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Federal Signal Launches Informer™-IP

Federal Signal introduces the Informer™-IP, the latest IP version of the Informer, which has long been used as a tonal warning device for schools, hospitals, police/fire stations, government facilities and industrial plants

. Informer-IP supports a full scope of indoor warning and two-way intercom communications, and offers Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity on Federal Signal’s Codespear interoperable communications platform to provide an initiation point for a full complement of emergency notification applications.

Engineered for both day-to-day and emergency operations, Informer-IP is able to send and receive urgent alerts; initiate and receive intercom requests; remotely monitor, record and play back audio messages; scroll alerts over computer message displays; provide alerts over existing public address systems; and control external equipment such as locking doors, ON/OFF light switches, etc. Alerts can be sent to individual units, selected zones or to all devices simultaneously; and real-time status can be instantly viewed at the central control point. Informer-IP enables message alerts to be initiated by e-mail, text message, phone, computer pop-up window, and over disparate handheld VHF and UHF radios.

Informer-IP communicates on the Codespear platform, and is controlled and operated from Federal Commander GUI software that enables users to configure programming and activation setup. The device is capable of receiving alerts sent by live voice, pre-recorded voice, tone-wave files or text-to-speech.

“The Informer-IP is a huge advancement for tone-alert devices and mass notification,” said John Von Thaden, General Manager, Alerting and Notifications Systems for Federal Signal. “We believe the Informer-IP resets the bar with respect to indoor notification.”

Special features of the Informer-IP include a loud internal speaker (80dB @ 10 ft.) and sensitive microphone to ensure clear two-way voice communications. The device also features an ALERT button that can be activated to send a pre-defined alert or intercom request back to the system operator. A standard direct input allows any “panic” button or other contact closure to be wired to the device. An optional wireless key fob transmitter, capable of activating alerts up to 75 feet away, is addressed to communicate with all Informer-IPs, or individually addressed to specific devices. The key fob includes four labeled buttons that can each be programmed for a specific event. Any of the six alert inputs—two on the device and four on the key fob—can be configured to initiate an alert; notify the system operator of an incoming call; signal the system operator to begin monitoring and recording the audio transmission; or do nothing.

The Informer-IP comes in two versions—one with direct wire Ethernet connection, and the other with 802.11 Wi-Fi connectivity. The direct wired Ethernet version is capable of Power over Ethernet (PoE) so the device can receive data and power through the same Ethernet cable to promote flexible installation options as well as support battery backup. The optional 600 ohm audio output with two relay outputs can be either installed when ordering the device or installed later by purchasing an I/O kit.

Published in Public Safety IT, Sep/Oct 2010

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