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Zetron® prepares PSAP for NG9-1-1, regional interoperability and narrowbanding

With its recent installation of Zetron®’s Series 4000 Communication Control System with Integrator RD consoles and Series 3300 VoIP Call-Taking System, the Humphreys County 9-1-1 Center in Waverly, Tenn., is ready to meet critical challenges facing PSAPs throughout the country. Not only are they equipped to meet upcoming narrowbanding deadlines for radio and to address NG9-1-1 standards, but their Zetron dispatch consoles are able to connect to the area’s PassPort trunking system. Zetron’s Series 3300 supports IP-based administrative phones with fully integrated voicemail. This has also resulted in major cost savings for Humphreys County 9-1-1.

Saratoga County, N.Y. and Motorola announce contract for interoperable radio system

The Enterprise Mobility Solutions business of Motorola, Inc. and Saratoga County, N.Y. announced an $11.8 million contract for a Project 25 (P25) countywide communications system providing interoperability among state, county and local agencies. The new Motorola ASTRO® 25 IP Digital Trunked Simulcast System is designed to provide seamless interoperable emergency communications coverage throughout the county and will be used by sheriffs, police, firefighters, EMTs and other first responders.

The Saratoga County system will use a 12-site, 700/800MHz trunked IP-based P25 network to provide countywide digital radio coverage across nearly 850 square miles. The system also includes new dispatch equipment, including eight Motorola MC7500 IP consoles at the County Jail and four MC7500 consoles at the County Complex.

The Motorola system will utilize P25 technology on Motorola’s XTL and XTS series of digital mobile and portable radios, which are capable of operating in 800 MHz and 700 MHz. The system also includes integrated voice and data, GPS location, data applications and software that is upgradeable to the APCO P25 Phase 2 TDMA standards. The ASTRO 25 network will allow Saratoga County to manage and monitor who is communicating, when they communicate and to whom they communicate.

Panasonic Solutions Company launches operations

Joseph M. Taylor, Chairman and CEO of Panasonic Corporation of North America, announced that Rance Poehler will head the newly consolidated Panasonic Solutions Company as President. The new B2B-focused company will incorporate the operations of Panasonic Computer Solutions Company, Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems Company and Panasonic Professional Display Company and formally launched operations on April 1, 2010.

Panasonic Solutions Company will deliver content creation, collaboration, information sharing and decision-support solutions for customers in government, healthcare, education as well as a wide variety of commercial enterprises. Products and services within the Panasonic Solutions portfolio include Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computing solutions, projectors and professional displays and HD video acquisition and production solutions. Panasonic Solutions Company will deliver an integrated solutions approach based on the company’s proven experience automating and supporting business processes in vertical markets. The company will adopt a two-tier channel approach to its sales, providing partners significant opportunities to expand their portfolio of reliable Panasonic products and create a host of new solutions for enterprise and government organizations.

Self-Registration Portal for REVERSE 911® emergency notification system now available

PlantCML® announced the release of its new Self-Registration Portal (SRP) for the patented REVERSE 911® emergency notification system. This company-hosted gateway offered through subsidiary Dialogic Communications Corp. (DCC) will provide public safety operations with a proactive means for gathering contact information from the community at large, improving communications during all types of contingencies.

The SRP is a Web tool that allows local residents to sign up to receive alerts issued by local law enforcement, fire/EMS or emergency management. Once implemented, the SRP’s URL or quick link appears on an operation’s home page, forwarding visitors to DCC’s hosted portal. Here, they can complete a short form with fields for address, telephone number(s), etc., easily enlisting to receive future system-generated notifications.

Through Microsoft® Bing™ Maps, the latitude and longitude of the individual’s address are calculated, with the location quickly appearing on a digital, street-level display. If the position is incorrect, perhaps due to a typographical error, the user can simply move a pin to correct it. Participants may also update their personal contact information, physical address, etc., as often as necessary in order to keep the data current. This information is seamlessly geo-coded into the address database utilized by the REVERSE 911 emergency notification system on a scheduled basis.

InterAct™ Public Safety Systems proves Next Generation 9-1-1

InterAct™ Public Safety Systems announced it performed groundbreaking tests of Next Generation 9-1-1 infrastructure at the inaugural NG9-1-1 Industry Collaboration Event hosted by the National Emergency Number Association (NENA). This milestone sets the stage for a standards-based, multimedia 9-1-1 system to replace today’s 9-1-1 systems.

InterAct Public Safety Systems demonstrated that it was able to receive computer-aided dispatch (CAD) calls via an IP interface from multiple next-generation PSAP controllers located in different parts of the United States. These calls automatically generated a CAD incident with appropriate data and the associated incident location on the online map. As a member of the NENA Next Generation Partner Program, InterAct Public Safety Systems has also successfully tested its products with SolaCom and Emergency CallWorx 9-1-1 phone controllers.

PlantCML® recognizes telecommunications professionals

During National Public Safety Telecommunicators’ Week, PlantCML, an EADS North America company, put a special focus on the many telecommunications professionals across the country who make our lives safer. According to the National Emergency Number Association (NENA), an estimated 240 million calls are made to 9-1-1 each year in the United States. In all, 99 percent of the U.S. population is served by 9-1-1.

PlantCML recognized the “first” first responder, public safety telecommunicators for their contributions toward the safety and security of communities around the world. National Public Safety Telecommunicators’ Week enhances public awareness and promotes the much needed education regarding important public safety issues and legislation by placing national attention on the seemingly nameless and faceless individuals who help save countless lives by responding to emergency calls, dispatching emergency professionals and equipment, and providing moral support to citizens in distress.

Louisville, Ky. Metro Government selects CourtNotify Electronic Subpoena System

Louisville Metro Government (LMG), through the Louisville Metro Criminal Justice Commission (LMCJC), has awarded a major contract to Orion Communications, Inc. for its CourtNotify electronic subpoena management solution. The LMG includes the City of Louisville and Jefferson County, Ky. With Orion’s integrated CourtNotify solution, the LMG will be able to improve public safety witness efficiencies and accountability across multiple departments, agencies and jurisdictions throughout the county.

With CourtNotify, LMG judicial agencies will use online tools to automate notifications and receive documented response acknowledgements. Clerks will be able to reset and confirm new dates in real time when cases or dockets are rescheduled. Louisville law enforcement agency users will have the ability to electronically receive their notifications in real time using Web tools or e-mail. Automated escalated alerts will ensure that required agency witnesses are aware of their required attendance for scheduled cases and that court clerks are informed about emergency situations. Day-of-court attendance will be tracked and made available for unprecedented, bottom-line statistical reporting.

EmFinders™ develops device for critical wandering incidents

Frisco, Texas company EmFinders™ has developed a new device and service, the EmFinders EmSeeQ™, which is integrated with E9-1-1 to assist the search and rescue process for critical wandering incidents. EmFinders EmSeeQ is a new watch-like, wearable device combined with a service integrated with 9-1-1 to quickly locate adults and children with cognitive disabilities in emergency situations. Worn on the wrist of a potential wanderer, the EmSeeQ device utilizes U-TDOA (Uplink Time Difference of Arrival) location technology—the same high-performance, network-based location technology used in the United States for wireless Enhanced 9-1-1 service (E9-1-1).

EmFinders coordinates directly with Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) dispatchers to provide the location of the device on the wanderer, thus reducing the time needed to locate a wandering individual (including those with Alzheimer’s disease, autism and other cognitive and developmental disabilities). Since it leverages Phase II E9-1-1, law enforcement and the 9-1-1 community can rely on it immediately, without configuring new systems, equipment or software, and without incurring additional costs for law enforcement.

Intrado and Andrew Solutions provide wireless location tools GSM and UMTS carriers now have the choice of a hosted location service for E9-1-1. Intrado Inc. announced that wireless operators required to support E9-1-1 caller location capabilities, or those seeking to deploy commercial location-based services applications, can do so by utilizing a complete location hosting service provided by Intrado. Enabled by Andrew Solutions’ GeoLENs™ mobile location center (MLC), the hosted Intrado location solution offers wireless operators, particularly regional and local carriers, advanced wireless caller location technologies without having to purchase their own location systems.

Intrado’s new hosted service makes available to operators a substantial range of caller location technologies including Assisted-GPS, Enhanced Cell ID, Cell ID and hybrid methods thanks to Andrew’s GeoLENs MLC. The GeoLENs MLC consolidates all the capabilities of the various network location node types into one single-bay solution that is flexible, powerful and scalable. The result is a single solution capable of handling and coordinating all location requests across the network.

With this new managed E9-1-1 location service, smaller 2G and 3G carriers will be able to implement advanced E9-1-1 caller location capabilities at a significantly lower initial cost outlay.

Emergency CallWorx® demos IP-based next-generation 9-1-1 calls

Emergency CallWorx®, in association with the Alabama SuperComputer Authority, participated in a first-of-its-kind IP-based Next Generation 9-1-1 demonstration at the Alabama Chapter of the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) quarterly meeting, handling the receipt and processing of non-traditional incoming calls using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This trial included receiving test calls from Chicago terminating in Elmore and Shelby counties and transferring those calls around the state using a state-of-the-art IP network. The ECX system played an integral role in proving that legacy systems installed in many Alabama Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) can be enhanced to handle NG9-1-1 calls such as text messaging, video and VoIP.

General Dynamics introduces new rugged notebook

The Tadpole® TOPAZ notebook computer from General Dynamics is designed to withstand the rigors of mobile and tactical environments for military users, first responders and federal agents. The Tadpole TOPAZ harnesses the computing power needed to handle today’s demanding graphics, imagery and video feeds. The Tadpole TOPAZ accommodates Windows®, Linux™ or Solaris™ applications and is equipped with three segregated Ethernet ports enabling simultaneous connectivity to classified and unclassified networks.

Key features include: compact, rugged form factor with a “tool-free” removable hard drive; DynaVue® daylight viewable display and optional touchscreen; Intel® Core™2 Duo® Mobile Processor (T9400) and up to 8 GB DDR3 SDRAM; a 15.1-inch (1400 x 1050) display; integrated Trusted Platform Module (TPM) V1.2; and Type I, II and III PCCARD/PCMCIA expansion slots. The Tadpole is tested to pass MIL-STD-810F environmental operating specifications, as well as MIL-STD-461E for electromagnetic emissions and susceptibility. It weighs 11 pounds with battery and has an integrated, weather-sealed keyboard and mouse with optional 802.11 wireless capability.

BIO-key® delivers FBI- compliant solution for first responders

BIO-key® International, Inc. announced the successful deployment by the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office of an FBI-compliant advanced authentication solution for law enforcement mobile data system users statewide, based on BIO-key’s secure fingerprint authentication. This solution complies with new federal security requirements for advanced user authentication from in-vehicle laptops accessing FBI Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) databases, while streamlining the log-on process for patrol officers and other users.

More than 400 fingerprint scanners have been installed in Oklahoma State Highway Patrol vehicles and in patrol cars in Tulsa County and Oklahoma County. Upon completion of this deployment, 800 police vehicles will be equipped statewide. The project, funded through the Oklahoma District Attorneys Council under the federal Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) program, is being managed by the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff’s Office hosts the statewide mobile data system serving more than 70 federal, state, county and municipal law enforcement agencies.

BIO-key’s Vector Segment Technology™ (VST™), the patented fingerprint matching algorithm used to identify the officers in this application, is integrated with InterActMobile, the mobile data solution from BIO-key partner Interact Public Safety Systems, which these Oklahoma agencies currently use. The BIO-key solution is fingerprint reader independent, allowing for enrollment, identification and verification to be performed across a variety of fingerprint scanners.

Link Communications’ product works with LMR networks using Verizon Wireless™ PTT

Link Communications unveiled the TCB-iP2v, which will give customers of Verizon Wireless the ability to communicate with Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks using Verizon Wireless Push-to-Talk (PTT) service. This new product allows large groups of mobile workers, including those in public safety, the ability to communicate across previous network barriers.

By adding Verizon Wireless PTT service to the traditional LMR system, agencies get the reliability of the Verizon Wireless network along with a secure and efficient means of communicating with customers far beyond the normal reach of an LMR system. The TCB-iP2v will also allow Verizon Wireless customers to extend radio interoperability to IP and satellite radio-based networks for a complete solution to all communication barriers.

Published in Public Safety IT, May/Jun 2010

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