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2010 Police Vehicle Design Contest Winners: Part 3 of 7

Best Motorcycle

1st Place

Addison Police Department
Addison, TX

When choosing a design for this motorcycle, the top priorities for the Addison PD were promoting officer safety and finding a unique look that would stand apart from other agencies. The town of Addison uses blue and silver on most of its printed documents, which is why these colors were chosen for the design of this vehicle.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: The checkerboard pattern stands out. We also liked the challenge coin mounted on the front fender.

2nd Place

Pontoon Beach Police Department
Pontoon Beach, IL

The Pontoon Beach PD added the motorcycle unit to its motor pool in 2007. This motorcycle was designed to have a “Midwest look.” The retro black and white paint scheme and large reflective decals easily identify this as a law enforcement vehicle. The reflective material was added for extra safety while on patrol and blocking intersections.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: The patch on the front fairing is well placed and proportional. The two-tone color scheme has a nice effect.

3rd Place

Cornelia Police Department
Cornelia, GA

Because the Cornelia PD sits in a historic downtown area, they wanted the new fleet to have a nostalgic yet modern feel. The black and white package was chosen to achieve this look. The striping graphics make the motorcycle highly visible to the motoring public and easily identifiable as a police vehicle.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: The embroidered saddle is a really nice touch. The graphic on the front wheel cover is also well placed and effective.

Best Support Vehicle

1st Place

Medley Police Department
Medley, FL

This addition to the Medley PD’s fleet was actually the demo vehicle for a company that manufactures vehicles of this type. They felt that the eagle graphic was the perfect symbol as it was purchased with the assistance of the federal government. The department name was added in reflective gold lettering to clearly identify it as a police vehicle.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: This vehicle looks cool day or night. The bold, reflective graphics make it clearly distinguishable.

2nd Place

City of Ithaca Police Department
Ithaca, NY

This truck was built after a three-year process which involved a committee comprised of police and fire personnel. Its concept originated from the department’s first real SWAT mobile command unit, which was converted from an old city transit bus. Police and fire collaborated to save money by combining both their needs into one vehicle.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: For the size of this vehicle, the graphics are spaced nicely.

3rd Place

Allen Police Department
Allen, TX

The Allen PD chose to purchase a mobile command vehicle to meet the needs of its growing community. The vehicle is 36 feet long and includes a 20kw on-board generator, a conference room, a dispatch area, three satellite receivers, seven flat-screen monitors, 11 radios for interoperability, and a 42-foot mast with camera, among other features.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: This is a great use of the classic black and white color scheme. We like how the shield is a predominant feature.
Best Vintage Police Cars

1st Place

Yuma County Sheriff’s Office
Yuma, AZ

This 1929 Ford Model A Standard Police Unit was built to represent the type of vehicle used in rural Yuma County in the 1920s and 1930s. This unit is all original, outfitted with code lights to the front and rear, vintage flashlight, period handcuffs, leather SAP, Model 1897 hammer pump shotgun in 12 gauge and colt .38 special police service pistol with duty belt.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: As graphics in the first half of the century were limited, this vehicle makes good use of other symbols of policing to “show” it is a police vehicle.

2nd Place

Grants Pass Department of Public Safety
Grants Pass, OR

This is a newly restored 1954 Ford Customline police car. Several local businesses offered to donate products and services to bring the car back to life. The paint, body work, engine work and transmission work were all donated so that the city incurred very little cost in the restoration project.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: Great restoration with period correct police gear and markings.

3rd Place

Portage County Sheriff’s Office
Stevens Point, WI

Retired Sheriff Nick Check restored this 1929 Ford Model A Original Standard Police Unit to represent law enforcement of the late ‘20s and early ‘30s from Portage County, Wis. This vehicle is equipped with all of the original law enforcement gear from that era. 

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: We like the use of the original Firestone gum-dipped ground gripper tires from the 1930s. This era of police car just didn’t have eye-grabbing graphics.

Published in Law and Order, Aug 2010

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