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What's New in Police Vehicle Accessories, Part 1

From in-car video systems to LED push bumpers, a lot of police vehicle technology is now automated for the officer’s safety. Following is a look at what some of the major manufacturers are offering for today’s police fleet manager.

1. Adamson Industries


Inductor® MAX3 is a high-performance induction heater that reduces labor up to 75 percent, salvages thousands in costly parts and greatly reduces consumables. Using high-frequency magnetic fields, the Inductor MAX3 easily removes parts bonded to metal in a fraction of the time or heats bolts red hot without the collateral damage normally associated with conventional heating methods.

Operating at a convenient 120 volts, the Inductor MAX3 also includes the following features: UL/CSA listed GFI for user safety; audible and visible power indicators; tug-resistant in-line connector; storage for attachments; pneumatic foot switch (resilient to dirt and water damage); best performance and max power available; ability to heat aluminum and steel; and guaranteed attachments.

The Universal Series attachments are ergonomically designed and molded in high temp/impact-resistant epoxy polymers. Unlike a basic block design, the tapered bodies and beveled edges on these attachments are more accessible to different contours and obstacles, offering additional durability and versatility.

2. Big Sky Racks


The ELS Series comes in eight basic rack models, accommodating the most commonly used law enforcement weapons. All ELS models are adjustable for proper weapon seating and are attached with specially constructed mounting hardware, which allows for quick and easy installation. Each locking device comes complete with a 10-second timer delay, activation switch and mechanical key override. The locking device assembly is determined by an agency’s specified weapon of choice.

The new ELS-300 Rack System is an outgrowth of departmental and agency requests for a single-rack system capable of securing more than one type of weapon. It allows for officers changing shifts or vehicles to quickly and easily (with no tools required) remove and replace molded ELS-300 Quick-Change Inserts for their particular duty weapon.

These inserts are designed to be individually inserted into the ELS Lock Assembly and are available in four styles, accommodating the most widely used standard configuration auto or pump-action shotguns and AR-15 A2 or MP-5 rifles. ELS-300 Quick-Change Inserts may be used with some pre-existing ELS-220 and ELS-270 systems, depending on the weapon utilized.

3. Carson Manufacturing


The SC-409 Commander from Carson Manufacturing combines advanced technology and full emergency warning system control with premium style and design. The Commander incorporates functional versatility with face-programmable and dip-switch-selectable options to control virtually all emergency lighting and auxiliary equipment including multiple gun locks and video camera systems.

Additional features include a rugged 100-/200-watt electronic siren amplifier with light controls; a splash-resistant rubberized face; a hands-free Horn Ring Cycler 2 (HRC2); an automatic siren cutout; a noise-canceling microphone; an LED backlight, and more.

The pursuit-ready, four-position slide switch has the flexibility to be progressive, non-progressive or partially progressive, as well as the ability to activate or deactivate the auxiliary switches. The video trigger capability signals the video camera system to record when the lever switch or selected auxiliary switches are activated.

The SC-409 also has face-programmable auxiliary switches for on/off, on/off with video trigger, momentary, and 10- or 20-second times momentary all through six outputs with up to 80 amps of total auxiliary control. A reliable six-position rotary switch features radio-repeat, wail, yelp and phaser or optional two-tone/HiLo siren tones with push-button override for manual and air horn.

4. Code 3/PSE


Code 3’s Intrepid Series interior vehicle lights feature patented TriCore® technology, which offers visibility and off-angle performance that can be seen at far greater distances than any other current lighting technology. Intrepid Series lights feature a new flared visor that allows a much greater off-angle light signal, and a new locking swivel feature that allows universal mounting to fit any windshield.

Intrepid Series lights also feature split color combinations and 27 user-selectable flash patterns, and they meet all applicable SAE and California Title 13 specifications when properly configured. In addition, you can choose from multiple mounting options including suction cup and bracket mount.

Essex Series interior vehicle lights feature all-new Torus™ LED technology. Torus LED technology provides an exceptionally bright straight-on and off-angle signal. Essex Series lights also feature a new flared visor that allows for much greater off-angle coverage, useful when approaching intersections.

In addition, these lights feature a new locking swivel feature, which allows the light to fit to any windshield. The single light offers 27 user-selectable flash patterns, and the dual offers 40 flash patterns. All models feature split color options and meet all applicable SAE and California Title 13 specifications when properly configured.

5. Ecco-Nova


Nova’s SD24 and L36 high-intensity LED warning signal surface mount models are designed to offer maximum performance with minimum size. The high-intensity LED warning signals mount in various locations and have numerous applications. The slimline SD24 measures only 3.3 inches x 1.1 inches and 0.4 inches deep, and is comprised of 24 1-watt high-intensity LEDs in an ultra-compact housing. This small size allows for mounting in almost any location on a vehicle body.

The L36 can be put in a PAR36 rubber housing suitable for bike applications. Also, it has a separate bracket that securely fits the light into the fog light housing of popular emergency vehicles including Chargers, Tahoes, Suburbans and Expeditions. Synchronizable with each other, the SD24 and L36 also synch with any Hide-A-LED model; feature 16 flash patterns; and are available in amber, blue, red or white. They come with a five-year warranty.

6. Federal Signal


Federal Signal’s DTX digital in-car video system is a two-camera system that records to the front and the rear seat of the vehicle. Wireless microphones record inside the vehicle and up to 1,500 feet of sight range. DTX software allows for live view, record and video storage. DTX is engineered for software and firmware upgrades to ensure it will be compatible with tomorrow’s technology.

DTX digital video also offers a greater degree of flexibility by simplifying searches, viewing, transfer, storage and management of video files. DTX provides 60 minutes of pre-event recording, which can be drawn from live memory just before an officer begins to record. The cameras can be activated to record automatically by a variety of methods, including the activation of lights and sirens, G-Force sensor, pre-configured speed threshold, release of gun lock or by manually activating the record button on the wireless microphone.
The DTX features a built-in digital video recorder (DVR) that can store up to 64 gigabits of video locally. An optional DTX-Client software provides a GUI interface to law enforcement personnel in the field, allowing officers to view cameras live or search prerecorded videos. The DTX-ADS (auto download software) downloads video from the mobile DVR via wireless or a wired network connection to a central location.

7. Gamber-Johnson


Gamber-Johnson announced the release of a new Universal Computer Cradle, the NotePad™ V—a rugged mounting cradle for most of the computers currently in the marketplace today. The NotePad V Universal Computer Cradle features security; special “flanged” side clips provide for superior strength, and computers cannot be removed by bending the side clip. A new heavy-duty keyed lock securely closes the chassis when activated. The computer is supported on all sides by the strengthened clip design.

Function is also a feature. Using the same quick and easy size adjustment feature from the NotePad III and IV series, the NotePad V cradle can easily adjust to computers with widths from 10.62 inches to 16.5 inches, thickness up to 1.5 inches, and depths from 9 inches to 12.38 inches. T-molded polycarbonate covers hold clips in place during installation for easy height adjustment.

The front and back supports adjust to accommodate narrower computers and netbooks. Sliding mounting plates on the underside of the cradle make mounting easy and allow for multiple offset options in the vehicle. All restraints are adjusted by using one tool. In addition, the chassis surface provides a level clamping surface for the computer, preventing it from rocking in the cradle and keeping it in place even on the roughest terrain.

8. Go Rhino!


The new heavy-duty wrap-around brush guards are from the Products Public Safety Division of Go Rhino! They provide tough front-end protection from deer and other road hazards and are easily installed. These brush guards come with a thick center plate for mounting speakers and warning lights, and their welded one-piece construction provides optimal strength. They are made of heavy-duty designed steel and engineered for pit maneuvers with a tough black powder coat finish.

9. Havis


Havis® announced the new DS-PAN-211/221 series docking stations designed for every generation of the Panasonic Toughbook CF-19, with a combination of aircraft-grade aluminum uni-body with glass-reinforced PC-ABS impact-resistant plastic covers.

The docking stations offer flexible connectivity with reliability and ruggedness. Constant connectivity is maintained with a guided floating Docking Connector, and they are engineered with fully functional rear-facing connectors. Mounting bracket and integrated cable strain relief allows for ease of installation. Theft deterrence is accomplished by the rugged locking system and front hooks by Havis. The LED indicator light keeps the user informed of the dock’s status at all times. Strain relief on rear-facing connectors prevents loose connections and disconnects.

Two passenger-side mounting packages are available. The Standard PKG-PSMs include a vehicle-specific base plate, heavy-duty pole without height adjust handle, tilt-swivel motion device and a top offset plate. The Premium PKG-PSMs include a vehicle-specific base plate, heavy-duty pole with height adjust handle, swing-arm motion device with tilt-swivel and stability support arm.

10. Ibis Tek


Lightweight front protective bumpers from Ibis Tek are made of aluminum, making them lightweight. They allow a pursuit intervention technique maneuver to be performed without damage to your vehicle. These bumpers protect the engine and cooling components from being damaged by objects in the vehicle’s path and allow for disabled vehicles to be easily pushed to safety.

The Ibis Tek Lightweight Front Protective Bumper allows disabled automobiles to be easily and safely pushed out of oncoming traffic. Custom-fit kits are available specifically for an agency’s make of vehicle. They mount to the existing vehicle frame and do not alter air bag deployment. In addition, detailed step-by-step instructions make for easy installation, and powder coat comes in any color at no extra charge.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Mar/Apr 2011

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