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Zetron’s New Acom EVO Dispatch System Supports Remote Dispatch and Emerging Technologies

Zetron launched Acom EVO, the new release of its Advanced Communication System. The new release retains the reliability, intuitive operation and flexible configuration for which Acom is known, but adds full IP-console capability that supports remote dispatch operations. It is also designed for use with emerging network technologies.

Acom EVO offers a host of features and functionality that make it easy to administer and use. The system’s Dispatch console software can run either at a position in standard mode, which requires only an IP-connected laptop and a headset for any mobile-command type application; or as a full-featured dispatch console, using a USB-connected Media Dock. The Media Dock provides dual-headset operation and up to four speaker connections. The Media Dock also includes local digital I/O capability, desk microphone, instant recall recorder, foot switch, local telephone and auxiliary audio interfacing. Console-audio routing is easy to set up in Acom EVO. Its Manager Configuration tool is used to build a routing matrix for a position. Any input audio source can be configured to appear at any output source. Acom EVO’s redundancy allows for failover operation, even in the most complex IP network environments.

The system’s bandwidth requirements are considerably lower than most other IP console systems. Acom EVO uses a redundant media controller to control all selections, patching and monitoring. This provides a combined audio stream to the console rather than separate streams for each intended radio/telephony connection. This results in very efficient use of the IP network and makes a significant difference when using dispatch consoles at many different locations.

“Acom EVO gives customers the choice of using either traditional local dispatch or evolving mobile or remote-command dispatch,” said Daniel Oliphant, Product Manager, Zetron Australasia.

With Acom EVO’s SNMP fault-reporting and management-reporting tools, a variety of reports can be generated quickly and easily. This helps managers monitor system and dispatcher performance and also helps detect and diagnose potential issues.

“Acom EVO gives customers the choice of using traditional local dispatch or evolving mobile or remote-command dispatch,” Oliphant said. “This new system also allows customers to take full advantage of the network infrastructures that are currently being put in place to handle next-generation voice and data technologies.”

Published in Public Safety IT, Jan/Feb 2011

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