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APCO 2010 Land Mobile Radio Product Preview

Kenwood USA’s NEXEDGE® Repeater

Kenwood USA Communications Sector’s recently released KTI-3M 10/100T-Base Ethernet adapter works on the NEXEDGE® NXR-710/810 repeaters, enabling them to be IP linked for wide-area call capability. Conventional subscribers units choose a transmit site based on site beacon signals so that calls are transmitted locally and across the conventional network. Two new NEXEDGE digital repeaters—the VHF NXR-710 and UHF NXR-810—are specifically priced for the requirements of small-to-medium sized systems. The NXR-710 (VHF, 25/50W) and NXR-810 (UHF 25/40W) operate multi-mode in both digital NXDN 6.25 KHz or analog 12.5 KHz to allow users immediate compliance to FCC narrow band requirements.

With flexible configurations, high performance and low cost, the NXR-710/810 are suited for a variety of users including schools, campuses, hospitals, industrial facilities, rural public safety and utility companies, hospitality and others places requiring local area coverage and migration to a digital solution. For more information, please visit

Kenwood Corporation USA

3970 Johns Creek Court, Suite 100
Suwanee, GA 30024
Phone: 678-474-4708
APCO Booth #1331

EFJohnson Lightning™Control Head

EFJohnson is rolling out the Lightning Control Head for the 5300 ES Series Mobile Radios. Lightning, the only land mobile radio with electroluminescent display technology, is the brightest, most readable control head on the market. Lightning uses display technology found in military aircraft cockpit and ground-based vehicle dashboard instrumentation. For more information, please visit

EF Johnson Technologies

1440 Corporate Drive
Irving, TX 75038-2401
Phone: 800-328-3911
APCO Booth #1242

Motorola APX 7500

The Motorola APX 7500 mobile radio provides true interoperability on demand and exceptional audio quality in one device to aid the essential multi-agency communication for mission critical operations. This multiband mobile radio does the work of two radios and reduces the amount of equipment in a vehicle, streamlining the expense of maintaining, installing and operating multiple radios. Designed specifically for first responders by applying the science of High Velocity Human Factors (HVHF), the APX mobile radio provides optimal functionality and is designed to fit into a vehicle’s existing install space for ease of use, installation and removal. For more information, please visit

Motorola, Inc

1313 East Algonquin Road
Schaumburg, IL 60196
Phone: 847-576-7259
APCO Booth #531

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