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2010 Police Vehicle Design Contest Winners: Part 2 of 7

Ugly Vehicle

West Pittston Police Department

West Pittston, PA

This vehicle was donated to the West Pittston PD by a local company for motor carrier enforcement. Due to tight budgets, work to improve the appearance of the van has come to a standstill. This vehicle is full of mismatched, hand-me-down parts: The lightbars were stripped from two older cruisers, the siren was cobbled from an old out-of-service fire truck, and the interior accessories were taken from vehicles bound for the junkyard (not to mention the lack of air conditioning).

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: This van should have “Please steal me” written on the side. It looks like it has safety tires. Both the lightbars appear to be crooked. The nicest thing on this van is the license plate.

Best Community Relations (D.A.R.E., G.R.E.A.T.)

1st Place

Pocatello Police Department
Pocatello, ID

This car was intended as a tribute to late D.A.R.E. Officer Dan Gilbert for all the years he dedicated to teaching children the D.A.R.E. program. Funds, labor, tires, paint, graphics, tinting and lighting were donated by corporate sponsors. The fire design was selected to appeal to children; eight hidden D.A.R.E. messages are incorporated into the flames which kids can try to find.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: We like the flame graphics on this vehicle; the car looks like it’s on fire. The flames fade nicely into the black. It makes a bold statement without being too overdone.

2nd Place

Miramar Police Department
Miramar, FL

The Miramar Police Department concept car was designed to appeal to youth from the community and facilitate interaction with police officers. A 2003 Crown Victoria was rescued from the auction block and wrapped with graphics designed by staff and inspired by input from kids attending the city’s youth programs.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: This car has a great color combination. The gold and orange of the graphics work well with the black and white body of the car. The graffiti graphics are interesting in that they almost look like flames.

3rd Place

Coloma Township Police Department
Coloma, MI

Referred to as the “Comet Car,” this vehicle from the Coloma Township PD is a familiar and welcome sight to Coloma Township area students and their parents at local events. Designed to display school pride, the car features reflective decals in the school colors of green and yellow, along with the school’s comet emblem on the hood.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: The yellow police tape that wraps around the vehicle is a great touch. The wheels and hood graphics grab attention. Great graphics treatment for a solid color CVPI.

Best Off-Road Vehicle

1st Place

City of Titusville Police Department
Titusville, FL

For this ATV’s design, the City of Titusville PD worked with a local vehicle graphics vendor to produce a look that would stand up to harsh off-road environments but still present an official, clearly marked police vehicle. Command staff chose black as the color for the ATVs to maintain an official look and minimize the appearance of mud picked up during off-road driving.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: We like the patch on the hood and back quarter. The graphics are proportional to the size of the vehicle.

2nd Place

Grand Forks Police Department
Grand Forks, ND

The Grand Forks PD added two 2010 Ski-Doo snowmobiles to its fleet for patrolling city trails and the recreational area along the riverbanks. The design mimics the patrol cars in its black and white color scheme and its graphics. The number 1880 appears above the blue river forks in the patch and represents the year the first chief took office.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: Considering there is not a lot of room for graphics, the department used space well in designing this vehicle.

3rd Place

Lamar County Sheriff’s Department
Vernon, AL

A committee of Lamar County deputies collaborated with a local design artist to come up with a design that would work well with the red and black color scheme of this vehicle. To maintain stealth while being used for surveillance in the woods, the vehicle utilizes non-reflective materials.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: This is an interesting color choice for a law enforcement vehicle.

Best SWAT Vehicle

1st Place

Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office
Oklahoma City, OK

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office Tactical Team is required to perform in high-risk situations, and their tactical vehicle is designed to functionally support these duties, both with installed equipment and graphics. The truck is easily recognizable to the public as a law enforcement support vehicle from all sides, day or night, because of the reflective graphics used.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: We like the gray color scheme and the graphic with the crossed rifles. This vehicle looks tough.

2nd Place

Yuma County Sheriff’s Office
Yuma, AZ

This vehicle was recently purchased for the agency by funds provided through the Arizona Department of Homeland Security. It was acquired for the purpose of increasing officer safety and security while conducting special details along the United States/Mexico border. The color of the vehicle was chosen to blend into the desert terrain.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: This is a tough-looking vehicle, and we like the “camel” color. It is well suited to the desert environment of Arizona.

3rd Place

Grants Pass Department of Public Safety
Grants Pass, OR

This is a 1983 armored vehicle that has been converted into the tactical team delivery vehicle. Called the SAFE Team, it functions much the same as other special weapons and tactics teams. The body of the vehicle is a subdued charcoal color, with lettering on the front, rear and sides to identify it to the public.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: This restored vehicle is simple yet effective. The paint job utilizes a very tactical color scheme.

Published in Law and Order, Aug 2010

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