times the image clarity and detail of earlier systems, allowing officers to see more of their surroundings than any other comparable night vision technologies.

With the H-Series, officers can see better through camouflage and foliage in any lighting conditions, and they can see farther than with other low-light night vision goggles and cameras. The H-Series produces crisp, clear thermal video day and night, in good weather and in bad weather.

The H-Series thermal cameras let users see things other technologies miss. Suspects can’t hide their heat, so operators can see them clearly in total darkness, as well as through smoke and dust.

The H-Series is available with several industry-defining features: onboard video storage with a real-time clock, wireless streaming video transmission, more than 6 hours of operation on a single charge, and more than 120 hours of standby battery life. An optional lens extender allows you to see a person from more than 2,800 feet away.

Best of all, the H-Series is the first personal thermal imaging camera affordable enough to give every officer on the job the unsurpassed tactical advantages of full-resolution thermal imaging night vision. At $4,999, agencies can afford to equip every officer with the overpowering tactical advantages that H-Series thermal cameras provide compared to legacy night vision devices, making nighttime operations safer and more effective than ever before.

With two available models, the H-Series cameras can be configured to provide users with the tactical capability and flexibility they need. The Patrol model with viewer only contains all necessary features for covert, all weather, 24/7 thermal surveillance, and the Command model offers still frame and full video storage. Also, the H-Series Command package has additional features that let officers capture and store thermal images and video for use as evidence.

ATN Night Shadow Night Vision Binocular

South San Francisco, Calif.,–based American Technologies Network Corp. (ATN), a night vision technology company, has incorporated its exclusive “Smart Technology” into its Night Shadow Night Vision binocular line. ATN’s Smart Technology includes a proximity sensor that automatically turns the night vision binocular on when it’s brought into a viewing position. This puts an end to fumbling around for the on/off buttons in the dark, which eliminates creating excessive movement or sound when using it. The proximity sensor allows the unit to turn itself on or off automatically, thereby saving on the battery life and the life of the unit itself. ATN’s Smart Technology also includes easy-to-use digital controls and a long-range Infrared Illuminator which allows the viewer to see in total darkness with perfect clarity.

ATN’s family of Night Shadow Night Vision binoculars include the popular Generation 1, which is an affordable night vision tool for personal security, as well as camping, predator hunting or fishing. Built on the same high quality and durable foundation, the ATN Night Shadow is also available in Gen.2+, CGT technology that provides a 45-54 lp/mm resolution with automatic brightness and gain control as well as bright light protection. Other features include HPT, which is a multi-alkali compact 18mm format MCP image intensifier that increases sensitivity, resolution, signal to noise ratio and the modulation transfer function. The Gen. 3, Gen. 3A, Gen. 3P versions have WPT, which is ATN’s White Phosphor Technology that allows the viewer to see crisper black and white images instead of the traditional green images. Finally, the Gen. 4 filmless autogated technology makes the Gen. 4 Night Shadow a perfect tool for military or law enforcement applications.

Morovision Night Vision SkeetIR-VO Micro Thermal Monocular

Morovision Night Vision introduced the SkeetIR-VO, a credit card size thermal monocular that displays a true 320x240 resolution using one DL123 battery. It has an operational runtime of more than three hours and a system weight of 6.5 ounces. A simple menu function featuring a single button-press allows for essential operation of the SkeetIR-VO, particularly while operating the system in total darkness. The SkeetIR-VO is the perfect first responder, search and rescue, officer safety and homeland security tool for night time applications.

The ITT DSNVG, Dual Sensor Night Vision Goggle

ITT DSNVG’s Dual Sensor Night Vision Goggle is the first optically fused monocular that combines both an image intensified tube and infrared (IR) microbolometer into one compact unit. The DSNVG monocular is approximately the same size as the AN/PVS-14. The DSNVG utilizes a separate battery pack which provides power for both helmet-mounted and hand-held use. The DSNVG can be mounted on the MICH/ACH helmet and will provide flip-up, tilt and fore/aft adjustment for both the left and the right eye use. Also, it provides a quick disconnect from the helmet.

The DSNVG is in production to provide fusion (via optical overlay) of I² and IR imagery, to offer the user greater situational awareness due to improved threat detection under most battlefield environments, as well as compatibility with traditional weapon system ranges.

Other features include expanded viewing capability from high-light conditions to total darkness (no light) and through battlefield obscurants, which increases capability for urban operations; easy-to-use controls similar to the proven AN/PVS-14; and a non-exit pupil forming eyepiece that allows the soldier to maintain full field of view even as the helmet shifts during vigorous physical movements. Also, it offers improved wearing comfort due to better weight balance, which results in less fatigue.

NOPTIC Thermal Imaging Camera

Autoliv’s NOPTIC thermal imaging camera continues to set the standard for affordability and functionality. There are many choices out in the market today for thermal imaging cameras, but you still need to be cautious to make sure the product can perform in real surveillance situations. Panning ability is one very key feature that cannot be missed.

The vehicle mounted NOPTIC thermal imager, with its patent pending design on the spotlight, provides this essential panning capability at a most affordable price, without the need for expensive and slow moving motors. Just quickly aim your post mount spotlight and you have your target in view. You also get the added benefit of having your spotlight perfectly aligned with the camera, if you choose to illuminate the target.

Published in Law and Order, May 2010

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