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2010 Police Vehicle Design Contest Winners: Part 5 of 7

Municipal Under 10 Officers, West

1st Place

Spearman Police Department
Spearman, TX

This design was chosen to increase the Spearman PD’s patrol vehicle visibility in the community, as previously they were using solid white vehicles with interior lights. The black and white paint scheme was selected as it is easily identifiable as a police vehicle, and reflective graphics were utilized to maximize visibility.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: Spearman has achieved the look of a classic police car with their own touch. This car would stand out in a herd of black and whites. The gray to black fade in the lettering is a nice effect. The “Police” identification on the back is a nice size.

2nd Place

Bovina Police Department
Bovina, TX

In 2009, the city of Bovina rebuilt its police department from the ground up and chose black Dodge Chargers for its fleet to reflect the newly restored sense of professionalism that came with the rebuild. The copper color of the graphics was selected to represent the city’s history as part of the XIT ranch and as the primary location for the loading and unloading of cattle from the rail.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: The tinted windows are good for officer and passenger safety. The side graphics and lettering look nice, though the back is a little plain. This vehicle looks sharp.

3rd Place

Wymore Police Department
Wymore, NE

In late 2009, the Wymore PD purchased this 2008 Crown Victoria in black, both to match its fleet’s black Dodge Durango and to update the look of its past vehicles, which were plain white with bland graphics. These graphics were chosen because of the bold stripe and the large “Police” identification on the side.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: They used the big tape to effectively break up the solid color of the car. The color choice is interesting.

Municipal 10-50 Officers, East

1st Place

Wadesboro Police Department
Wadesboro, NC

With the induction of new Chief Janie Schutz to the Wadesboro PD in 2009 came a new era and a new look for the patrol units. Schutz began by switching the fleet from white vehicles to silver Dodge Chargers. One of the main objectives of the new design was to make the vehicles easier to identify, which was achieved by using shades of blue for the graphics.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: The blue looks great against the navy, and the lettering is very clear and easy to read. The stripe is sporty but simple. We like the fanning effect of the “Police” lettering on the rear.

2nd Place

Shawano Police Department
Shawano, WI

In choosing the design for their vehicles, Shawano officers wanted to switch to black and white squad cars but did not want the traditional black and white layout. The department saved money by purchasing standard black cars and then applying the white vinyl along with the other graphics. Reflective material is incorporated in the blue which outlines the lettering.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: This car is very unique. The tree graphic sets it apart and identifies the location. We like the push bar, and the car is well lit up.

3rd Place

Town of Eden Police Department
Eden, NY

The design of these vehicles was a group effort of the Town of Eden PD. The new patch, which features scenes celebrating the rural community, was incorporated in the design to create a professional appearance while showing support for the town. The colors were chosen to help the design stand out while still blending with the uniforms of the department.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: The accent stripe on the sides, along with clear lettering on the front and rear, make this vehicle stand out.

Municipal 10-50 Officers, West

1st Place

San Anselmo Police Department

San Anselmo, CA

The design of the San Anselmo PD’s vehicle is centered on the message of town unity and progression. The decal features a silhouette of the town and the backdrop of Mt. Tamalpias, which is very much a part of the residents’ lives. They wanted to convey to the public that no matter what hardships they endure, they are a community that will always stand together.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: The decals on this vehicle have a great story behind them, and we like that they have significance to the community. They portray a powerful message. The star on the fender is a good size, and the vehicle is nicely marked with the city name and “Police.”

2nd Place

Republic Police Department
Republic, MO

The Republic PD maintains a community-based policing approach, and they chose the time-honored black and white color scheme because it is easily recognizable to the public and recalls a time when citizens knew their local officers. To make the vehicles stand out, the department name, the badge logo and the word “Police” are displayed in gold lettering which is reflective and accents the black and white paint.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: This black and white has a neat, slick look. The rear of the vehicle is nice and well lit. The marking of the front bumper is a unique touch. With the badge, flag and “Police,” this vehicle has got it all.

3rd Place

Harrisonville Police Department
Harrisonville, MO

This design was chosen in an attempt to embrace the history of Harrisonville and to give a sleek, modern look to the patrol cruisers. The royal blue and white color scheme correlates with the department’s uniform and shoulder patch and also exhibits support of the local school system, which uses the same colors.

JUDGES’ COMMENTS: This design is effective for a dark car. The side of the vehicle looks nice, with “Police” featured in large letters. The swoop of the stripe on the rear is a cool effect.

Published in Law and Order, Aug 2010

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