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Avon Protection’s Multi-Role Respirator Protection System

Since 9/11, law enforcement professionals have become much more aware and sophisticated when it comes to making decisions about selecting personal protective equipment for CBRN threats.

Today, CBRN threats have changed from tradition large-scale military scenarios to smaller, civilian scale emergency uses. Avon Protection, a leading designer and manufacturer of personal respiratory protection solutions, has developed a Multi-Role Respiratory Protection System that provides professionals with versatile and comfortable protection to help them do their jobs.

Avon Protection’s FM53 protective mask is designed for specialist applications where users need to respond to changing operational conditions. First responders (HazMat, CBRN), law enforcement, decontamination teams, specialist entry teams, SWAT/SRT teams, bomb squads, specialist correctional officers and federal agencies (FBI) utilize the FM53 mask to protect against chemical and biological agents, select toxic industrial materials, and particulate matter including radioactive dust threats. The FM53 is designed with a Variable Resistance Exhalation Unit (VREU), which has the unique capability to operate the 53-series protective mask in all recognized modes of respiratory protection such as APR’s, SCBA’s and PAPR’s. The mask’s VREU is unique as it allows personnel to change between negative pressure and positive pressure modes and eliminates the need to remove or modify any components as scenarios change.

The FM53 is designed with a flexible polyurethane lens that minimizes eye stress and maximizes field of view. The lens provides improved ballistic protection and is scratch resistance. Additional outserts are available for sunlight and laser protection. A clear outsert also offers additional scratch protection in extreme environments. The FM53 mask has many accessories available. It is equipped with a standard Electronic Communications Port (ECP) for radio and voice amplification interface, an internal microphone assembly, and a low profile, exterior mounted amplifi er is available for inter-team communications. Additionally, a fully integrated, lightweight protective hood provides full head and neck protection in excess of 24 hours against agent permeation. It is also flame retardant and tested to 1,475 F.

The ST53 The ST53 combines Avon Protection’s FM53 mask with innovative modular breathing apparatus technology, providing the operator with flexibility to select the necessary level of protection quickly while continuing to operate effectively. Depending on the circumstances at the scene of an incident, the ST53 can be configured to transition between APR protection (negative pressure) and SCBA protection (positive pressure). Users can also attach a combination respirator unit (STPAPR) to the SCBA confi guration. The STPAPR has an internal regulator allowing users to transition between modes automatically.

Published in Law and Order, Jul 2011

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