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Armored Solutions TK-4

Since 1998, Armored Solutions Inc. (ASI) has been a major supplier of armored vehicles, primarily for the cash-in-transit industry. In 2007, ASI expanded its business to include products for law enforcement and government agencies. All ASI ballistic security products are manufactured in the company’s 30,000 square foot facility located in Pittsfield, Mass. In addition to complete on-site fabricating, auto body, electrical and assembly departments, ASI’s quality control team oversees the entire process and performs a complete final inspection prior to delivery.

Manufactured on a Ford F-550 chassis, the ASI TK-4 is an ideal tactical vehicle for any size police agency. With standard four-wheel drive and a superior turning radius, it easily maintains highway speed and handles rugged terrain. It can accommodate up to 10 tactical officers and is armored to NIJ Level IV (.30-caliber, armor piercing). Additional protection against .50 BMG is available as an option.

Standard exterior features include a ballistic-protected roof hatch, a rotating turret with 360-degree turn radius, and an interior sniper step for easy access to the roof. The TK-4 offers eight standard gun ports and three sniper gun ports with a 7-inch opening for sniper rifles. Extended running boards provide additional solid footing, while an extended rear bumper and electric secondary step assure safe exit from the vehicle.

ASI’s gap shield protection on both the rear and front doors provides complete door coverage at all angles. All rear doors swing open easily for quick deployment and lock open at a 90-degree or 180-degree angle; front doors lock open at 45 degrees and 90 degrees. Interior features include rear bench seating with under-seat storage and a swivel-base passenger seat for easy exit. An aftermarket AC/Condenser unit, as well as insulated walls and ceiling, keep the interior climate control stabilized.

Additional standard features are the TK-4 emergency package consisting of a 200-watt siren PA system, front and rear alternating red and blue strobe lights, and front and rear Wig-Wag, as well as tire and suspension upgrades. Optional upgrades include a thermal imaging camera, an inside-to-outside intercom system, ballistic skip round shields and a front-mounted ram post. Also optional are an electric power winch, cupola-style roof hatch, 1800-watt power inverter, and an explosive gas and radiation detection package.

Chris Light, president of Armored Solutions, said the company’s biggest asset is its innovation in design, which he credited to his vice president of operations and lead design engineer, Jeff Caron. Light stated, “While designing our first tactical vehicle [the BATT], Jeff realized that the continuous piano-type door hinge that other builders were using on their doors would not sustain the heavy weight of the door over time. He researched a heavy-duty hinge, like the type used on safe doors, and incorporated them on our vehicle. This type of hinge has become an industry standard now utilized by most manufacturers.”

When the company decided to enhance the BATT vehicle design, Miles J. Barber was recruited as its director of tactical operations. In addition to his extensive background in policing as a special response officer, Barber spent four years in the Navy SEALs. Caron and Barber worked together to produce a more efficient and officer-friendly vehicle and called it the TK-4.

The base price of the TK-4 is $185,270. According to Light, popular options include a light bar, run flat tires, a backup camera and a diesel engine. With these upgrades, the average price would come in somewhere around $200,000.

Susan Geoghegan is a freelance writer living in Naples, Florida. She can be reached at sgeofl@

Published in Tactical Response, Jul/Aug 2010

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