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Law enforcement agencies are relying more and more on video surveillance technology to deter criminal activity and keep neighborhoods safe.

To meet the changing demands from the public safety sector, evolving video surveillance technology has led to more sophisticated equipment and solutions, such as multi-layer component systems and video analytics.

Multi-camera systems, quickly deployable pan-tilt-zoom cameras, IP systems integration, and video motion detection are just a few of the features that allow police personnel to effectively monitor events in real time. The following companies are leaders in the video surveillance industry that develop and manufacture products and services for the law enforcement market.

Crime Point Surveillance Solutions 

Established in 2000 by a former police sergeant, Crime Point is an original equipment manufacturer and distributor of video surveillance technology for the law enforcement market. Based on his previous policing experience, owner Daniel McLeod recognized the need for progressive surveillance systems that could handle the challenges inherent in law enforcement environments. Continually expanding and refining its products, Crime Point offers cost-effective, high-quality solutions that are easily deployable and officer-friendly.

Crime Point’s PeripherEye® is a multi-view video surveillance system that was engineered specifically for situations requiring simultaneous wide-angle and zoom visual reference. According to Vice President Leslie McLeod, the PeripherEye was developed to improve upon single-camera stationary outdoor systems that can be ineffective in capturing images just outside the camera’s range.

After learning of one such incident, “We put our engineers in high gear to design a combined software and hardware solution, introducing the PeripherEye prototype three months later, which allows simultaneous wide angle and targeted viewing and recording, available in both overt and covert enclosures,” McLeod said.

This Internet-based, dual-camera monitoring system with enclosed DVR allows rapid, accurate PTZ positioning on a targeted area, while retaining peripheral surveillance of the area. With connection available through a variety of wireless carriers, the PeripherEye provides IP-based monitoring of live and archived video, as well as motion-activated photo notifications and recording.

When 4G networking became available in the Atlanta area, Sprint and Crime Point partnered to conduct a nationwide pilot to test the capabilities of video over the Sprint 4G network. As one of the agencies taking part in the program, the DeKalb County Police Department was loaned a PeripherEye system to observe firsthand the improvements that 4G provides.

Impressed with the system’s performance, the County purchased the system, providing them with a cost-effective solution for enhanced security services on a limited budget. With the PeripherEye, multiple officers can now log onto a camera simultaneously, either at the station or in the field, to observe an event or monitor suspicious activity.

Crime Point’s HermitCam™ Flex IP Surveillance System is a line of easily concealed pan / tilt network cameras ideal for covert operations. The front / tilt design of the 35x camera requires only a 2-inch to 3-inch imaging portal, lending itself to a broad spectrum of concealments. With the CP Flex™ Network DVR and integrated cellular modem (optional Wi-Fi), the HermitCam system is a plug-and-play solution that offers remote camera control and viewing of live and recorded video segments via the Internet, with photo alerts on motion.

McLeod pointed out that the wide operating range of the versatile HermitCam system makes it ideal for indoor, outdoor, and in-vehicle deployments, for both live monitoring and gathering key evidence for undercover investigations. “Since purchasing it almost two years ago, the League City PD [Texas] has used the HermitCam system for a variety of covert operations, creating their own inventive disguises for the system,” McLeod stated.


A subsidiary of JVC Americas Corp., JVC USA supplies IP network and analog security cameras, network video recorders, monitors, and management systems to the video security industry. In 2009, JVC USA partnered with Optex, Inc. to market an IP Perimeter Solution that integrates JVC’s line of IP network video recorders and PTZ network cameras with Optex’s new REDWALL REDSCAN® laser and SIP sensor products.

The REDSCAN RLS-3060 is an innovative laser scan detector that recognizes a moving object’s size, speed and distance from the detector and processes that information with a unique algorithm. With a detection range of 100 feet, 190 degrees, the RLS-3060 can be installed horizontally, vertically or at an angle. Its four detection segments can recognize locations of intrusion and activate linked four independent outputs for PTZ Camera Control. Flexible and easy to set up, the RLS-3060 offers analog and IP connection to CCTV cameras, alarm panels or DVR / NVR.

With their Direct Drive PTZ Network Cameras, JVC has taken Pan-Tilt-Zoom technology to a new level, eliminating the problems inherent in conventional belt drive systems. Using Direct Drive motors, the VN-V686 series of cameras provide improved PTZ capability with speeds up to 400º per second and as low as 0.04º per second. Quiet, reliable and easy to install, the VN-V686 series has achieved stopping control within ±0.03º, precision unattainable with existing gear and belt-driven PTZ cameras.

JVC’s VR –N1600A is a 16-channel high-performance Network Video Recorder that supports up to 32 channels. This all-in-one solution provides high capacity recording, enhanced system reliability and RAID function for secured data backup. The advanced PTZ control feature delivers positioning accuracy to ensure secure and reliable monitoring for preset positions. With its open architecture, the VR-N1600A is easily integrated with external systems and supports JVC IP and dedicated third-party cameras.

According to Ian Scott, Vice President of JVC Security Group, JVC delivers security products that provide the color fidelity, light sensitivity and reliability considered crucial in law enforcement applications. “These attributes, combined with the fact that with the VR-N series network recorders users do not face the recurring costs associated with most software-based VMS systems, are precisely those that our many law enforcement customers cite when asked what they appreciate in their application of JVC solutions,” Scott said.


Collaborating with leading global developers of key technologies, video intelligence and content analytics, OnSSI offers a comprehensive IP video surveillance control and management software solution. This open-architecture, non-proprietary solution platform supports virtually any IP camera and / or encoder on the market, can be used with off-the-shelf hardware, and easily integrates with new technologies. With core competencies rooted in both the IT and professional security markets, OnSSI provides IP solutions to a wide range of government agencies, as well the education and industrial markets.

In April, OnSSI released the new version of their highly acclaimed Ocularis IP-video and security platform, Ocularis v2.0. With greatly increased functionality, the latest release of Ocularis allows organizations of all sizes and types to enhance the productivity of their entire security system while reducing operational costs. This highly scalable solution is offered in four different feature sets: Ocularis PS, Ocularis IS, Ocularis CS and Ocularis ES.

Ocularis PS is the ideal IP-video surveillance platform for organizations that operate in either single or multiple locations with a limited number of cameras in each. Ocularis IS IP-video surveillance and alerting platform is designed for multi-user active monitoring and integration. Competitively priced, it supports integration with access control, video analytic and other third-party systems.

Ocularis CS supports the VideoWall and OpenSight add-ons, allowing the operation of video walls at multiple command and control centers, and incorporating camera streams from other Ocularis installations. Ocularis ES incorporates a central video-recording-system management utility, simplifying the management of hundreds and even thousands of cameras for complex, multi-site installations.

In 2010, the city of Dallas leveraged technologies from OnSSI, Firetide and BearCom to deploy a video surveillance system for enhanced public safety and emergency preparedness. OnSSI’s Ocularis physical-security information management platform was selected to effectively provide mission critical information that allows fewer Dallas PD officers to monitor more cameras. In addition to watching cameras in real time, monitoring personnel cross-check crime reports against video archives to determine if a camera near the location of an alleged crime captured any evidence.

The cameras are also used to monitor areas, such as the downtown business district, where there is a high volume of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. “The Dallas installation is a convincing example of how IP based systems can capture video from anywhere in a wide geographic area and provide it in an intuitive and user friendly way precisely when and where it is needed,” said Gadi Piran, OnSSI’s President and Chief Technology Officer.

Panasonic System Networks of America

Part of Panasonic Corporation of North America, PSNA develops and provides reliable, cost-effective solutions for communication, collaboration, security and productivity. A global leader in video imaging technology, Panasonic offers a comprehensive line of intelligent analog, hybrid, and IP video surveillance systems for both the private and public sector. Earlier this year Panasonic introduced several new cameras, including the WV-SW355, the WV-SC385 and the WV-CW364.

The new WV-SW355 HD is IEC 60068 50J high-rated for impact resistance. This fixed dome 1.3 megapixel IP camera features Super Dynamic camera technology with face detection to deliver outstanding performance in virtually any lighting condition. Variable Image Quality on Specified Area (VIQS) technology allows designation of specific areas for higher image quality, enabling an overall lower image size and bit rate.

Featuring Panasonic’s newly developed high-sensitivity MOS sensor for outstanding image quality and lower power consumption, the camera’s Super Dynamic and Adaptive Black Stretch (ABS) technologies deliver 128x wide dynamic range. Multiple H.264 (high-profile) and JPEG video streams enable simultaneous real-time monitoring and high-resolution recording.

Introduced at the 2010 ASIS show, the i-PRO SmartHD WV-SC385 Super Dynamic network dome camera provides feature-rich pan-tilt-zoom control, auto-tracking of 720p high-definition (HD) images, and full-frame 1280x960-pixel images at up to 30 images per second. Multiple H.264 (high-profile) and JPEG video streams deliver simultaneous real-time monitoring and high-resolution recording. Pan-tilt-zoom control features include a 360-degree map shot that provides the full 360-degree field of view, separated into eight thumbnail images taken at 45-degree intervals. Clicking on any thumbnail easily directs the PTZ camera.

Part of Panasonic’s top-selling analog lineup, the WV-CW364 Outdoor vandal-resistant fixed dome camera offers day / night capability. IP66 rated for water and dust resistance, the camera is compatible with the IEC60529 measurement standard. Engineered with a 1/3-inch CCD sensor (768 x 494 pixels), it offers high sensitivity in variable lighting conditions and true day / night functionality with a minimum lux level of 0.6 in color and 0.05 in b / w. Additionally, the camera’s Adaptive Black Stretch (ABS) technology enhances visibility of dark areas without degrading the image quality in bright areas.

Based in Babylon, N.Y., Hello Alert Inc. is a security systems dealer that has installed thousands of Panasonic video surveillance cameras in various municipal buildings, jails and fire houses throughout New York State. Over the years, company president Lorraine Roberts has purchased a wide range of Panasonic cameras from Tri-Ed / Northern Distribution Center located in Cranbury, N.J.

She is especially impressed with the vandal-resistant fixed dome cameras that feature ABS, Intelligent Video Motion Detection (i-VMD) and Auto Back Focus (ABF). “I truly believe in Panasonic,” Roberts said. “I have cameras that have been installed for up to 11 years, and they are still running. They are durable, reliable and worth every penny. That camera has to run 24 hours, all day and all night for 365 days a year. In the case of a power surge, the cameras come right back on.”

Samsung Techwin 

With over 30 years of experience in optical and imaging technologies, Samsung Techwin offers a wide range of advanced video security equipment for the business, residential and government markets. Their product line includes analog camera / domes and DVRs, monitors, lenses and control equipment. They also provide a full line of IP / network products, from box cameras and NVRs to PTZ domes and video encoders. Samsung Techwin’s innovative technologies, SNR, SVIV and iPOLiS, deliver clearer images, enhanced color resolution and real-time video streaming anytime, anywhere via a network. Samsung Super Noise Reduction (SSNR) is an exclusive technology that reduces random and fixed noise under low-light conditions, and removes more noise than conventional Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) methods. SSNR technology is available in Samsung Techwin IP high-resolution network cameras, as well as a broad range of fixed, zoom and dome cameras.

Independently developed by Samsung Techwin using super-precision image analysis techniques and three-dimensional noise reduction technology, SVIV is the latest fourth-generation chipset in the Super Vision series. It offers optimal 560TVL color resolution, a powerful pixel-control wide dynamic range (WDR) for backlight compensation, and Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) technology for reduced flickering. Other features include the ICR Day & Night function that provides clear images 24 / 7, a supporting RS-485 remote control and privacy masking for up to eight areas.

With iPOLiS products, clear digital images are transmitted over the Internet, making real-time monitoring possible with just a LAN connection and modem. Easy remote control functions and the ability to integrate with existing networks make this a cost-effective, user-friendly solution for anytime, anywhere connectivity. MPEG-4 and JPEG compression allows iPOLiS network cameras to transmit optimal quality images for the available bandwidth, while D1 class images are transferred quickly for smoother playback.

Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing North America, Frank DeFina, said that meeting the needs of each customer is Samsung’s top priority. In keeping with that philosophy, the company recently announced the integration of their network video cameras with the Ocularis IP video-management software platform by OnSSI.

By combining the superior image quality and advanced functionality of the Samsung line of network cameras with the investigative capabilities of OnSSI’s software, customers are provided with an effective video system that delivers sharper, clearer images. “Two basic components of an effective video system are superb image quality and easy access to video when and where it is needed. Together, OnSSI and Samsung provide this combination,” DeFina said.

Susan Geoghegan is a freelance writer living in Naples, Fla. She can be reached at

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