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What's New in Police Vehicle Accessories, Part 2

11. Jotto Desk 

Jotto Desk’s new AK-12 Solution is a standard equipment console that features the third-generation “Smooth Glide” computer mount, which slides out and rotates for best positioning. The Slam Lock with hardened steel pin, CTTB technology and thumb-activated release ensure that the AK-12 is durable, yet easy to use.

It features 12 inches of sloped equipment mounting with great depth capacity and secure access to its fuse panel mounting location. With the Jotto Desk AK-12, officers can safely and securely mount their laptop computer, communications equipment and siren/light controllers while freeing passenger leg room and maintaining a center mount location for the laptop.

Kodiak Mobile by Jotto Desk introduced the CF-31 iDock Intelligent Docking Station. Feature-rich, this new docking station includes five USB 2.0 ports, one of which is a front access port. Also available are an Ethernet port and a 120-watt internal power supply that makes this docking station compatible with all three CF-31 models (CF-28, CF-29, CF-30).

Perfect for mixed fleets, the CF-31 iDock also has an interface protection shroud, which protects the connection pins from damage, and four LED indicators for troubleshooting in the field. It is tested to MIL-STD 810-F omposite Wheeled Vehicle Vibration standards, is RoHS compliant, has passed 2.0 speed testing, and is built to ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

12. Lund Industries


The PASS® Police Audio-visual Safety System from Lund Industries, a specially designed and patent-pending system, encloses the siren speaker(s) in the upright of Lund’s bumper system, greatly improving sound on the ground plane in front of the vehicle. PASS solves speaker mounting issues on new vehicles because the speaker is no longer mounted behind the bumper or fascia. With dual speakers, multiple sirens and/or tones can be used independently.

Multiple lighting options for front and side LEDs are available with an optional wiring harness for easy installation. PASS is currently available for the Crown Vic, Impala, Charger, Expedition, Explorer and Tahoe.

13. Pro-gard


Pro-gard Products currently offers two universal partitions for either police package sedans or SUVs. The company’s vehicle-to-vehicle transfer kits are a cost-effective solution for today’s marketplace. The partitions are based on existing designs that are quick and easy to install and do not require major modifications to transfer the partitions from one vehicle to another.

The Universal Sedan Partition fits in any current police package sedan in addition to all of the upcoming model changes. Therefore, it can be moved from one police package sedan to another for years to come. Likewise, the Universal SUV Partition is transferable from any current police package SUV to another.

14. RAM Mounts


The RAM Tough-Dock™ for the Panasonic Toughbook® CF-18/19 is a user-friendly solution for docking the CF-18/19 in either tablet or laptop configurations. Standard features include an integrated 80W power supply to provide the CF-18/19 with precisely the correct amount of power for an officer’s computing needs, an integrated screen support and easily accessible external power switch and fuse.

RAM’s innovative patented docking technology involves molding Tough-Dock docking stations utilizing high strength composites and lightweight marine-grade aluminum materials. As a result of the molding process, RAM Tough-Docks are free from sharp edges and corners. Smooth edges and corners ensure the user will not be injured while using the dock and create a clean and ergonomic finished product.

15. Rontan


In 2010, Rontan North America launched several new products that were designed with its guarantee of maximum visibility of vehicle lighting from every angle. Among these products is the QuasarLight® series that came from one original idea—QuasarDOT®, the father of QUASARLIGHT® product lines.

Its first children were QuasarLine®, QuasarDelta®, QuasarLine Double® and QuasarDelta Double®, and the family continues to grow with the QuasarStrobe® and QuasarTube®. Now using the flexibility of the QuasarLight and futuristic style, a lightbar will be born that will have all the needed power for officers—the new ATTACK LIGHTBAR®. This auxiliary, full-size, roof-mounted lightbar utilizes leading technology for the law enforcement industry.

In 2011, Rontan has taken its innovation further by introducing the first lightbar using its Wide E Tech® technology: the new MAXIMUM LIGHTBAR®. Along with this lightbar comes a whole new line of lightbars, using the newest Wide E Tech technology that will revolutionize the signaling industry.

16. Setina


With the coming retirement of the Crown Victoria, concern is growing within the law enforcement community about the availability and transferability of equipment for the new vehicles. As the leading manufacturer of law enforcement vehicle equipment, Setina continues to provide the same quality products for these new rookie vehicles that agencies have come to expect for veteran vehicles.

Setina is standing by with a full line of products for those new vehicles from Dodge, Ford and GM, while also offering many options for transferring an agency’s existing tried, true and trusted equipment. Last year, Setina lit up the law enforcement scene with the first ever LED-Integrated Push Bumpers. This year Setina is again first on the scene with equipment for all the new, and much anticipated, vehicles.

17. SoundOff Signal


SoundOff Signal’s Intersector™ LED Under Mirror/Surface Mount Light was designed to mount under the mirror of emergency vehicles to provide a critical intersection warning signal. This small yet powerful light provides 180 degrees of warning power, increasing visibility at intersections for maximum safety for all motorists, emergency personnel and civilians.

The intense 180-degree output is maximized by the specially designed reflector that amplifies and throws the light at a perfect angle for intersection warning. The light includes a variety of custom wedges and adaptors for versatile mounting under the mirrors or surface mounting to any flat area.

Also new from SoundOff is the Universal UnderCover™ LED Insert. This LED hide-away insert elevates safety lighting to a new level with three interchangeable lenses that tailor the light output to complement mounting applications. The Insert is a quick and easy retrofit as it fits into existing 1-inch strobe tube cutouts in headlight, taillight or corner light assemblies. The Insert is self-contained with an in-line flasher and features a fourth wire to set an optional Cruise Mode to reduce light output to 20 percent power. New surface mount bezels offer flexible mounting options and are available in black, chrome and white.

18. Star/Signal Vehicle Products


Star Warning Systems® has released its new family of Versa Star™ LED warning lights. The Versa Star series offers unmatched mounting flexibility for today’s smaller vehicles. Buyers can select from DLX4 or DLX6 units which have four or six LEDs respectively. DLX4 units can be surface- or bracket-mounted while DLX6 units are bracket-mounted only.

Star also offers single- and dual-head dash light versions of both the DLX4 and DLX6. Versa Star dash lights come standard with flashback hoods, mounting hardware, and either a DC outlet plug with switch or a 12-foot hardwire harness.

Using high-intensity STAR Generation-4 LEDs and offering multiple flash patterns, the Versa Stars are available in amber, blue, red, white and green solid or split color combinations. S-LINK SYSTEM™ synchronization capability lets users match flash patterns with other Star LED lights. The Versa Star family serves almost any interior or exterior warning need and meets Class I and California Title 13 specifications.

19. Tomar Electronics


Tomar’s L-Stick is the ideal choice for a primary warning device to clear traffic, a traffic director to provide visual indication for traffic movement, or a single unit that does both. The L-Stick’s programmable internal controller features three unique programmable warning modes; left, right and center-out programmable arrow functions; and a dim feature for nighttime use.

Both the Traffic Director and the Warning versions can be configured with either RECT-13 or RECT-14 style LED lamp heads. Both configurations are available in a variety of lengths to fit any space requirements. The R13 and R14 L-Sticks come in two- or four-lamp module warning lights and six-, eight-, 10- or 12-lamp module warning and arrow lights.

The L-Sticks are also designed for easy maintenance using Tomar’s mini RECT-13 or RECT-14 ultra-high-intensity lamp modules for easy replacement. The all-weather waterproof design includes hermetically sealed lamps, a potted internal control module, and waterproof harness connections, making it equally suitable for all mounting locations either inside or outside of the vehicle. The included L-shaped mounting brackets make installation simple. Designed to fit above the vehicle CHMSL light or flush to the deck, these brackets offer the flexibility to mount the L-Stick almost anywhere.

20. Whelen Engineering The ION™ Series from Whelen Engineering is a super-tough, ultra-compact surface-mount Super-LED® light ideal for interior and exterior applications on police vehicles. ION shrugs off moisture, salt, chemicals and road vibration while providing added light on off-road vehicles, industrial equipment, motorcycles, marine applications, utility vehicles and other heavy-duty applications.

The ION is synchronizable to other Whelen sync products and provides multiple flash patterns, with split colors available. It includes a five-year HDP® (Heavy-Duty Professional) warranty.

Jennifer Gavigan is a contributing writer for Police Fleet Manager. She can be reached at

Matthew Ayers is a lieutenant with the Sevierville, Tenn., Police Department and the owner of Command & Control Installations (C2 Installs). He may be reached at or

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Mar/Apr 2011

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