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PRYME® Radio Products Delivers Wireless Communication

Brea, Calif.-based PRYME Radio Products is a manufacturer of high quality products for professional users of two-way radios. Its product line serves many markets, including public safety, police, fire, emergency services, tactical and HazMat professionals. PRYME has introduced a wide variety of new products, including the WTX-4100 Series™ and GPSMIC™ Speaker Microphones, enabling the location of users in the field via GPS, as well as Bluetooth adapters. The complete line of professional two-way radio audio accessories is compatible with virtually every two-way radio platform. According to Dave George, president of the company, PRYME is not an importer of third-party products. “We invent, design and build virtually all of our own products,” George stated.

WTX-4100 Series

PRYME’s new WTX-4100 series tactical remote speaker microphone spent two years in development and was designed to provide more options for first responders. The WTX-4100 series supports three different methods of Push-to-Talk activation: a traditional side-mounted PTT switch; a patented front-facing PTT that can be easily activated by pressing on the microphone; and a secure wireless PTT button that can be worn on the finger, attached to any convenient location (such as a rifle or firearm) or hidden in clothing. For even more flexibility, the WTX-4100 series also features a waterproof threaded accessory jack that can be used to connect an earphone, noise-reducing throat microphone or other audio accessory.

GPS-4100 Microphone

The GPS-4100 Series is the next generation of PRYME’s patented GPSMIC location reporting device for portable radios. PRYME’s GPS-4100 mic is a microphone for use in public safety and worldwide, there are more than 2,000 units already in commercial service.

The GPSMIC operates as a normal remote speaker microphone attached to a two-way radio but also contains a GPS receiver and FSK modem. The GPSMIC sends data reports over the voice radio channel, allowing the dispatch operator to know the current location of each GPSMIC unit. Because GPSMICs integrate into an existing voice radio system, they do not require any additional channels or licensing, and there is no monthly fee involved for real-time GPS tracking.

The mic functions as both a remote speaker microphone and a highly configurable GPS location device.

The GPS-4100 works with virtually any portable two-way radio, including conventional and trunked. It helps keep track of assets down to the level of the individual radio operator and integrates into existing analog voice radio systems; it does not require a dedicated data channel. Location reports are sent as short, audible data bursts at programmed instances.

The GPS-4100 has been upgraded with an integrated USB port and an internal GPS antenna. All accessories are interchangeable (headsets, mics, etc.) among the speaker, wireless and GPSMICs. The GPSMIC includes three mapping software programs. It’s a two-way device so users can receive and reprogram data over the air. This PRYME mic has not only GPS, but a micro controller (computer) and a two-way modem.

Additional features include water-resistant construction for long life under heavy use and compatibility with other GPSMIC system devices, including the original PRYME GPS-5100 series GPSMIC and the GPS-4100M AVL Box. An LED alerts the user to battery and GPS status. Also included is a 3.5mm earphone jack for listen-only accessories, a fully rotating metal-reinforced clothing clip, a replaceable lithium-ion battery pack, and an alarm button that alerts dispatch of GPSMIC location during an emergency.

Photos courtesy of PRYME Radio Products.

Published in Law and Order, Apr 2011

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