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Experian QAS releases latest research report: Contact Data Quality Modernization for Government Agencies

Experian® QAS®, a leading provider of address verification software and services, announced the release of Contact Data Quality Modernization for Government Agencies, a new report outlining current data quality practices and perspectives along with tips for adding data verification into government modernization efforts.

According to the report, while 98 percent of state and local government agencies view data management as an essential issue, most still are using manual processes to ensure contact data accuracy. The most common data errors reported were missing or incomplete contact data, followed by outdated information and duplicate data.

“Government agencies as a whole are going through extensive IT modernization, allowing them to operate more efficiently and provide better constituent service,” said Thomas Schutz, senior vice president and general manager of Experian QAS. “It is important for contact data quality to be included in this initiative. Without it, agencies are unable to provide necessary services and end up wasting valuable resources.”

The report also cites the following as the main reasons government agencies maintain contact records: to increase efficiency, save costs and enhance constituent satisfaction.

Statistics specific to the 30 law enforcement respondents

•93% of law enforcement agencies are currently involved in modernization

•77% of law enforcement agencies recognize data management as an essential issue and enforce it

•83% of law enforcement agencies maintain contact records to increase efficiency, followed by constituent satisfaction (60%) and cost savings (47%)

•80% of law enforcement agencies maintain and improve contact data through staff training and 10% have no solutions in place

•76% of law enforcement agencies have or are currently working on a contact data management strategy

•The top data quality errors are missing or incomplete information, outdated information and duplicate data

•Budget was cited as the main barrier to accurate contact data at 60%

•29% of law enforcement agencies are currently using SaaS solutions

Published in Public Safety IT, Jan/Feb 2011

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