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APCO 2010 Product Showcase

C4i Lunch & Learn Program

In order to prove their claim that SwitchplusIP is the more capable dispatch communications system, C4i launches a live demo program. They are determined to buy lunch for any agency dispatch center that participates (some restrictions apply). C4i believes you have to C4 yourself to believe. For more information, visit

Getac Upgraded E100 Fully Rugged Tablet PC

Getac Inc. upgraded its lightweight E100 fully rugged tablet PC. The upgrade includes an improved CPU, expanded storage capacity and solid state drive. Weighing in at 3 pounds, the compact E100 is one of the lightest rugged tablet PCs on the market. The E100 meets MIL-STD-810G and IP65 standards for durability and protection against dirt, dust, water, motion, vibration, temperature, etc. Its standard solid state drive further protect files and documents from vibrations, accidental drops and other physical abuse and is ideal for extreme temperature environments. For more information, visit

Havis ChargeGuard Auto Shut-off Timer

The Havis® ChargeGuard® Auto Shut-off Timer is a unique and easy-to-use intelligent vehicle power management system that prevents dead batteries and protects mobile electronics from voltage anomalies. With the ChargeGuard, equipment is always available, and you never have to remember to turn it on or off. ChargeGuard features a voltage diagnostic LED that indicates status with color/blink codes; easy installation; MIL-STD-810F compliant, protected terminals; easy open access door; selectable mode switch, and much more. For more information, visit

Harris Unity™ XG-100 Mobile

The Unity™ XG-100 Mobile from Harris Public Safety & Professional Communications is a full-spectrum, multi-band mobile radio for all public safety users, covering UHF, VHF, 700 MHz and 800 MHz frequencies. The Unity Mobile offers industry-leading noise-suppression technology, a touchscreen-based color interface, and GPS-enabled situational awareness. For more information, visit

ICOP 20/20 Vision™

The ICOP 20/20 Vision™ provides full DVR functionality through the MDT/MDC, via keyboard or touchscreen interface. It operates without the MDT/MDC in the event of a power loss or failure. This offering from ICOP initiates recording via quick keys, touchscreen or using the auxiliary control unit to record/mark/stop trigger (optional). It also provides full video to the MDT/MDC and audio to the vehicle’s speakers (or to the MDT, with optional accessory). Other features of the 20/20 Vision include variable video window resizing; the ability to display high-quality video with no noticeable image delay; it installs easily and provides great flexibility in mounting options; it is compatible with 32-Bit Windows XP and Vista; and it utilizes MDT built-in wireless to upload video. For more information, visit

Federal Signal Informer-IP

Federal Signal’s Informer-IP supports a full scope of indoor warning and two-way intercom communications. Engineered for both day-to-day and emergency operations, the Informer-IP is able to send and receive urgent alerts; initiate and receive intercom requests; remotely monitor, record and play back audio messages; scroll alerts over computer message displays; and provide alerts over existing public address systems. Alerts can be sent to individual units, selected zones or to all devices simultaneously. For more information, visit


The new Panasonic Toughbook® Permanent Display Removable Computer (PDRC) seamlessly integrates with Toughbook mobile computers to provide a secure and ergonomic in-vehicle computing solution while maintaining the flexibility of using a computer anywhere. For more information, visit


The RAM MDT-Mate™ features a modular design and it easily integrates into RAM’s full line of No-Drill™ vehicle base products and RAM Tough-Box™ consoles. This solution has single or double keyboard mounting swing arms and easy grip knobs, which allow the mount to be adjusted to achieve optimal performance, operating and stowing positions. Designed to support a display at or near the center of the vehicle dash, this system provides 5 inches of total offset from the MDT mounting surface. Mounted electronics can be positioned where they are needed most, not simply where the mount allows. The new 8-inch flanged upper Tele-pole™ enables optimized positioning, giving installers the freedom to choose the configuration best suited to the vehicle being upfitted. The RAM MDT-Mate includes pre-drilled holes to add RAM Mounting bases, enabling the installation of additional devices, keyboards, printers or other peripherals. Integrated cable management ensures that the installer can safely route all associated cables to avoid any safety or operational concerns. For more information, visit

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