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With gas prices of more than $4.00 per gallon, police departments across the nation are feeling the budget pinch.

At the same time, they are facing greater pressure to reduce vehicle emissions and use greener energy sources. Until recently, clean energy options were limited by the lack of energy storage solutions. That is slowly changing as technology catches up with the increasing demand for green energy and smart cars.

An increasing number of police departments are turning to smart power management storage systems developed by Energy Xtreme. Energy Xtreme developed the original Independence Package Law Enforcement Series ystem to meet the unique power demands of police fleets. This power-pack is installed in a police car’s trunk. The typical police car burns half a gallon of gas for every hour the engine idles. This idling increases wear and tear on the engine, hiking up maintenance and fuel costs. The system reduces idle time while maintaining power to run the emergency equipment.

Recently, in response to police feedback, Energy Xtreme expanded the series to include a “Lite” version of the same package. “We constantly talk to our customers so that we can better tailor our products to their needs,” said Devin Scott, Energy Xtreme’s CEO. “Police fl eet managers have been ask ing for a smaller, more lightweight version of our Independence Package. e demands placed on their vehicles may not warrant the need for the full system, but they still need a way to significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions while maintaining functionality.”

The Independence Package Law Enforcement Series powers a police cruiser’s on-board electrical equipment, such as lights, radios, cameras and computers, without the risk of draining the car’s engine battery. By offering two versions of its product, Energy Xtreme can provide a more cost-effective solution for those vehicles that are only used for brief periods of idling.

“We like having the option of choosing the system that works best for us,” said Daren Turner of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. “Many of our cruisers are used for patrol duty or make only short stops, so they really don’t need the full four hours of reserve power. The smaller power supply provided by the Lite system satisfies these needs.”

The full version of the Independence Package Law Enforcement Series is designed for police cruisers with significant electrical loads that are stopped and left idling for prolonged periods. These longer stops typically occur, for example, when an officer must investigate a traffic accident or secure a crime scene. The full Independence Package has more power behind it to run a vehicle’s systems for longer periods and takes up slightly more space in the car’s trunk.

The Independence Package Law Enforcement Lite system includes all of the features of the full system but is more lightweight, requires less trunk space, and provides two hours of power (30 amp draw) compared to the four hours provided by the full system. The max continuous load for the Lite is 40 amps, compared to 70 amps for the full system. The weight is 80 pounds, compared to 125 pounds. Of course, the Lite is dimensionally smaller and takes up less trunk space than the full version.

The Independence Package Law Enforcement Series system is in use with the Nevada Highway Patrol, Dallas Police Department, Las Vegas Metro Police Department and San Antonio International Airport Police Department.

Mark Evans holds a master’s degree in science/technology journalism and bachelor’s degrees in biology and journalism. He is a freelance writer and has written on topics in a wide variety of industries, including health, medicine, energy, business, public policy and the environment.

Published in Police Fleet Manager, May/Jun 2011

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