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CalAmp to provide mobile data communications equipment for State of Oregon

CalAmp Corp. announced its alliance partner, Harris Corporation, has been selected by the State of Oregon as the radio system and service provider for the Oregon Wireless Interoperability Network (OWIN). As a member of the project implementation team, CalAmp will provide its Dataradio base stations and mobile radios for the wireless data portion of this multi-phased project.

OWIN follows a mandate from the Oregon State Legislature to consolidate the radio networks currently operated independently by the Oregon Department of Transportation, State Police, Forestry Department and Oregon Department of Corrections. A statewide “network of systems” will be created for mission-critical, interoperable, public safety communications. Local firefighters, police officers and emergency medical responders will be able to use the enhanced system in addition to their own radio systems.

Carlson Wireless unveils new TV White Space radio

Jim Carlson, CEO of Carlson Wireless Technologies, presented the latest technology for rural broadband: a TV “white space” radio called the RuralConnect™ IP. Carlson unveiled RuralConnect™IP, the first of its kind, at the California Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA) meeting.

“Super Wi-Fi” is what the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) calls the White-Space frequencies, which recently became available for unlicensed public use. The RuralConnect™ IP demonstration accompanied an informational session by WISPA’s own Jack Unger, wireless broadband expert and owner of Ask-Wi.Com, Inc., about the new FCC rules governing TV White Space usage. Not only does this new ruling fill a very valuable void in broadband coverage but, with Carlson’s unique technology, the signal can penetrate almost any obstacle without requiring as much infrastructure or investment.

New updates for Digital Ally in-car video systems

Digital Ally added a powerful new tool to their VideoManager software to easily track the location of video taken with their GPS enabled units. VideoManager software will now include a mapping feature that will allow users to utilize an in-program overhead map to view routes traversed in videos along with the location of “marked” events. This user-friendly and innovative feature gives officers an easy-to-read interface for pinpointing the location of where recorded video was created. Additional in-depth interactivity allows users to view multiple routes simultaneously, highlight routes, track “current position” during playback, access detailed information for start, stop, and “marked” points, and more.

Digital Ally is also unveiling a new wireless transfer software package for laptops or MDCs. This cost-effective solution will allow officers to use a laptop or MDC to wirelessly transmit recorded evidence from their in-car video system to a secure location. Designed as an alternative to the Digital Ally WTM (Wireless Transfer Module), this new option uses technology many patrol vehicles already have to provide all the convenience and chain of custody benefits of wireless transfer. Departments using wireless transfer to download evidence from Digital Ally systems will also soon be able to wirelessly upload firmware updates and device configurations. Administrators will now be able to instantaneously keep an entire fleet current with the latest updates, newest features and individualized device configurations without having to visit each vehicle.

Former FEMA Director urges D Block Auction

During a keynote at the National Press Club, former FEMA Director and CEO of Witt Associates James Lee Witt joined a broad-based group of stakeholders calling for a public auction of valuable 700 MHz spectrum as the most efficient and effective way to ensure construction of a nationwide, interoperable broadband network for our nation’s first responders.

Witt was joined by a panel of experts from industry, public safety and public interest spectrum groups including Dennis Roberson, former CTO of Motorola; John Kneuer, former Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information at NTIA; Joe Hanna, former president of the association of Public Safety Communications Officials International (APCO); Harold Feld, legal director of public knowledge; and Steven Berry, president and CEO of the Rural Cellular Association (RCA).

The event was sponsored by Connect Public Safety Now, a broad-based coalition of wireless broadband providers, rural communications groups, public interest organizations and think tanks, advocating for a public auction of the D Block as articulated in the FCC’s National Broadband Plan. Two leading organizations representing first responders, the Fraternal Order of Police and the International Association of Fire Fighters, have also expressed public support for an auction of the D Block.

Mountain Secure Systems expands wireless video surveillance system in Chicago

Mountain Secure Systems, a leading provider of ruggedized electronics and wireless network solutions, shipped additional SpeedLAN 9200 outdoor wireless routers this month to Avrio RMS Group, who will use them to expand coverage for the Chicago Police Department’s video surveillance system in the 4.9 GHz public safety band. Chicago PD’s video surveillance system is the largest dedicated broadband wireless video surveillance network in the United States. To date, Mountain Secure Systems has provided Avrio RMS Group with over 1,100 SpeedLAN wireless routers for the Chicago PD video surveillance system.

The SpeedLAN 9200 wireless router, which is the exclusive wireless router used by the Chicago PD, comes with an industry-leading two-year warranty and offers coverage for point-to-point, pointto- multipoint and wireless mesh networks for high-speed data, video and voice (VoIP) applications. Built in the United States (Longmont, Col.), the SpeedLAN wireless router combines high performance, a broad feature set and hardware-based AES encryption, allowing systems integrators to deliver solutions that are secure, customizable, scalable and adaptive.

Dash Carrier Services participates in NENA NG9-1-1 industry collaboration event

Dash Carrier Services, provider of Tier-one emergency services and wholesale carrier voice solutions, announced that it participated in the most recent NG9-1-1 Industry Collaboration Event (ICE 3), held in Bryan, Texas. The focus of the event was location information, recognized as one of the most critical data elements in the operation of NG9-1-1 for call routing. The 13 participating companies, including dash, evaluated multi-vendor interaction between the following functional elements: Emergency Call Routing Functions; Emergency Services Routing Proxies; Location Information Servers.

At the 2010 Texas NENA conference, dash introduced dashESP, an NG9-1-1 managed service for 9-1-1 authorities based on the company’s proven emergency call routing platform. dashESP accepts emergency calls from carriers and delivers them to Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), which can either use existing equipment they have in place without modification, or upgrade to NG9- 1-1 compliant systems.

Samsung Techwin America announces compatibility with Ocularis Software from OnSSI

Samsung Techwin America, a global supplier of video surveillance and security products, announced integration of Samsung network video cameras with the Ocularis IP video management software platform from OnSSI. This integration incorporates the superior image quality and advanced functionality of Samsung’s line of network cameras with the Ocularis video management software. Ocularis enables users to monitor and manage events from multiple vendors’ security products under a single umbrella.

OnSSI’s non-proprietary software platform enables the user to benefit from the capabilities of Samsung’s cameras as part of a networked video system. The investigative capabilities of OnSSI’s software allow users to review captured video in detail, analyze it frame-by-frame, fast-forward or view events in a compressed timeframe.

LAPD selects Spacenet to keep officers connected

Spacenet Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. and a leading provider of broadband network solutions, announced that its Emergency Communications Services (ECS) and associated high performance equipment are being used to support the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). The satellite service is based on Spacenet’s Connexstar series and high performance equipment, which is integrated with a transportable fly-away antenna system.

Spacenet’s services will be used to help the LAPD manage emergency situations across the city. ECS is provided on a usage based model, allowing customers to pay a low monthly standby fee and then only pay for the service when they actually need it during emergency situations. It provides dedicated bandwidth and service level agreements to ensure a high-quality and reliable solution. Key to this innovative on-demand and always available service is the ability to support Land Mobile Radio and voice and fax lines connected to the PSTN.

Cisco debuts first VoIP call from space

Cisco announced the results of the latest Internet Routing in Space (IRIS) testing, marking the first-ever software upgrade of an Internet Protocol (IP) router aboard a commercial satellite while in orbit. In addition, Cisco completed the industry’s first Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) call made without the use of any terrestrial infrastructure to route the call.

This achievement represents a departure from current communications satellite technology, which relies on ground-based hubs to convey voice and video signals between satellites and end users. Benefits of this new capability include the ability to route voice, data and video traffic between users over a single IP network more efficiently, and with greater cost effectiveness, than is currently possible over today’s fragmented satellite communications networks. The capability to upgrade the software of the Cisco router and onboard modem from the ground increases the flexibility of the system to implement future capabilities and the lifespan of the communications system.

Lucas County, Ohio selects AgencyWeb® for data sharing

Orion Communications, a provider of public safety software, announced that its AgencyWeb® Business Management Solution has been selected by the Lucas County, Ohio Department of Emergency Services to complement TriTech Communications’ integrated computer-aided dispatch and mobile data solution. The multi-jurisdictional, multi-agency solution will support all law enforcement, fire and emergency medical agencies in Lucas County and the City of Toledo. The AgencyWeb system will enable greater efficiencies by consuming data from different agency systems throughout the county and feeding consolidated information to the new regional CAD solution.

Direct interfaces with the CAD and mobile data solutions will enable the AgencyWeb administrator application to serve as “command central” for the coordination of daily employee operations. For example, the administrator will use comprehensive employee information for real-time coordination of workforce schedules, employee activities and events. Time and attendance tools will be used to track planned schedules versus actual events for accurate reporting to payroll. Agency business rules will be applied to automate employee notifications about events that require actions, as well as tracking the “who, where and when” of these events.

NJ TRANSIT and PowerTrunk pilot first TETRA LMR network in U.S.

NJ TRANSIT and PowerTrunk, Inc. have launched a TETRA land mobile radio network (LMR) pilot in Newark, N.J. This is the first TETRA pilot hosted in the United States. PowerTrunk TETRA networks are operational throughout the world; the NJ TRANSIT pilot demonstrates the viability of PowerTrunk’s TETRA technology in the United States.

The pilot consists of a two-site network that includes PowerTrunk-T base stations, mobiles, hand portables, a line dispatcher and a switch to integrate a legacy VHF system. In addition, the network is integrated with an existing CAD system and a PowerTrunk PABX/PSTN gateway allows full duplex cellular-like communications between cell or public switched phones and PowerTrunk radios. The pilot operates on a combination of a leased T-1 line and a private optical fiber backbone with routers configured for Ethernet Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) required by PowerTrunk-T infrastructure equipment.

ZoomSafer unveils software to prevent distracted driving

ZoomSafer, leading provider of enterprise software to prevent distracted driving, unveiled a new and patent-pending software service that helps corporate fleet operators and risk managers measure and manage employee use of mobile phones while driving, regardless of the type of phone used by employees.

FleetSafer Vision is the world’s first driver behavior modification solution to support any type of phone (not just smartphones) and to require no on-device software. A cloud-based software service, FleetSafer Vision integrates vehicular telematics data (trip information, location, speed, etc.) with mobile device usage data (phone calls, text messages, etc.) and other information (e-mail logs, weather, traffic, etc.) so fleet operators can measure and remediate risky behavior and reinforce good behavior.

Guidance Software brings digital forensics to Apple iPad, iPhone 4

Guidance Software, Inc. announced a new forensic tool for the Apple iPad, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch, giving digital investigators the ability to perform forensic analysis and e-discovery on the tablet as well as other popular Apple devices. The iPad, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch frenzy on both the consumer and corporate fronts accelerates the need for law enforcement, security analysts and e-discovery specialists to review and collect forensic data from these popular devices. As a result, Guidance Software has expanded the mobile device support in the latest version of EnCase Neutrino to help customers acquire critical data from these devices in a matter of minutes.

Guidance Software’s EnCase Neutrino also supports acquisition on devices running Android 2.1 and 2.2. This includes popular Android models like the Motorola Droid series and the HTC Evo. EnCase Neutrino with Apple iPad, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch support is available now.

Yakima County, Wash. agencies to share information using Spillman

Public safety agencies in Yakima County, Wash. have adopted new software from Spillman Technologies, allowing them to share data and fight crime across jurisdictional boundaries. The Spillman software will be shared by members of the Yakima Consortium for Regional Public Safety, which includes the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office, 14 police departments, 22 fire districts and municipal fire departments, as well as the Yakima County Department of Corrections and several dispatch centers.

The Toppenish and Sunnyside police departments went live with their Spillman system on Nov. 29, 2010. The Yakima, Selah, and Union Gap police departments, as well as all participating fire districts and fire departments, will go live with their Spillman system on Jan. 31, 2011. The Grandview, Granger, Harrah, Mabton, Moxee, Naches, Tieton, Wapato and Zillah Police Departments, the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office, and the Yakima County Department of Corrections will go live with the Spillman system in the first half of 2011. The Yakima County agencies are among 136 agencies in Washington using Spillman software.

Published in Public Safety IT, Jan/Feb 2011

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