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Kenwood wireless imaging system allows for anywhere-anytime remote monitoring

Kenwood U.S.A. Corporation Communications Sector, based in Suwanee, Ga., is a leading provider of mobile and portable radios and custom systems to public safety, government and commercial users as well as amateur radio equipment.

Kenwood focuses on equipment and systems primarily for voice and data that operate in the private land-mobile two-way radio spectrum. Kenwood’s technology continues to make advancements in the public safety arena, providing a safer environment for both officers and the citizens they protect. Unlike a webcam, which is dependent upon an Internet connection, the Wireless Imaging System from Kenwood uses NEXEDGE® digital radios to transmit still images from a remote site to a monitoring station. The wide area coverage of NEXEDGE with its multi-site IP networking capability greatly extends the monitoring distance capability. The system consists of the KVT-11 Image Encoder, NEXEDGE mobile radios (NX 700) and the KAS-11 Image Viewer. The KVT-11, using the recommended JVC surveillance cameras, captures still pictures at VGA resolution (900 KB) at pre-set time intervals. The JVC surveillance cameras recommended for use with this system are the TK-C9200 or TK-C9300 1/3-inch CCD Video Camera and the TK-C2201H 1/3-inch CCD Fixed Dome Camera. After temporary storage in memory, the KVT-11 transmits the images to the NEXEDGE digital mobile radio and computer comprising the base station. The KAS-11 Image Viewer software runs on standard Windows operating systems.

The most common operation is capturing images at preset intervals, with users able to adjust image quality, interval and display formats. A Record function allows for immediate capture, and past images can be pulled up from the History view. The NEXEDGE digital radios allow for high data transfer, resulting in a higher quality image and quicker access than possible with analog monitoring solutions.

Applications include monitoring conditions at a natural feature, such as a volcano or waterway prone to flooding, or at remote construction or road sites and for security on railways, at train stations, warehouses, industrial sites and any area where assigning on-site personnel is cost-prohibitive or dangerous and access to IP networks is absent or intermittent.


The NEXEDGE Remote monitoring solution is a quick and effective way to set up a 24 /7 remote monitoring system at virtually any location. As mentioned previously, there’s no reliance on IP networks like webcams. Features include: simple installation, easy operation, wide coverage, image capture (Auto Poll, Record, Request), compression and transmission.

This innovative system consists of a monitor station and a base station, linked via NEXEDGE digital radios. Still images are transmitted from the remote site to the base station computer, which serves as the control center. Several sites can be monitored simultaneously.

For routine operation, the Auto Poll function is used to capture images at preset intervals. Image quality, interval and display format can be set or adjusted at any time from the base station. Additionally, Record can be used for immediate capture whenever necessary. And the History view allows the operator to request a particular image—stored in the KVT-11’s DDR2 RAM—for retransmission (perhaps at a higher quality, for verification).

Compression & Transmission

It is possible to specify one of five different quality levels (determined by compression level) for the images transmitted by the KVT-11. The KVT-11 applies H.264/AVC/ MPEG-4 video compression to the images from the camera. This ensures twice the compression possible using JPEG, yet with little noise. Higher compression means faster transmission. And thanks to the high data transfer capabilities of the NEXEDGE digital radios, the images are transmitted at 3.6kbps (12.5kHz) and 1.8kbps (6.25kHz). This results in better quality and faster access than is possible with an analog wireless solution.

Features include: multi-camera setup with tree view of different cameras and groups; choice of five display formats: Standard, Quadrisection, Resolution Division, Center of Quadplex Image, and Center of Nonuple Image. In addition, the system has a Log Data with search function; choice of three image sizes: 160x120, 320x240, 640x480; image export (bitmap/JPEG); and two-layer password protection.

Monitor Station

Commands are transmitted from the computer via NEXEDGE digital mobile radios to the monitoring station, which can be located virtually anywhere—such as a remote dam construction site in another state—thanks to the wide coverage offered by NEXEDGE with its multi-site IP networking capability. The monitor station at the other end consists of a NEXEDGE mobile radio, the KVT-11 Image Encoder and a surveillance camera.

The KVT-11 captures still pictures at preset intervals (controlled remotely). These images are stored temporarily in memory (4MB) for processing and automatic transmission to the base station. It is also possible to access the KVT-11 memory to request retransmission of any stored image at a desired quality level.

Base Station

The base station consists of a computer running the KAS-11 Image Viewer software and a NEXEDGE digital mobile radio. Remote operation of the monitor station is simple thanks to the efficient user interface with pull-down menus and clearly labeled buttons. This makes it easy to set up a new camera, adjust operating parameters, record a fresh image from the remote site, or browse and export images stored on the computer. Multiple cameras can be managed from a single base station, organized into groups for greater convenience.

Photos courtesy of Kenwood.

Published in Public Safety IT, Jul/Aug 2010

Rating : 10.0

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Wireless Distance

Posted on : Sep 1 at 1:36 PM By Moniruzzaman

How long distance of camera do the wireless work.

Posted on : Jul 19 at 6:37 PM By captin moftah ali imaaiw

dear sir well you please send me information camera wairlss range about 45 km small size

Posted on : Jul 19 at 6:37 PM By captin moftah ali imaaiw

dear sir well you please send me information camera wairlss range about 45 km small size

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