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Blackhawk! Dynamic Entry Mini Deployment Bag

As active-shooter callouts become more complex, mission requirements have led to development of the Dynamic Entry Mini Deployment Bag. The kit includes quick-release buckles to immediately dump it if necessary, and individual tool compartments in the bag reduce noise signature.

The Mini Deployment Bag comes complete with the Mini BoltMaster™, Mini Breacher™ and Micro ThunderSledge™ and can be easily stored in the trunk or front seat of patrol or rescue vehicles. The kit’s tools are easy to use and apply. The total weight of the kit, including the bag, is just 14 pounds. There is a carry handle on top which also doubles as a heavy-duty drag handle. A leg/thigh strap can be used if the bag is slung over a shoulder by the quick-release straps. The bag’s thigh strap was added for greater stability during extreme body movements. Portability is one of the primary advantages of this kit.

While previously the Dynamic Entry backpacks were often allotted to special operations personnel, now all first responders can have the tools easily accessible in their car or office.

Beyond use by tactical teams, such as SWAT and military Special Forces units, and in active shooter/rapid response situations, this kit may also be beneficial for narcotics teams, street crimes units, school resource officers, warrant teams, drug interdiction teams, welfare checks/death investigation entries, fire marshal/arson detective investigations, marine patrol units, etc.

The Mini Deployment Bag’s quick release buckles are standard on other Blackhawk! products and are consistent with other Blackhawk! buckles. These release buckles are designed for use by the operator’s gross motor skills while under pressure, or by fine motor skills during normal operation.

Three separate internal compartments keep tools secure in individual slots to reduce noise signature. There are also two pouches/pockets, one on either side of the bag, with cover Velcro® straps for other small tools, gloves or perhaps distraction devices.

There are times during either methodical or dynamic movement when operators have to quickly “dump” equipment. The operator can immediately disconnect this kit by releasing the shoulder strap buckle and/or the leg strap buckle and letting gravity do the rest. Should there be a need, one operator can transition the kit to another by using the same release procedure.

The Mini Tools

The Blackhawk! Mini BoltMaster weighs 5.2 pounds and is 18 inches long with a jaw opening of 3/8 inch. The tool is available in black or high-visibility yellow fiberglass. The handle system is electrically non-conductive to 100,000 volts AC. Its safety-guard hand grip reduces the possibility of operators’ hands slipping onto the working end of the tool, which is designed for use on security chains, chain link fences and non-case hardened locks. The Mini Breacher weighs 4.7 pounds and is 14.3 inches long. This tool is also electrically non-conductive to 100,000 volts AC and has the sure-grip handle to prevent it from slipping out of the operator’s hands. Its tempered stainless steel wedge with counter-angled friction ridges is designed specifically to grip breaching surfaces securely and provide stability.

The steel handle butt of the Mini Breacher can be used to punch through wallboard for better visibility, and the business end can be used for popping boards and going through wallboard to extract patients.

The Micro ThunderSledge weighs 4.6 pounds and is 14 inches long. As with the other tools, it is electrically non-conductive to 100,000 volts AC. The ergonomically designed handle fits the hand nicely, and sure-grip features reduce slippage. Its tempered stainless steel wedge with counter-angled friction ridges is specifically designed to grip breaching surfaces securely and provide stability.

Throughout the years, Blackhawk! has designed a number of kits, backpacks and bags. The Dynamic Entry Mini Deployment Bag was made to meet the needs and requests for a lighter and stronger tactical entry kit. The MSRP is $499.

Jim Weiss is a retired lieutenant from the Brook Park, Ohio, Police Department and a frequent contributor to LAW and ORDER.

Mickey Davis is a California-based writer and author.

Published in Law and Order, May 2011

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