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Fluidmesh and Pelco partner to deliver a flawless, wireless video-security system

Fluidmesh Networks and Pelco have successfully integrated Fluidmesh wireless platforms with many of Pelco’s top video products.

Combining the reliability and real time Web interface of Fluidmesh with the highest quality Pelco video products has resulted in a flawless wireless video-security system.

Terry Carver, API Business Development Manager for Pelco points out that “Fluidmesh is a strong technology partner capable of providing a wide range of wireless network solutions to our mutual customers.”

The point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and wireless mesh solutions Fluidmesh offers are optimized for high resolutions video streaming. Its three primary product offerings are designed for security, video-surveillance and mission critical applications. Fluidmesh wireless units can be used in a flexible way and are fully compatible with all of the IP, analogical cameras and video-servers in the Pelco product line.

System integrators can now be confident they can offer a comprehensive, state-of-the-art wireless video-security solution. Fluidmesh technology is unique in that it supports multicast transmission, drastically reducing the bandwidth needed for every camera and facilitating a seamless integration with Pelco’s Endura, Sarix, and IP cameras.

“We’re so pleased to partner with Pelco,” adds Cosimo Malesci, co-founder and vice president, Fluidmesh. “Pelco is synonymous with unrelenting product innovation and top-notch customer service - philosphies and priorities we also share at Fluidmesh.” A recent video-surveillance installation for the Birmingham Police Department evidences how well the two technologies work together. The system is running on a Fluidmesh 2200 mesh network and the police station can monitor and control all the Pelco PTZ cameras in real time from the control room. The system runs on 5.1-5.8 and 4.9 Ghz and the PTZ cameras have very little latency due to the Fluidmesh proprietary transmission system.

“We tested the system of the Birmingham Police Department and were impressed by the quality of the video and the speed with which the Pelco PTZ cameras can be controlled,” says Steve Milsk, who worked with the integrator on the project. “It’s hard to believe that you’re running across a wireless network."

ABOUT FLUIDMESH: "Fluidmesh Networks is the worldwide leader in wireless systems for security, industrial, and mission-critical applications. Its range of solutions covers point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, and mesh networks with an unparalleled level of reliability, flexibility, and ease of use.

The company is focused on the development of top-quality wireless products for security, video-surveillance, condition monitoring and data communication in large areas at risk. Fluidmesh Networks' target markets are municipalities, industrial plants, schools, seaports and marinas, archaeological sites, resorts, theme parks and racing tracks. Founded by a team of researchers and engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, MA and the Politecnico of Milan in Italy, Fluidmesh Networks serves its customers worldwide from its headquarters in Boston, and from its European office based in Italy. Fluidmesh Research & Development engineers come from the top academic and industrial research institutions worldwide and are active authors in leading publications in the field of networking and wireless transmission. Every Fluidmesh product is embedded with this incredible amount of know-how and innovation, making Fluidmesh the wireless vendor of choice for many system integrators around the globe."

ABOUT PELCO: Pelco, Inc. by Schneider Electric is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of video and security systems and equipment ideal for any industry. Pelco produces the security industry’s most respected offering of discreet camera domes and enclosures, video matrix systems, next-generation digital video recorders, IP solutions and fiber optic transmission systems for video/data – and much more. For additional product or company information, please visit

Published in Public Safety IT, Jul/Aug 2010

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