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Carlson Wireless’ LongHaul ST: the Next Generation of Wireless Microwave Connectivity for Multiple Applications

The LongHaul ST is the newest product series to be added to CWT’s lineup of wireless microwave connectivity solutions. The ST was designed in response to the ever-changing needs of government, public safety and broadband industries.

Today’s traffic-monitoring project, public safety agency or wireless Internet service provider (WISP) demands higher data throughput and lower latency—at an affordable price. The LongHaul ST series is Carlson Wireless’ answer to these requirements, with both an in door rack-mount version, as well as an outdoor integrated antenna.

“We designed the ST for performance and reliability, with our customers’ needs in mind,” noted Jim Carlson, CEO and chief engineer at Carlson Wireless. The third series in the LongHaul product family, the ST provides even higher data throughput and greater network capabilities than its predecessors.

This performance data has already been proven during a recent independent field test where it outperformed all competitors. In a daisy-chain network test for urban traffic monitoring involving several microwave links, the ST lost zero throughput and delivered rates three times higher than other products.

Several links are necessary in a traffic-monitoring network because of the many obstacles in an urban environment, from the tree-covered intersections where traffic cameras are located to the tall buildings where the signal must reach. Each link has to be extremely fast and the delay extremely short. The ST makes it possible to monitor clusters of intersections from a central point. And the channels may be narrowed from 20 to 10 to 5 MHz without channel overlap. The fact that it’s possible to realize upward of five links in a row without decreasing bandwidth opens up a world of applications in many cities.

Additionally, Carlson recently returned from Salt Lake City, Utah, where the ST participated in the Fifth Annual Animal Farm Backhaul Bake-Off, outperforming other radios in its class for low latency combined with high throughput.

“We are really excited about the BackHaul Bake-Off results,” Carlson said. “The ST’s latency was only 20 milliseconds—the lowest latency against all contenders—and the throughput was 115 Mb/s in both directions.” Carlson Wireless’s trademark low latency means that wireline-quality digital VoIP phone lines can be transmitted alongside lightning-fast Ethernet. With the optional four-port IP-to-analog device, the ST can integrate traditional phone systems into a VoIP network.

More over, the ST supports Level 3 routing capabilities, incorporating for the first time in a Carlson Wireless product the tools needed to fine-tune and manage bandwidth allocation and prioritize different network tasks. This allows WISPs, for example, to allot more bandwidth to VoIP communications directly in the included graphic user interface (GUI). The ST is also the first Carlson Wireless product to utilize Gig-E ports, allowing for unrestricted data output at the same speed it is transmitted over the air (up to 270 Mb/s). These functions are among over 45 unique product features included with the new LongHaul ST.

Published in Public Safety IT, Jan/Feb 2011

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