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Six Reasons to use MIR3’s Geographical Information System (GIS)

Six Reasons to use MIR3’s Geographical Information System (GIS)

• Users of MIR3’s Geographical Information System (GIS) can more effectively manage alert notifications based geographic location. By combining mapping software with MIR3 Intelligent Notification, MIR3’s GIS enables users to visually create groups of recipients who are located within an affected geographic location by drawing bounded areas (e.g. polygons, circles, rectangles) directly onto targeted mapped areas.

• MIR3’s GIS enables users to visually manage notifications throughout the notification lifecycle. Recipients of notifications are represented as visual icons that change color based on status (i.e. responded or not) as well as provide notification status info when hovered over.

• Not only does the MIR3’s Intelligent Notification platform provide a detail notification report, but now users can manage their notifications visually in real-time.

• MIR3’s GIS helps eliminate map coordinate errors. Users can upload recipient contact information (i.e. address) and MIR3’s GIS automatically translate addresses into latitude /longitude coordinates onto mapped area as well as identify incorrect addresses.

• Users can upload their own map layers that provide visual representation of corporate assets such as real property, facilities, asset as well as public map layers of geographic terrain, roads, power lines, etc. to provide the user more contextual perspective of the affected area.

• Users can easily identify corporate assets such as property, facilities as well as understand geographic terrain, roads and public infrastructure to help in planning and first response. 

Published in Public Safety IT, Jul/Aug 2010

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