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GammaTech Durabook D14RM

With the advent of computers, when it came to keeping track of criminals and what they were up to, the “paper” notebook gave way to the “electronic” notebook.

Today, law enforcement professionals need look no further than the Durabook D14RM from GammaTech to find one of the most dependable, most durable notebook computers to carry with them while on the job.

Don’t mistake its slim, lightweight design (it weighs only 5.5 pounds) as a sign of weakness. It is built with rugged features to protect it as well as the hours of hard work that an officer saves on it. Meeting Mil-810F standard guidelines, the D14RM is drop, shock, spill and dust resistant.

The Durabook D14RM is protected being dropped by a magnesium alloy case that is 20 times stronger than the ABS plastic that is used in the production of many other notebook products. In testing, it has withstood more than 25 drops onto concrete from a height of two-and-a-half feet.

Its LCD screen and hard-disk drive feature an anti-shock mounting design that protects them from damage and data loss that would usually occur following such a sudden shock or drop. A flexible HDD cable design, likewise, absorbs shock from drops.

In all honesty, what spilt liquids could do to the old-fashion paper notebook, they can do to an electronic notebook. That’s why GammaTech engineers designed the D14RM with a unique spill- resistant design to protect the electronic device in the system from accidental spills. The unit features a spill-resistant C-Face that covers the area around the keyboard, touchpad, speakers and wireless and power switches.

Let’s face it, upholding the law and chasing suspects can place law enforcement personnel and their equipment in some pretty dirty, dusty places. Specifically for those situations, the unit includes rubber coverings for all of its input/output ports.

The GammaTech Durabook D14RM notebook is built to withstand the demanding rigors of law enforcement, but what about what’s on the inside?

It comes with a built-in Intel® Core 2 Duo processor (1066 MHz FSB, Montevina platform), and is compatible with Windows 7. It has a large 14.1” WXGA display and a full-size keyboard as opposed to the smaller sized keyboard found in most other notebooks.

Two areas that are critical to law enforcement officials are information sharing and security. The D14RM has those well covered. It has four USB ports and an HDMI port to allow for optimum connectivity and peripheral device usage needed for effectively sharing data. As for security, the unit includes multiple safekeeping features such as TPM 1.2 technology, finger print technology and a smart card reader.

Optional features such as a resistive-type touch screen, built-in Web cam and internal GPS allow police officers to customize their modern-day notebook to a level previously unimagined. The Durabook D14RM comes with a two-year warranty. It is available through authorized resellers nationwide. Final assembly on all GammaTech products is conducted in the U.S. as is all customer service and factory repair services.

Rita Lee is a public relations professional with Public Communications Worldwide and may be reached at

Published in Law and Order, Jun 2011

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