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Go Industries is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket vehicle accessories, networking with more than 3,500 distributors and retailers. Since its founding in 1978, the company has expanded its product line and currently operates two manufacturing facilities and a distribution center in Texas. Its state-of-the-art facilities utilize computer-controlled manufacturing equipment and robotic welding machines to produce a wide range of quality parts at competitive prices. Many of Go Industries’ products, including grille guards, trunk trays and window guards, are purchased by law enforcement agencies.

Tahoe Bumper Replacements

The Pro-Series™ Tahoe front bumper replacement is fully welded with a heavy-duty mounting system that provides optimal strength and reduced vibration. Made with 16-gauge tubing, the grille guard offers 5/16-inch laser cut uprights, accommodation for shackles and the highest ground clearance on the market. The outside portion of the bumper is constructed of 7-gauge steel and universal 4-inch protected fog light pockets with tabs.

The factory bumper and grille are removable and can be stored for retirement, resale or vehicle reassignment. Weighing 130 pounds, the Tahoe front bumper replacement is finished with a semi-gloss powder coating that provides extra protection against corrosion and scratches.

Big Tex Grille Guard™

For tough off-road situations, the Big Tex Grille bolt-on guard offers extra protection. With its design and heavy outside welds, this 2-inch grille guard eliminates flexing and vibration. The Big Tex guard is manufactured from 14-gauge steel and features a one-piece tubular frame measuring 1.9 inches in diameter. It comes with light tabs for mounting multiple off-road lights and heavy-duty push that is thick enough to withstand any type of abuse through the course of its lifetime.

Installed on each side of the vehicle, the grille guard uprights are cut from 11-gauge steel and finished with nickel-chrome plating that is backed by a six-year warranty. They are available in a chrome or black powder coat finish.

Enforcement Series Push Bumpers

Fully welded with the same heavy-duty mounting system as the rest of the Go Industries line of products, the Enforcement Series Push Bumpers provide optimal strength and reduced vibration. These easy-to-install push bumpers are manufactured with 16-gauge tubing and weigh about 50 pounds. The grille guard offers 1/4-inch laser cut uprights with heavy-duty push pads, and the shelf plate is 3/16 steel angle, ideal for mounting sirens and lights.

Finished with a semi-gloss powder coating that provides extra protection against corrosion and scratches, the Enforcement Series Push Bumpers come with a one-year warranty on the finish and a three-year warranty on the workmanship. Many of Go Industries’ products are manufactured and sold to outfitters that provide all makes of cars and trucks to public safety agencies. Push bumpers are currently in the research and development stage for the 2011 Chargers, Caprices and Ford Interceptors.

Many of Go Industries’ products are sold directly to companies that upfit public safety vehicles. Installation instructions for all parts can be downloaded on the Go Industries Web site, and technical support is available via phone or e-mail.

Susan Geoghegan is a freelance writer living in Naples, Florida. She can be reached at

Published in Police Fleet Manager, Mar/Apr 2011

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