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WatchGuard’s “Record-After-the-Fact”

WatchGuard Video’s Version 6.0 software upgrade for the WatchGuard DV-1 police in-car video system includes a feature known as “Record-After-the-Fact,” which allows officers to retrieve buffered video that was not previously recorded to a DVD.

The Record-After-the-Fact feature goes far beyond the traditional pre-event video feature common in many digital in-car video systems by providing the ability to create a new video recording event up to several days after the time the event actually occurred. The WatchGuard DV-1 is the only in-car video system in use that employs two separate recording drives to enable this capability.

Sarnoff’s TerraScout™ MultiFunction Mobile Surveillance System

TerraScout™ MultiFunction is an advanced mobile persistent surveillance system for high-level threat situations that features real-time video, processing, stabilization and fusion— enabling users to detect threats and control situations. Equipped with electro-optical, multi-band image fusion, the system provides situational awareness and actionable information on the move for real-time decision-making.

The Coban Edge Vision

The Coban Edge Vision provides both in-car digital recording and automatic license plate recognition on one platform. The system features a 5.7-inch touch screen display, H.264 video encoding, solid-state hard drives, near zero night mode recording and three different modes of video transfer: wired, wireless or rugged mobile drive.

Hub-Data911’s MDV3

Hub-Data911’s versatile MDV3 functions in two primary configurations: standalone or tethered to an in-vehicle laptop or mobile data computer. Both configurations include touch screen-friendly software, live streaming video, automatic license plate recognition and real-time automatic vehicle location for your entire fleet.

L-3 Mobile Vision’s Flashback Lite

Flashback Lite is the latest in-car video product from L-3 Mobile-Vision Inc. It is ideal for smaller agencies, with no need for wireless download or a backseat camera. L-3 Mobile-Vision offers a “Try It Before You Buy It” introductory program, but it is only available for a limited time.

Digital Ally’s DVM-750

Digital Ally’s DVM-750 is not only automated, but positioned to stay out of your way. With the entire system integrated into a rearview mirror, it doesn’t use up precious space but still gives you all the powerful protection and documentation you need with no distractions.

Published in Law and Order, Jun 2010

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